Let Your Self Expression Run Free
If you're tired of the same old run of the mill t-shirt designs or want the kids in something fun and positive and want to express your own creativity the answer could well be with screen printing. 

You can design your own look and feel, making a fashion statement with the ever comfortable t-shirt. The added bonus is you get to choose the cut, fit as well as the image.

Image credit: ukroyaldress.comAs Pro Print Group stated: "Choosing the right type of decoration method can be confusing". Screen printed t-shirts have gained a lot of popularity over the years. You can make a fashion statement with your screen printed t-shirt if you choose the right colours and designs.

It is easy to pick a design or colour once you know the look you want to achieve. Here are three key tips to help you choose from the variety of options.

How to Make Colour Work for Your T-Shirt Design

It is important to attain a balance between dark and light colours if you want to get a great effect on your t-shirt. Dark colours will make the t-shirt look smaller while light ones make it appear larger. If you intend to draw attention towards yourself, light colours are best.

For light t-shirts, you need to be more careful if you want to use pastel colours such as light pink, light blue, and yellow. This is because the colours are difficult to notice from a distance especially if you are using them for a text on the t-shirt. 

Using a darker colour to outline the light colour will make the text more legible. To convey elegance, you can choose dark gray, light gray, red, and yellow-red hues.

Colours can also influence your feelings and moods. You can choose colours depending on the kind of effect that you want to create when you wear the t-shirt. Red is associated with energy, love, joy, and fire. If you want to stand out, this is the most ideal colour. To create a relaxing effect, blue is a great choice. This colour gives a feeling of relaxation. 

On the other hand, if you want to feel like you are one with nature, green is a wonderful choice. Yellow promotes interactions and it is associated with wealth and sunlight. It is ideal if you intend to brighten things up with your t-shirt. 

To get a perfect contrast, a combination of black and white is suitable. Black is associated with sorrow and darkness while white represents innocence, light, and light.

When Design Really Matters for the Look of Your T-Shirt

Creativity and originality are the most important factors to keep in mind when you are thinking about a screen printing design. 

The internet is a great resource if you are looking for inspiration but it is important to note that most of the images that are available online are copyrighted. 

Be creative and take time to construct unique artwork. This is essential especially if you are trying to make a fashion statement. 

Take your time to come up with a captivating design. The Print Bar offers a variety of designs that you can select from.

You can choose a design based on a particular theme or idea. Abstract designs are another option if you prefer to use a collection of lines or shapes, which do not represent something physical. 

Screen printing designs can also be based on compositions that include distinct elements that make a whole. You can choose to apply balance or contrast to make your t-shirt appealing to viewers.

Making Lines a Statement in Your T-Shirt Design

Lines play a vital role in screen printing designs. The kind of line that you use can convey a particular mood. 

Diagonal lines tend to suggest movement and they can make the viewer feel energetic. On the other hand, horizontal lines are quiet and calm. 

You can also use a design that includes multiple lines to make the image on the t-shirt look like it is in motion. The multiple lines suggest wobbling and shaking.

When Your Avoiding the Same Old Same Old in T-Shirt Design

Design and colour are two of the most important considerations when you are screen printing a t-shirt. Your choices will influence the mood and effect you create when you order a t-shirt. As the girls from the Arcade printing studio blog say "All forms of design are morphing right now."

It's not always easy to find local print screen studios for making your own t-shirt designs but the online options make it very easy to get going. And who knows, it could lead into a whole new creative avenue for your self expression!



This has been a sponsored post

This has been a sponsored post

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