Is your contact page working for you?
10 features you need for your business website contact us pageSomething I find amazing is how so many business website's have under utilized contact pages. They miss important opportunities for enabling visitors (potential customers) to connect with them and they aren't even aware that this is happening.

While developing and updating a website takes a heap more time than any business owner thinks it will or should it's important to get the little things right because they make a difference.

It's also a good opportunity to share key messages about the values of your business in just a paragraph or two as visitors are there ready to connect with you.

So to help you quickly plan the content of your contact page we have 10 features for you to consider.

Your Contact Page Checklist

Here are 10 key elements to include in your contact us page for your business:

  1. Google map of your location.
  2. If you have a bricks and mortar location share your physical address.
  3. Postal address if different to your street address.
  4. When you're using a form for email then make sure it has a security feature to stop robotic spam messages.
  5. Phone contact details.
  6. Skype address.
  7. All your social media profiles linked directly to the individual platforms.
  8. Emails for different areas of your business. Do be aware that any directly linked email addresses will be harvested and used for marketing purposes or by spammers so make sure you have some filters set up on your email server to filter out the junk messages.
  9. It's a great chance to include a photo of you and the team to help personalise the business.
  10. Include your business days and hours.
Make your content marketing work for your business

While every dedicated, fixed page on your website will have it's core elements to include there are overall general issues for the website you should have on your site redevelopment checklist.

Quick Checklist for your Website Redesign

Here are seven key issues to consider when planning your business website:

  1. Setting up your 404 error page with useful information to send people to other areas of your site. This will help mitigate feelings of frustration your visitors are experiencing and help them find what they came looking for in the first place.
  2. Have a Sitemap outline the key areas of your site.
  3. Keep your copyright information in the bottom navigation bar updated - an easy way to remember doing this is to put a reminder into your phone just like you do with important anniversaries and birthdays.
  4. Make it easy for people to find the contact, about us, privacy and advertising pages from any page within the site.
  5. Have social media sharing buttons on every page so it's easy for visitors to share your information - whether you think they will or not. These are the sharing tools that let visitors quickly and easily share that individual page with their followers.
  6. Make it really easy for people to find your social media profiles so they can follow and connect with you, it's surprising how many businesses make it difficult for website visitors to find these links.
  7. Make your image file names useful so they can work for you. Include keyword phrases in them that are important to your business (don't stuff them full of keywords) and descriptive so you can easily recognise what they image is about and for.

Take Heart!

If you're in the middle of redesigning your business website take heart, this phase will pass and you will get a great tool for your business. It just takes longer and more work than you initially thought it would. It does for all of us. Websites are a constant work in progress and they evolve with the business.

I've learnt over the years with anything technical to create some simple resources for myself like checklists, notes, reminders of previous experiences, links to stories and to write down user names and passwords and all stored in an easy reference business manual.

Keeping life as simple as possible will make the tricky projects and times easier, well hopefully they will!



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