Continuing Research to Improve IVF Results
IVF treatments have grown in popularity, and their success rates have continued to improve. However, it is thought that comprehensive chromosome screening can boost the success rates of the in vitro fertilisation treatment even more.

As many specialists from the IVF community agree, assisted reproductive technology is the most effective when only one full-term single baby is born - however, a large number of IVF treatments have resulted in multiple pregnancies, which are known to carry significant health risks both for the baby and for the mother.

It is not uncommon for women to have twins or even triplets after undergoing an in vitro fertilisation treatment, and the comprehensive chromosome screening is designed to improve the success rates of implantation with only one embryo, rather than using two or more embryos during a treatment session.

Older mothers are more likely to experience a multiple pregnancy in comparison to younger mothers. Implanting two or more embryos at once can dramatically increase the success rate of the treatment, but it can also increase the risks involved in a multiple pregnancy.

Currently most IVF specialists choose to transfer more than one embryo as few specialists actually have the necessary morphology to implant - in order to transfer only one embryo at a time and this would require a strict policy.

However, the good news is that the accuracy of the embryo selection process continues to improve and allows specialists to pick up only the embryos who have the highest chances of successful implanting. In other words, this means that doctors can now transfer a single embryo at a time, one that has great chance of success.

This is all related to a procedure that is referred to as genetic screening. Simply put, the embryo genetic screening involves having a deeper insight into the structure of the embryo - this procedure is still in trial studies, but it is believed that it will greatly benefit mothers who decide to use IVF treatments.

It is expected that the genetic screening of the embryos prior to the implantation will become a routine practice in the future, as this is a randomised and control test that is designed mainly for women aged 42 or younger who have normal ovarian function and who have not had two or more unsuccessful IVF treatments.

A Closer Look At The Study

By combining three modern techniques (the CCS, the fresh embryo transfer and the blastocyst biopsy), the success of the in vitro fertilisation implantation can be dramatically increased, and so can the delivery rates. A study was conducted on 155 patients that were assigned randomly, and who produced an average number of 17 eggs.

A study was conducted on two groups, a CCS group (the group that used comprehensive chromosome screening) and a control group. During the test, no more than two embryos were implanted and the average age of the patients was of 32 years. The study has revealed that the implantation success group was significantly higher in the first group, and so were the clinical pregnancy rates - in addition to this, the delivery rates in the comprehensive chromosome screening group were also significantly higher as opposed to the control group.

Statistically speaking, approximately four out of five women from the comprehensive chromosome screening group became pregnant, as opposed to three out of five women in the control group. The results of the study were conclusive and highly encouraging, as they show that this new treatment method can increase the implantation rate as well as the chances of having a normal and healthy single pregnancy, reducing the health risks associated with IVF treatments and multiple pregnancies are reduced.



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