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Delicious is a women's magazine all about creating inspiration, knowledge, empowerment, love and joy. We're for women and men who are making businesses grow, being active in family life, having adventures and celebrating creativity - and hopefully finding balance in amongst it all!

Let Yourself Be Inspired!

Let Yourself Be Inspired!

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What's New

What's New

5 Tips for How to Get Started with Property Investing5 Tips for How to Get Started with Property InvestingSo you've figured out money probably will be an issue when you want to retire and you need to create you're own financial security so you can live the life you want.

The challenge is just how to do it? Where to start? The simple answer is start with education, learn what you need to so you can make the smart choices you deserve. So to help get you started I caught up with Katie Marshall of Chicks and Mortar to find out what's really involved.
Increase Profits with This Little Known Marketing TechniqueIncrease Profits with This Little Known Marketing TechniqueSmart business women are making use of intelligent and effective marketing strategies and techniques to increase sales and keep costs down.

This insightful customer focused marketing technique is all about doing just that because the customer is at the centre of it. Find out what's involved in this simple method and increase your profits.
Why Women Are More Successful in BusinessWhy Women Are More Successful in BusinessWhile many companies keep failing to empower their talented female staff to progress through to senior management women are leaving the corporate world to setup their own profitable businesses.

Women make more successful businesses for a whole host of reasons, including playing to their natural and learnt strengths. 
She Inspires Reads Book ReviewShe Inspires Reads Book ReviewAny excuse is perfect for indulging in this inspiring collection of novels, biographies, kids books and cooking treasures.

Come join us in this celebration of writing and story telling!
What to Do When You Want Opportunity to Turn UpWhat to Do When You Want Opportunity to Turn UpStop saying you're waiting for the right opportunity to come along and make it happen.

Share in my journey in opening doors for opportunity to walk right on through and see how you can do the same.
Celebrate Women in TechnologyCelebrate Women in TechnologyThe constantly growing list of women succeeding in technology always inspires me and I believe it is important to celebrate these talented women.

There's also a wealth to be learnt from these clever women so to help get you going we've got some great women and ideas to introduce to you.
5 Tips for Dressing for Success at Work5 Tips for Dressing for Success at WorkWhen you're ready to take your career seriously you need to take a serious look at your wardrobe.

To help you do that without breaking the budget we've got five practical tips to get you started.

How to Work with Simple Planning ToolsHow to Work with Simple Planning ToolsAre you finding the planning time you know is important for your business too hard to settle down to?

Find out how to make planning enjoyable and reap the rewards with these 7 Tips for Getting Started with Your Planning.
How to See A Platypus In The WildHow to See A Platypus In The Wild
One of the best Australian holiday experiences is finding our native wildlife out and about.

I've always loved platypuses and when I'm in Tasmania I go "platypusing", looking for these adorable creatures in rivers and dams. I've seen dozens over the years but I know many find it difficult to spot them. So here are 5 tips for finding a platypus (or 5) in the wild.
How to Make New FriendsHow to Make New FriendsFinding that your circle of friends is shrinking with the passing of years?

Here are 10 ways to meet like minded people who could turn out to be great friends.

7 Things I Love About Upcycling7 Things I Love About Upcycling
When you love upcycling and recycling you are never at a loss as to what to do - there's always a project just waiting to be done.
Find out the seven things I love best about upcycling, a great business idea that you can start part time and five courses that would be great fun to get stuck into!
Being Inspired by the Dalai LamaBeing Inspired by the Dalai LamaThere are few people as inspiring as the Dalai Lama so to help bring peace and tranquillity to your spirit let yourself dip into the flow of these inspiring quotes from the man himself.

These uplifting quotes from the Dalai Lama are ideal for cards, a quick email, social media status updates even, so remember to share them!

Expert Q & A SeriesExpert Q & A SeriesWant to learn the secrets of success of the experts? We do too so join us with our Expert Q & A Series and find out from the experts their insider tips and tricks.
Business Books Worth ReadingBusiness Books Worth ReadingFinding the right business books worth reading when you have a full plate makes all the difference. When you have business books are part of your business education and research program finding out how others have experienced them can make a real difference.

So to help we have a list of business books worth adding to your reading list for you. Be sure to share your recommendations on Twitter and Facebook too!
30 Quotes on Happiness to Inspire30 Quotes on Happiness to InspireFinding happiness in life comes down to choice and sharing joy so to help bring true happiness into daily life we've brought together for you 30 wonderful quotes on happiness.

These Happiness quotes are great for cards for friends and family, a reminder to self and a good dose of inspiration.

How to Leverage Your Content Marketing PlanHow to Leverage Your Content Marketing PlanWe all know the value of content marketing but the real benefits come from leveraging your content.

Find out how to make the most of interview and review opportunities with these simple content marketing leveraging tactics and watch your Google rankings climb.
Twitter Tips for Small BusinessTwitter Tips for Small BusinessSocial media websites like Twitter are great marketing channels for business. So to help you make Twitter work for your blog and business we're bringing together for you a series of how to stories with practical advice.

Create your own Twitter success and join us online!
Nuggets of GoldNuggets of GoldLooking for those nuggets of gold to create the success you want?

Dive into these stories and interviews and be inspired by the treasures you'll unearth here.
Op Shop Tips for Upcycling and Recycling TreasuresOp Shop Tips for Upcycling and Recycling Treasures
Find out how Op shopping can unearth great treasures, tips on how to op shop like a pro and have a ball of a time all at once as Belinda reveals her not so secret love for her local Vinnies.

So if you're into recycling and upcycling you'll love getting to know your local op shops, all the while doing your bit for the community and the environment as well!
eBooks for Small Business SuccesseBooks for Small Business SuccessWant to keep up to date and grow your business? Check out these free ebooks from She Inspires.

These are companion ebooks for the She Inspires small business seminar series.
Need an Instant Energy Boost?

Need an Instant Energy Boost?

We all have those moments in the day when the energy drains away and there's no chance for a restorative nap but we still need a quick fix. Try standing or sitting still and taking 10 energising breathes deep into your chest.

To help get started for your deep breathing inhale and count 'in, two, three, four' then exhale and count 'out, two, three, four'. Do this for 10 breathes.

Once you've done this a few times you can increase the inhale and exhale count, extending the time you're breathing deeply. You'll re-oxygenate your body and feel refreshed and brighter again. It's effective, simple and free.

Be Inspired today with your womens magazine and take a moment simply to be
Take a moment to simply be.
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