50 Tweets from the Top Social Media Experts

One of the best things about running social media marketing seminars is getting to soak up all the tips, ideas, lessons and secrets shared by the likes of Jeff Bullas, Laurel Papworth, Catriona Pollard, Shona Mackin and Christina Butcher.

We Tweet live from the seminars with the #SheInspiresBiz hashtag I thought you'd enjoy getting a snap shot from the experts. It turns out I Tweet a lot from the seminars themselves and they are real gems so I'll be sharing them over a series of stories with you from the Nuggets of Gold collection.

50 Social media marketing tips from the experts to inspire!

These are 50+ Tweets from the social media seminars on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, digital media marketing, blogging, ebooks, monetizing the web and a whole heap more:

Jeff Bullas from JeffBullas.com on Blogging

Jeff Bullas tips on blogging and his blog@JeffBullas and Jeff Bullas Facebook

Technology is changing quickly but humans are slow to change @jeffbullas #SheInspiresBiz

To reach 50 million users radio took 38 yrs, #ipod took 3 yrs @jeffbullas #SheInspiresBiz

#Google is focused on rewarding sites that are providing fresh content @jeffbullas #SheInspiresBiz

Social media marketing is not #Facebook it's more than that @JeffBullas #sheinspiresbiz

You need to create #evergreen content that's relevant today & in 2 yers time @JeffBullas #sheinspiresbiz

You also need to build a #tribe that is passionate about what you do @JeffBullas #sheinspiresbiz

You need to become a publisher & create great content @JeffBullas #sheinspiresbiz

The publishing model has flipped, publishers are looking for authors w/ an audience @JeffBullas #sheinspiresbiz

Do you read your first blogs? @JeffBullas doesn't, but hasn't edited them either #sheinspiresbiz

Starting in traditional marketing @JeffBullas saw the power of #blogging quickly #sheinspiresbiz

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Want to listen to all of Jeff's She Inspires seminars? Grab the podcasts here on She Inspires.

Laurel Papworth on Strategic Social Media Marketing

Laurel Papworth and her social media marketing and strategy tips for business@SilkCharm and Laurel Papworth on Facebook

It's about having the right influencers involved rather than having the circulation numbers @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

Influencers are more important than 10,000 followers @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

Laurel's Flickr name is silkcharm, find her images and use them with her name @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

You must give a reason for people to join you on #Facebook @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

You can use traditional media to promote social media @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

#Social media is not a broadcast medium @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

It takes about 6 months to create attention, content @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

Lead time matters in #social media to build momentum @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

Social media is not about bought attention @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

Amazon make more $ from the long tail in selling books than latest publications @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

The ripple effect of social media makes a huge difference @silkcharm #SheInspiresBiz

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Want to listen to all of Laurel's seminar? Grab the podcasts here on She Inspires.

Catriona Pollard of CP Communications on Twitter

Catriona Pollard of CP Communications and her tips on how to use Twitter for business@CPCPR and CP Communications on Facebook

Use #Twitter discover to find people and influencers @CatrionaPollard @CPCPR #SheInspiresBiz

Heard of #Twellow to find influencers? @CatrionaPollard of @CPCPR #SheInspiresBiz

Look at the followers of who your find interesting, influencers and target audience @CatrionaPollard of @CPCPR #SheInspiresBiz

Are there bloggers and journalists you want to influence for your business with #Twitter ? #SheInspiresBiz

Determine your goals and objectives with #Twitter for business #SheInspiresBiz

Is #Twitter right for your business? Who's your target audience & who do you want to influence? @CatrionaPollard #SheInspiresBiz

Got a problem w/ #Telstra support line hanging up & not fixing it? #Tweet it & get it fixed @CatrionaPollard #SheInspiresBiz

Do research on #Twitter - ask who is good and get advice @CatrionaPollard #SheInspiresBiz

#Twitter is about thought leadership, developing trust, building profile @CatrionaPollard #SheInspiresBiz

#Twitter is one of @CatrionaPollard favourite #social media platforms #SheInspiresBiz

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Want to listen to all of Catriona's seminar? Grab the podcasts here on She Inspires.

Shona Mackin of SocialFace on LinkedIn

Shona Mackin on how to use LinkedIn for business@SOCIALFACEmedia and Social Face on Facebook

#LinkedInTip use different content for LinkedIn than #Facebook - different audiences @ShonaMackin #SheInspiresBiz

#LinkedInTip Set guidelines for employees and LinkedIn, educate them and keep it professional @ShonaMackin #SheInspiresBiz

#LinkedInTip First 50 words really count in your business descriptions minus the ego & make it work @ShonaMackin #SheInspiresBiz

#LinkedInTip use key words in your professional Headline @ShonaMackin #SheInspiresBiz

#Facebook is personal #LinkedIn is professional @ShonaMackin #SheInspiresBiz

Lead your LinkedIn profile to your blog and use cool social plugins @ShonaMackin #SheInspiresBiz

The more social media platforms you're on the more you own your brand @ShonaMackin #SheInspiresBiz

Don't speak AT people on social media, speak TO people, and start a conversation #SheInspiresBiz

Tips for your LinkedIn profile - write in first person, ask for recommendations, complete skills and expertise #SheInspiresBiz

When setting up your profile in LinkedIn use a professional photo and keywords in your professional headline #SheInspiresBiz

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Want to listen to all of Shona's seminar? Grab the podcast here on She Inspires.

Christina Butcher from Hair Romance on Blogging and eBooksh3>

Christina Butcher of Hair Romance on how to grow a blog and monetize the web with an ebook@HairRomance and Hair Romance Facebook

Christina starting planning out her blog @HairRomance with 50 ideas & isn't even 1/2 way through yet #SheInspiresBiz

Register your own domain for your blog so others don't squat on your name elsewhere
@HairRomance #SheInspiresBiz

Christina uses WordPress for @HairRomance and controls the backend #SheInspiresBiz

There are nail polish blogs where girls paint their nails everyday @HairRomance #SheInspiresBiz

Find a way to comment and share other bloggers' content - networking online @HairRomance #SheInspiresBiz

Christina has contacted companies to share reviews when it was a hobby @HairRomance #SheInspiresBiz

Now Christina looks at brands to come to the table with an interesting story to her @HairRomance #SheInspiresBiz

PR agencies pay bloggers to feature their client's products because they are so influential @HairRomance #SheInspiresBiz

Sponsors pay for placement, not endorsement @HairRomance #SheInspiresBiz #blogging

Christina has found each product has a specific purpose and avoids the nasty cheap products @HairRomance #SheInspiresBiz #blogs

Make your content work for your business with this free ebook

Nothing replaces a good hair cut girls! @HairRomance #SheInspiresBiz #hair

Want more?

Want to listen to all of Christina's seminar? Grab the podcast here on She Inspires.

Learning from the Best

I've found the process of summarising the nuggets of gold shared by my expert presenters to be an amazing learning opportunity and hope you enjoy this series of social media marketing stories linked below.

Want to learn more about the presenters and their She Inspires seminars? Check out our Presenters page here.



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