How Renee Blackwell Renews Her Inspiration

Asked to name a small local business that you knew in the 1980’s which is still around today, and there aren’t many that spring to mind, but Reneé Blackwell Jewellery design is one such business.  It is no accident that after 25 years of operation, she is now able to reap the benefits of longevity in the marketplace. 

With a business now recognised as a leader in a niche market, largely owing to a happy set of customers who have very effectively spread the word, we’ll be looking at Reneé’s sources of inspiration which have placed her happily where she is today.

Her passion is to create one-of-a kind jewellery designs, inspired by travel and love of vintage and antique curios. Combining a love of gemstones, crystals, antique buttons and “found objects” with exciting contemporary designs, Reneé Blackwell has created a very successful business based on her years of worldly experience.

Reneé sources semi-precious stones from small Australian mines and travels to Europe each year to hunt down antique glass and metal buttons in quirky shops and  markets to set in silver, each one with its own story to tell. 

Inspired by a trip to Africa nearly 30 years ago, Renee’s eyes, ears and heart were opened up to the exciting possibilities of personal adornment. Experiencing the stunning African landscapes and discovering the beautiful fabrics, beads and carvings of the East African people touched Renee in a way that has stayed with her over the years and ultimately set the direction of her life toward the pursuit of all things beautiful.

Reneé Blackwell’s customers can see the value in the unique pieces she creates. “My customers appreciate the one-of-a-kind nature of my designs. The results are beautiful jewellery which can be held, caressed and treasured” she explained.

When asked about her success, Reneé said “the success of my business is the result of a lot of hard work, dedication and passion, achieved through a very “hands on” approach”. The customer base has grown to a level where her pieces are now homed in the jewellery boxes of tens of thousands of women across the world, with over 150 stockists in Australia and New Zealand.

But Reneé has more to offer beyond running her own business.  As a strong believer in  helping other business women reach their full potential and passing on some of her knowledge to the next generation, she offers short, intensive, one-on-one training sessions to people who have a keen interest and creative flare for business.  “The training will give people an overview of all parts of the business, not just the design aspect, as I believe you need a well-rounded business education to appreciate what makes a business operate at its best” said Reneé. 

It is this sort of broader business acumen that has won Reneé the well-earned title of Business Woman of the year at the recent Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network award in the small/micro business category.

With a studio set within her 50 acre property in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Reneé finds it easier than most to find inspiration in her everyday life. “Inspired by nature, I strive to develop the concept of jewellery which appeals to the art collector.  I have always enjoyed discovering rare and unusual things to create my jewellery.”

And luckily for Reneé, her passion for creating beautiful things is also the source of so many other women’s pleasure as well.  “I help women see themselves a little better; they feel genuinely uplifted and joyful wearing my jewellery; they find something wonderfully expressive in each piece that speaks to their style and personality” she said.

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