Increase Google Rankings through Smart Content Marketing
How to leverage interview and review content and increase google rankingsAs savvy business owners we all seek the benefits of quality content that is shareable through our blogs, newsletters and social media profiles and gives us valuable back links to help with our Google rankings.

The challenge comes in generating this content in the first place.

The next challenge is being organised with sharing it effectively.

Content Marketing Partnerships

Let's face it, constantly writing quality content for consistent publishing is challenging and looking outside of our own organisation and to working with those who are interested in content marketing partnership relationships can make it a whole heap easier.

These content relationships are primarily about co- creating quality content for the benefit of the multiple audiences of the businesses and secondly about promotion. 

It is much more powerful to show your expertise by sharing information than by shouting from the roof tops that you know everything there is to know about your own business.

So seeking out varied opportunities to be involved in different types of content marketing is valuable and can be planned. Look for the online publications and blogs that are already doing it, working with other business owners in sharing content and promoting across their divergent audiences. These are the switched on entrepreneurs who are focused on growth through connections - connections that are mutually beneficial.

Find out more about how to leverage content marketing relationships and what's so important to include with your links.

Quality Information Trumps Promotional Shout Outs

What would you rather read - interesting information or a straight out promotional shout out?

Interviews and reviews are great ways to demonstrate your knowledge and are ideal for including links to your website, blog and social media profiles.

It's really important to engage with your readers so be sure to share information and content they are interested in, that way they will read and listen.

Promotional blurbs are at best skimmed, rarely read with interest. So don't waste your time on promotional guff. Make the most of your content marketing opportunities and share quality information that demonstrates your knowledge and value to others.

Interviews and Reviews Make Ideal Content

Interviews and reviews make for ideal quality content that is easy to share through your blog, newsletter and as social media posts

As so many people are interested in learning how other's are succeeding with their endeavours interviews are really valuable content. They attract readers and make for interesting stories to share - the highly prized goal of anyone focused on growing their social media followers and interaction. Having followers share your posts is gold but they'll only do it if the content of the post is interesting, is valuable to them and their followers.

Learn the secrets of success from the experts with the She Inspires Expert Q & A SeriesReviews are equally important as so many buying decisions are made based on reviews and recommendations. Reviews are also tools for validating your product or service amongst readers and difference audiences and come with the added benefit of being mixed with other products and therefore being able to leverage off difference audiences with a shared interest.

Interviews and reviews are both great opportunities to have valuable links back to your website, blog and out to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc profiles.

Plus good quality social media posts are shared by your audience as well as any other audience that's linked to in the post.

Leveraging Your Interviews and Reviews

Say for example you are featured with nine other marketing savvy business owners in a review or interview story and they promote the piece to their audiences, then you are instantly getting in front of multiple audiences (databases) - newsletter subscribers, blog readers and social media followers.

By leveraging your participation in quality content in this way you get to increase your brand awareness, expertise and direct access to your online profiles.

So instead of getting promoted to the publication's 5,000 newsletter subscribers, 3,000 Twitter followers and 2,000 Facebook fans you are also in front of another 200,000 social media followers because the other smart business owners in the story are sharing their involvement with their databases and audiences. This is truly where the mutual support of each benefits all involved exponentially.

Find out how to leverage your interviews and stories through social media with these practical tips.

Make your content marketing work for your business

Google Rewards Quality Content

Google loves this sort of quality content because it ticks their boxes of relevant sites linking to you through blogs and social media platforms and you sharing in content too - Google rewards those of us who share the love with quality content!

While Google keeps very quiet about the specifics of their algorithms they are loud and clear about their values of sharing quality content and how they reward those with content deep, rich, relevant and connected sites.

This means they reward back links from such sites to your website or blog more highly than from content poor sites. So for content that features multiple reviews or interviews that are busy with inbound and outbound links the meets Googles valuable content criteria the benefits flow for all involved as Google stores these interconnections and rewards those involved.

This involvement tells Google that your site is valuable on the topics you are connected with and rewards you with increased page rankings in organic searches.

So seek out opportunities for improving your Google rankings by getting involved with quality content marketing efforts. Get involved in interviews and reviews, make sure your links are included and share the news of your involvement - leverage your involvement to get your rewards.



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