Stamping Your Own Mark on Your Content Marketing

10 Different Types of Content Marketing OpportunitiesContent marketing opportunities can be really varied, everything from guest writing to sponsored posts and everything in between. Just about every type of content can be either free or paid for and the rate of fees can be based on traffic, clicks, impressions, flat rates, database readers or affiliate commissions.

Incorporating the following different types of content options into your content calendar can make it easier to leverage them off each other and to ensure your own unique style and branding is consistently across the messages.

10 Different Types of Content Marketing Opportunities

Here are some types of content examples:

  1. Facebook and other social media posts
  2. Guest Posts
  3. Interviews of different lengths
  4. Advertorials
  5. Sponsored posts
  6. Contributing to eBooks
  7. Text links
  8. Newsletter features
  9. Webinars
  10. Podcasts

The key to making the most of these content promotion opportunities is to make sure your main links are connecting directly from the website to your website and profiles. Often the real power comes from the promotion of the content through social media platforms that easily allow for tagging - like Twitter with the ease of tagging with @name and linking back to the content.

Make your content marketing work for your business

While Facebook might be popular it doesn't allow for easy tagging of business pages and regularly changes how it can be used. What works one week may not the next. The consistency of use of social media platforms like Twitter is much more stable and easier for businesses to cross promote those who matter to them.

Leveraging your content marketing is vital for success. All content development has a cost, whether it is the time you spend researching and writing, to paid content development to advertising so it's important to make sure you make the most of the investment.

Online Content Marketing

Here are some more online resources about content marketing:

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What Is Content Marketing?



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