Making Money Selling Your Unwanted Clothes

Is your wardrobe in need of an overhaul, or are you in need of spare cash? You can solve both problems by selling off some of your unwanted clothing. Most of us have closets filled with clothing that barely fits, that's out of season, or that's simply not our style any longer.

Taking the time to sort through your wardrobe and pull out those pieces you rarely wear can help you de-clutter and make way for a fresh start.

There are seemingly endless options available when it comes to selling your clothing online, making it easy to earn money to buy new pieces. 

So to help you declutter your wardrobe and get started we thought some practical tips would make all the difference.

5 Tips for Selling your Unwanted Clothes Online

Here are 5 top tips for clearing out the old so you can bring in the new:

Tip 1: Assess your Clothing Honestly 

Parting with pieces you once loved or merely coveted can be hard, but if a garment's just taking up space in your closet it's time to be brutally honest. 

If something doesn't fit, is unflattering, or was part of a trend that's long gone it may be time to say goodbye. When in doubt, try on a piece and stand in front of a mirror to see if it's truly still wearable.

Tip 2: Earn Big Bucks for Vintage 

Once you've created a pile of clothing to sell, assign the garments to different categories, such as designer, vintage, or contemporary. Vintage is perennially trendy, so if you have clothing at least 20 years old, you should market these pieces separately from your other items.

Look for online vintage shops or choose the vintage category on your listings site. Asos Marketplace and eBay both have massive vintage sections, for example. 

Tip 3: Use Local Listings Sites 

One thing to remember is that if you're selling clothing online, you'll be up against a great deal of competition. You can improve your chances of standing out and making a greater profit by choosing a local listings site, rather than relying solely on eBay.

You may have seen the humorous Pat Cash ads for Quicksales on television, for instance. This is a local Australian listings site that lets you sell clothing (among other items) to an audience near you. Gumtree is another option that allows you to target a localized audience.

Try listing your items in multiple marketplaces for the widest exposure. 

Tip 4: Take Appealing Photos 

Online clothing buyers want to be able to browse through their options the same way they would in person. You can help make your clothing more attractive by taking clear, well-lit photographs that a buyer can flip through.

Clothes always look better when they're shown in a 3-D format, so ask a friend to model them for you and be sure to take photos from several angles to show the way the fabric drapes. If there are any unique details such as a beaded collar, take close-up photos of these as well. 

Tip 5: Write Captivating Descriptions 

To complement your photos, write engaging descriptions that share something about the garment. Be sure to share the basics, such as the brand name, where the item was purchased, and the size. Many buyers also want the specific measurements, because sizes can vary between brands. 

Selling your old clothes online is a win-win proposition. Not only do you allow someone else to get a great deal on a piece that they'll love, you also free up room in your wardrobe for new clothing and put cash in your pocket to fund that shopping spree. If it's been awhile since you've taken a good look at the inner recesses of your closet, now's the time to give it a spring cleaning! 



This has been a sponsored post

This has been a sponsored post

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