Using Social Media to Leverage Your Quality Content
How to leverage quality content through social media platforms
When you get the opportunity to be part of an interview or story it is really important to make sure  you leverage the content through your social media platforms, blog and newsletter.

Promoting your involvement with the interview or story through your own networks:

  • is a great branding opportunity
  • contributes to your positioning as a key person of influence and an expert in your field
  • provides you with quality content for your communication channels
  • allows you to blow your own trumpet without it being all about promotion
  • lets your supporters and brand advocates share quality content about you to their networks and audiences

It is much easier than you think to leverage your interviews and stories through your own channels. Here's how:

1. Write a blog story

First write a blog story about being involved in the media piece and link to the story. 

This is great for your branding and credibility as well as becoming ideal content for your own newsletter and social media posts. Plus, media outlets and bloggers appreciate the cross promotion and your chances of being asked back will be higher.
Be sure to include links to the story in any 'year in review' pieces too.

2. Newsletter shout out

Both your blog story and the media piece itself become great content for your newsletter. Talk about both and link to both.

If you mention the article again in any repurposed pieces like 'year in review' it can be included in a later newsletter.

3. Schedule into your social media posts

Be sure to schedule posts about the story as well as your blog into your Social media calendar.

While Twitter is really easy to schedule posts through tools like Hootsuite you'll need to manually schedule Facebook posts. While it takes longer with Facebook and they do regularly move the goal posts, Google does reward you for links from Facebook just as much as from Twitter.

You can also use Hootesuite to schedule posts in LinkedIn and these don't have the 140 character limit that Twitter has.

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Make use of these tips on how to schedule Twitter posts.

You can schedule posts well in advance so they appear regularly at different times for different audiences to get the full value of the story.

4. Leveraging your Twitter posts

Something I love about Twitter is how friendly it is for businesses who want to make valuable connections with it simply by tagging others.

When you are involved in a story that features other business be sure to make the most of it by connecting with them - be sure to click like and to tag them in your post about the story.

The upsides are all there - you're increasing your network and growing your sphere of influence as well as giving them good social media content they value and will retweet.

Getting involved in conversations with the others involved in the story via Twitter conversations is a great way to leverage your involvement in the story and introduce you to a wider audience.

Sharing is the Real Value

The real value of leveraging your content through social media comes from when it is shared; when those tagged in the post retweet it to their followers and suddenly the audience exponentially grows.

Personally I've found being generous with mentions, thanks, retweets and conversations have boosted traffic as well as increased followers. Sure some don't get the concept of sharing but they are in the minority. Any business owner with a focus on growth will easily get the idea and value of sharing content across platforms and audiences.

So be active in your sharing and generous in your tagging. Look first to give benefit with the quality of content being shared and the strategies behind the leveraging of it.

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