How to Be A Successful Self Published Author

We caught up with the talented Getrude Matshe of The 40 hour Book to find out her top 5 tips for self publishing authors.

Getrude's Tips for Self Publishing Authors

1.    Believe you have an amazing story to inspire others or knowledge to share with the world.

They say the richest places in the world are graveyards, for they are filled with people who had brilliant ideas and amazing stories but didn’t have the courage to write them down on a piece of paper.

The fact that you feel the inspiration to write is because you do have something to give, don’t doubt yourself or feel you are not worthy; trust your intuition, recognise the calling and just do it!

2.    Be disciplined about what time you write.

Plan your writing schedule, pick a time every day where you have 2-5 hours totally uninterrupted for writing and stick to the schedule.

Work with your planned structure and stick to it for the first brain download, then go back and update, change or amend.

3.    Anyone can write a book, the challenge comes in the selling.

There are hundreds of self-published authors out there who are not making money at all from their self-published works, the challenge always comes in how to sell the book, the writing is the easy part.

So you need to build your platform / following while you are writing the book and with today’s internet technology this should be easy.

Use Social Media to get your name out there, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn can be used to let people know about your book. You need to start a dialogue with people about your book and get people interested in what you are writing about.

Start a blog and perhaps share chapters of your book through your blog as well.

4.    Start looking for opportunities to speak immediately.

Decide what your target market is for the book and offer your speaking services for free, not only will you attract potential readers and buyers of you book but they will also give ideas about content they would like to read and so you can refine your content appropriately.

There are social networking groups such as Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, BNI meeting where you can pitch yourself as an author, its free and all you need to do is put some time aside each week to speak. It helps you gain confidence and helps grow your following.

5.    Lastly, never edit your own work.

A lot of writers think they can edit their own work, this is a very big mistake, always hire a professional editor to do the final edit, error and spelling mistakes are unforgiveable and sometimes small grammatical errors can also put off readers and because you are very close to the work, you will miss these small errors.

Always get your editor to send back edited manuscripts with and without the tracked changes, read the clean version first and see if it still communicates the story as you had intended then go back to the version with tracked changes and see what changes were made that might be changing the true essence of your book. You can always reject these changes.

Good luck future authors and remember, everyone is born with a gift or with a message to share with the world and books are a powerful way to do this.



About Getrude Matshe

About Getrude Matshe

Getrude Matshe is an inspirational speaker who has been described as a vibrant bundle of African energy whose zest and passion for life inspires everyone she meets. She is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential and find their individual life purpose. She is passionate about individuals’ success. This makes her an energetic, inspirational and enlightening speaker. Getrude has written several books and is now a book writing coach.

Want to learn more from this inspiring lady? Get along to Getrude's events and ask your own questions and her website on How to Write a Book in 40 hours.

Join Getrude on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



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