15 Fashion Photography Blogs to Create the Best Look for Your Fashion Blog
Fashion photography tips for fashion blogging and fashion bloggersFor all of us who love fashion photography and fashion blogs in general the range of fashion photography blogs can be daunting with all the different styles, influences and genres.

So we thought we'd pull together a collection of 15 inspiring and divergent fashion photography blogs and articles about taking fashion photos for you.

These blog articles on fashion photography tips will teach you how to take great photos for your fashion blog, online fashion store, look book or friends and family. They also show how divergent the fashion world can be internationally, letting you take direct inspiration from world renowned fashion photographers.

Here's our top 15 fashion photography advice blogs from photographers to fashion bloggers:

7 Tips from Professional Fashion Photographer Adriana Curcio

Adriana Curcio is a fashion photographer who got into the fashion photography industry first by assisting and working in an editorial sector of New York and then later moved Los Angeles ready to branch out on her own.

This amazing female photographer gives an interview to the Digital Photography School about what it really takes to create an ideal fashion photo.

Digital Photography School

Tags: Adriana Curcio, Fashion, Fashion Photography, Professional Photographer

Taking Great Fashion Pictures

Wanting to get some fashion photography tips from a pro? A pro that that has been working for over 30 years in the industry? Read this fashion tips article given by fashion photography Bruce Smith.

In this article Bruce Smith gives you tips on everything from the what to capture, to what camera to the model and much more.


Tags: Interview, Fashion Photographer, Bruce Smith, Photography Interview

Why Your Look Book Sucks!

Kent Johnson, a photographer from Sydney, breaks a few of the unspoken photography rules and divulges a little about the conversations that photographers have when they are together.

Kent's entire blog is a heap of good photography information, but this article in particular lets you know the importance of lighting, models, and budget when it comes to creating an ideal look book.

Fashion @ Kent Johnson Photography

Tags: Kent Johnson, Kent Johnson Photography, Fashion @ Kent Johnson Photography, Sydney Photographer

Fashion Photography Blog - Tutorials

Fashion Photography Blog is an ideal source for learning about fashion photography from a photographer that began her career at the age of 17 and has made fashion photography her only career for over 21 years.

Created by Melissa Rodwell, the Fashion photography blogs includes articles that will help photographers of every level to create their ideal image through models, poses, make up, scenery and lighting.

The Tutorials section of this site is particularly helpful in creating a specific type of image, because the site includes videos that display how Melissa creates a theme then portrays the theme through her photographs.

Fashion Photography Blog

Tags: Melissa Rodwell, Fashion Photographer, Fashion, Professional Photographer, Melissa Rodwell Blog

3 Tips for Starting a Fashion Photography Career

Steve's Digicams was started by Steve Sanders who has 35 years of experience with photography. Steve's site is helpful for all photographers just getting their feet wet in the industry and wanting to know what camera to buy to editing and retouching your images.

The 3 Tips for Starting a Fashion Photography Career is a short but helpful article for those of you interested in know what will help you achieve you desire to enter the fashion photography industry.

Steve's Digicams

Click here to enter the She Inspires free online competitionsTags: Steve's Digicams, Steve Sanders, Fashion Photography Career, Professional Photography

5 Fashion Photography Tips

Photo Scout is a great site for budding photographers who are wanting to learn anything and everything about photography, from the basics of knowing what to camera and tools to buy to knowing how create your own copyright on your images.

This articles about fashion photography lets you know how to create an environment that lets you be in control of the fashion photography piece that you produce.

Photo Scout

Tags: Photo Scout, Fashion Photography, 5 fashion photography tips, photography fashion

Fashion Photography – How to Do an Editorial Fashion Photography Spread

Many fashion photographs are created to be printed in editorial spreads. Joaquim Barreto, a London based fashion photographer, has created a how to guide of how to create your own editorial fashion photography spread.

Joaquim Barreto gives you a walk through of what type of preparation is necessary for your image, followed by what you should consider during the shoot itself and finally ending with what type of adjustments should be done with the images.

Fashion Photography Blog

Tags: Joaquim Barreto, Professional Photographer, London Photographer, Editorial Fashion Photography Spread

Fashion Beauty Photography

Fashion I Wear is all about women's fashion. As women we go through several styles, trends, fabrics throughout our lives and Fashion I Wear is all about bringing you information about styles, designers and trends.

This article about Fashion Beauty Photography is helpful for those of you gaining interest in fashion photography, but are still a little on the fence about whether or not it is something that you would like to pursue.

Fashion I Wear

Tags: Fashion I Wear, Women's Fashion, Fashion Photography, Babak - Fashion Beauty Hair photography Images

Photography Tips on Fashion and Beauty Lighting – Photography Tips Karl Taylor Photography

Consumer Electronics (COERCS) is not generally in photography based website, instead it is a site dedicated to bringing you information about the technology that you use. COERCS not only does blog articles about technology issues and news, but also offers blog options in which they answer questions that you, the reader, have asked about technology or your technology based business.

Karl Taylor is a British photographer who brings you his own photography tips about lighting in a tutorial video.

Consumer Electronics

Tags: Consumer Electronics, COERCS, Karl Taylor, Professional Photographer

Professional Fashion Photo Results with an iPhone 3gs

In a world filled with Twitpics, sometimes professional looking photography skills are thrown by the wayside. With this article from the trusty Fashion Photography Blog you can impress your friends with professional looking photos taken with your iPhone.

Maybe this isn't the most realistic use of fashion photography, but honestly you don't need to lose the quality of your images just because the only camera you have happens to also be your mobile, especially when phone cameras are advancing in technology so rapidly.

Fashion Photography Blog

Tags: Fashion Photography, iPhone, iPhone pictures, iPhone 3gs

Fashion Photography Tips For Success

Her fashion Site:Women Fashion is a site dedicated to bringing you up to date with what is going on in the world of fashion, whether it be about the fashion industry, retail or fashion schools.

Fashion photography tips for success is an article that gives those of you wanting to dip your feet into the industry with information about how to begin your fashion photography career.

Her Fashion Site:Women Fashion

Tags: Women's Fashion, Her Fashion Site, Fashion Photography, Beginning photography

Photography Tips for Jewellery Designers' Websites and Blogs

You know Suite 101 as your trusted resource for knowing about everything. Suite 101 has over 3000 topics of information and gives you the basics, or the 101, to each of these topics of interest.

For those of you who have jewellery businesses or fashion blogs and want a little more information about how to photograph your pieces to best represent your work, this article from Suite 101 can teach you how to get the ideal photography image using your scanner.

Suite 101

Tags: Fashion photography, Jewellery Photography, Suite 101, Scanner

Fashion Portrait Photographer Kris Krug Shares His Photography Tips

The D Photo is a great site for all of us interested in the wide realms of photography and wanting to improve our technical abilities through photography and image manipulation.

This article is provides you with a video interview at the Gnomedex with Kris Krug, a famous photographer who has been a photographer for famous publications like National Geographic, Rolling Stone and USA Today.

The D Photo

Tags: Photography, Kris Krug, Professional Photographer, Interview with Kris Krug

Fashion Photography: 4 Aspects to Work on To Break into the Industry

Fashion Photography Blog offers you another set of helpful hints, this time about breaking into the fashion photography industry by Michael Kruger. Michael Kruger currently resides in Dubai, India but often shoots in the United Kingdom and surrounding areas.

Michael Kruger gives you the basics on what you need to know before beginning your career in fashion photography and then how to promote your work.

Fashion Photography Blog

Tags: Michael Kruger, Dubai Photographer, Fashion Photography Industry, Fashion Photography

5 Top Tips for Photographing Jewellery

Creatively Belle is an online jewellery store with a blog about jewellery, tips and ideas about jewellery and having your own online business.

This article explains how to practically create your own photography centre, without having to pay a lot to achieve quality images of your jewellery pieces.

Creatively Belle

Tags: fashion jewellery, Creatively Belle, online jewellery store, shop online

Fashion Photography Inspiration

Next time you decide to do a fashion photography shoot use some of these tricks of the trade and learn a new skill. As every fashion blogger knows, fashion is not just about clothes, it's also about jewellery, hats, shoes and make up and how they are styled, so play around and find which fashion aspect you want to cover the most in your image.

Fashion photographers are known for their whimsical and fanciful style of images, so create your own style and continue to create. To give you a little inspiration when taking your images learn from William Blake who once said, "I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create."

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