How to Create a Fashion Blog

Want to create a fashion blog, but unsure of how to get started? Make sense of the ins and outs of the fashion blog world and style yours for success!

From street style, men's fashion to the latest fashion news, fashion blogs are taking over the world wide web in a big way. According to Google there are 690,000,000 results for the search "Fashion Blog". Here at She Inspires, we want to help give you a boost up in the online world of fashion blogs. Transform yourself from 'someone with a blog' to a 'blogger'.

Learn how to become a fashion blogger and turn your passion for posting into a business!

5 Tips On How To Be A Fashion Blogger

If you want to become a top ranking fashion blogger then make sure you:

1. Learn from the best - follow and learn from the top fashion bloggers and see what they are doing and how they are making it happen.

2. Have great content - content is king and get organised with a blog content calendar so you alway have great stories that keep bringing back readers day after day.

3. Make great use of photos - fashion blogs are very visual and so too are the social media websites used to connect with readers and promote blog content - just think of Pinterest!

4. Have your social media websites all coming back home to your blog - you own the content on your blog, Facebook owns the content on Facebook and can kick you off at any time. So make sure you bring your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ traffic all back to your blog.

5. Believe that you can do it - all bloggers go through a time when they seriously doubt what they are doing and why they are going through it all. There are easier jobs than being a top fashion blogger but the rewards for working in the field that you love far outweigh the challenging times.

To inspire you we're bringing together a bundle of fabulous fashion bloggers.

Famous Fashion Bloggers to Watch

When you are beginning or trying to improve your blog, it is a great idea to find blogs that you enjoy and find visually appealing. You can keep them in your bookmark bar and use them as a reference for layout and colour schemes, content ideas and inspiration.

To help get you started, we've gathered a few of Australia's top fashion blogs. Written by some of Australia's most talented fashion bloggers. These famous fashion blogs are great for inspiration and guidence for how to be a fashion blogger.

HARPER & HARLEY: "Sara Donaldson is a 24 year old blogger living in Sydney. Currently working for Australian designer jewellery label MANIAMANIA and reducing her wardrobe down to the basics of black, white and grey"

Join Harper & Harper on Twitter and Instagram and see how Sara is making these social media platforms work for her fashion blog.

FOX IN FLATS: Australian mother of two Andrea, began her now famous blog Fox in Flats as a place for "sharing tips, ideas and inspiration to make it much, much easier to navigate motherhood in style".

Keep up with Andrea on the social media at Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

LADY MELBOURNE: Melbourne based blogger Phoebe Montague is one of Australia's key fashion blogger's. Since 2007 her blog has gained 50 million followers across the social network platforms of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

STYLING YOU: After 20 years of journalism, Nikki Parkison began writing her blog styling you in 2008 for today's busy women, initially as a way to market her styling business, Nikki's blog has grown to attract more than 75,000 visitors every month.

Connect with Nikki on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

LIFE STYLED: Founder and Editor of the Life Styled Paula Joye offers inspiration, fashion and style solutions in her blog and newsletter. Her site includes interviews, youtube flims as well as fashion photography and interesting fashion news and stories from her team of writers.

Connect with Paula on Twitter and Instagram.

More Tips for How to be a Fashion Blogger

Make your content marketing work for your business

If you're starting from the beginning and asking how to be a fashion blogger and make a fashion blog, you can find our series and various tips for blogging a great starting point.

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Making Social Media Websites Work for Your Blog

You'll find that a really important element for success for these fashion bloggers is their use of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

 Find out how to make Twitter and Facebook work for your blog, how to create your own blog content calendar and tips from top social media influencers.

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Contributing Writer Phoebe Dunstan

Contributing Writer Phoebe Dunstan

Phoebe Dunstan has a passion for design, fashion, writing and exploring life.

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