Logitech Case + Making Life Easier
When I had the opportunity to review designs from the new Logitech Case + range I must admit, I jumped at the chance because I'm focused on creating a better balance in my work life this year through better system and tools. I've figured out that if I have the right tools and accessories then daily life is a lot easier!

The Logitech Case + Energy is $119.95 and comes in steel grey or steel black.

Logitech Energy + case
While my workstation in my home office is still a vital part of my business I'm using my phone and iPad a great deal more when out and about. The key has been battery life. While the iPad is still fine, my phone battery usage has been a challenge since nearly day one. So the Logitech Case + Energy has been the solution - doubling the battery life for iPhone 5/5s.

It's sleek, stylish and fits in the handbag easily and totally simple to use - keeping to the theme of simplifying life so I can get more things done.

While it's easy to remove, I haven't found it necessary as the design is elegant and light and it's fitting with my focus on practical solutions. It's a shear delight not to worry about the phone's battery running out when I'm out and about. Plus, it helps protect the phone from the rough and tumble of normal life, my heart doesn't jump so when I see the phone being knocked off the table (again!).

Logitech Case + Tilt is $39.95

Logitech Tilt + case

Something I've loved about my iPad has been the tilt angle and now I have it for my phone - bliss! With the Logitech Case + Tilt I find it so much easier to set the phone on the kickstand for Tweeting or even just by the bed side when the phone is on time telling duties.

It's a very simply thing and I didn't realise how much I would appreciate it. Again, it's all about making life easier.

While I've only really ever changed technology for business reasons I love it when it makes my personal life easier and the Logitech Case + Tilt has a magnetic case that's let me attach it to the fridge so when I'm cooking I can keep track of recipes on the phone! Now some of you might know that I'm not the best at following recipes because in my small kitchen the bench space is at a premium and I don't like getting beautiful cookbooks and the iPad splashed (nor am I a neat cook!). So I've tended to try to remember recipes and then make them - not always successfully might I say. So being able to have a simple solution to having recipes with me in the kitchen has made me exceptionally happy.

The Logitech Case + Tilt is also elegantly slim and comes in a range of fun colours so you can pick one to coordinate with your iPad or your kitchen and it comes with a magnetic mount, kickstand and ear bud cord wrap.

Logitech Case + Drive is $69.95 and comes in steel grey or steel black

Logitecg Drive + case

I've tended not to use my phone in the car for the simple reason of not being able to do it safely - hands free and easy to do. So while I still don't make calls in the car, I am finding it's much easier to use the maps directions on my phone with the Logitech Case + Drive. The upside is I'm getting to new places more quickly and get some more things done on the phone before I head in. The downside is I'm missing out on some of my "Excellent Adventures" when I took the wrong turn or suddenly came across a one-way street.

The Logitech Case + Drive attaches to the windscreen or dashboard and has a really easy to use magnetic connection, letting you attach or remove the phone quickly (love that feature!). In keeping with the focus on elegance, the Case is trim, smooth and feels great and gives extra protection for the phone itself - common to all of these smart designs.

If I was to pick a favourite from these three smart designs one practical levels for getting things done it would have to be the Logitech Case + Energy by doubling my phone's battery life and lifting restrictions of me. For joy of ease in my home life it would be the Logitech Case + Tilt with the cooking. Ahh, the different aspects of life!



This has been a sponsored post

This has been a sponsored post

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