7 Tips on Increasing the Number of Standard Recipes in Your Household
Get Rid of a Limited Diet Once and For All

Get Rid of a Limited Diet Once and For All

Regarding food, many of us will find that we are stuck in a rut. Busy work lives and other obligations mean that much of the food we eat, even homemade, is influenced by what is convenient. Eating a variety of foods is incredibly beneficial for your health but it can be difficult to increase the number of standard recipes in your household.

To that end, we read up on the best tips to increase the variety of food you eat at home.

7 Tips on Increasing the Number of Standard Recipes in Your Household

Here are our tried and true tips on introducing and maintaining a varied diet at home.

1. Keep core ingredients in the pantry

One typical reason for not making something new for dinner is that you don’t have the necessary ingredients and cannot be bothered going to the store. The solution? Purchase staple long-life foods such as canned fruit and vegetables or pasta in bulk and store them in your pantry until required.

This will ensure that even if you forget to go shopping, you still have a variety of core ingredients to use for your next meal.

2. Try new foods every so often

If you’re a picky eater, this may be very difficult but it need not be impossible. Tell yourself that you will try at least one new food item a week, be it wholemeal bread instead of white or even differently shaped pasta.

Just the fact that you are introducing new things into your diet will have a positive effect on your overall routine. You will begin feel the benefits of keeping a varied diet and eventually become less daunted by the prospect of change and introducing new foods.

3. Vary one part of your meal at a time

One night, try a different side dish with your main course such as sweet potato mash, quinoa or corn. For breakfast, add a variety of vegetables to your usual eggs like sundried tomato or spinach.

You don’t have to be adventurous with your entire meal for every day of the week as this will get tiresome and may overwhelm you. Instead, little changes like this will inspire you to keep changing things up, swap certain side dishes with certain mains and try different combinations of foods you like.

4. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

A great way to ensure that a) you’re eating your greens and b) that you’re keeping things varied is to purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Apart from having a positive effect on your diet, buying seasonally will work out much cheaper and save you money on your grocery bill. You will be acquiring fresh produce at its peak and this will guarantee that you are naturally varying your diet over the course of the year.

5. Get experimental

Once a month you should endeavour to be a bit experimental with your food. Try cooking something you’ve never had before or introduce an exotic new ingredient to spice up your meals.

Have a go at making sushi, use fruits like pear or mandarin in a savoury dish or pan fry some bok choy cabbage as a healthy side dish. Not only is it fun but this will encourage you and the rest of your family not to be afraid to try new things and to get used to having a varied palette.

6. Have a theme day

Introducing something like Italian or Mexican night will work wonders for increasing variety in your standard recipes. Firstly, you will be required to research a foreign cuisine and utilise the ingredients and methods used there.

Secondly, this should encourage the whole family that dinner time can be exciting and they will begin to look forward to these theme nights. A little dress-up fun never hurt either.

7. Set rules

If you made your patented chicken dinner tonight, set a rule that you will not make it again for two weeks. This keeps your most frequently used recipes in rotation and ensures that you don’t become bored with your diet.

Another good rule to stick to is to have something new or cook something in a different way every so often.

Introducing a little variety into your diet doesn't need to expensive or a hassle.

Following these tips and making small, gradual changes will ensure that you are never stuck in a boring food rut ever again.


Meet Irina Andreev

Meet Irina Andreev

Irina is a student of Communications and International Studies from the University of Technology in Sydney.

She is fluent in three languages and has a passion for writing, travel, history, science fiction and video games. After she finishes her degree, Irina aspires to continue traveling the world and work in media and publishing.

Check out her Google Plus!
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