10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups
From the beginning with the social media seminar series I run I wanted to learn how to make the social media websites work as effective marketing channels for my business so I can fit my online marketing in with my customer's journey and then I realised they are a great way to brand and position my business as well as form some really interesting connections with customers and influencers.

Admittedly I get direct access each month to some of the brightest and most talented business owners with sparking marketing brains and get to ask them my own questions. So I thought I'd share some of the lessons learnt with you too.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups

Here are 10 social media marketing tips for startup businesses to make it easier for followers to become customers:

1. Keep the look consistent - make it easy for customers to recognise you easily across the different social media websites by having a consistent look and feel with your images and profile names. It's all about branding and letting customers and followers easily recognise you.

2. Create a plan for your social media platforms so you know where to start and where you're going. This saves time and money and gives a professional and focused message to your followers and customers.

3. Make your website or blog the centre of your universe and link from your social media websites straight back to the key business pages you own. Why let Facebook own all your content?

4. Set yourself reasonable goals for your social media marketing strategy and model them into a marketing plan. This lets you know what you're doing, when and how. So many business owners simply fly by the seat of their marketing pants and end up at destination unknown simply because they haven't mapped out what they're doing. Where do you want to end up?

Make your content marketing work for your business

5. Connect with influencers in your area and develop relationships with them on social media.

6. Use 3rd party social media tools to schedule your posts so you can plan ahead your content. Be sure to mix up scheduled messages with live posts and conversations for a healthy balance.

7. Structure your Tweets so they are easy for others to share and your valuable links are promoted to a wider audience.

8. Learn from the social media marketing experts and incorporate their best practices into your routines. Follow them online, attend their seminars and events, read their blog posts and analyse what they are doing so you can emulate their success.

9. Get involved with others, remember that social media conversations are more often about sharing and conversation than promotion. This is why developing content on your website and blog is so important as it gives you social media content to share.

10. Make it easy to find your contact details like your website and blog links, your email and phone contact in the about areas of the social media websites. In Twitter include your website link in the profile summary, in Facebook put it in the About Us area.

Sharing Social Media Marketing Skills

Want to know more about making the social media websites work for your business? Check out our series on Twitter for Business and Facebook Skills and the social media seminar series podcasts.



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