Find out how to research a new business product
Expert Q & A Series: How do you research a new project or product?As part of our Expert Q & A series we asked an fascinating group of dynamic business owners "What's your most successful business building method?" The results are inspiring and practical.

Learning from business owners with year of experience can make the difference between success or failure for not just startup businesses.

Each business owner is given the opportunity to share a core lesson they have learnt about the essence of business building and what it takes to succeed. 

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Great Research Methods

Find out how these business women are getting new businesses and projects off the ground:

She Inspires Expert Q & A Series Tip Naomi Rosenthal 

Naomi RosenthalNaomi Rosenthal has a passion for financial planning and a desire to empower women with greater financial management skills and accruement for wealth accumulation and protection that's led her into running hosting her own radio show on Eagle Waves Radio.

The Meet the Moneys show has evolved from a Toastmasters training program and has had more than 12 months preparation and research. "I started with the High Performance Leadership program with Toastmasters and developed the idea of a video series on financial information for women," say Naomi.

"It started with brainstorming ideas and approaches before I created a market research questionnaire. From there I collated the answers into an infographic to visually share the results," explains Naomi.

Following the protocols of the program Naomi found storytelling to be a vital communication and educational tool. From there the genesis for Meet the Moneys evolved - a weekly soap opera of events that has behind the scenes discussions with other experts around core financial skills needed to make life easier for the characters.

This creative storytelling and skills sharing idea only came about through a willingness to methodically research a very structured idea, listen to the real life problems of her target audience and find creative and innovative ways to proactively help with solutions.

While the Toastmasters program taught Naomi valuable research and leadership skills it was the element of sharing the ideas with her own inner circle of confidants that made such a difference when devising creative solutions.

"It's the people around me, who I consult, brainstorm ideas with and turn to for support that gives me confirmation of good ideas and redirection when I need it," says Naomi.

It's through an individual blending of structure and creativity that Naomi gets the best results for researching new projects.

About Tudor Investassure

Do you want to be making well-informed, confident and risk aware decisions to plan, manage and secure your financial future?

For over 40 years, Tudor Investassure has been helping working women and their families with comprehensive and strategic financial plans.

Tudor Investassure is a privately owned, client focused practice operating under a boutique licence. We specialise in providing bespoke financial solutions for professional and self-employed women and their families.

If you appreciate ethical leadership and an holistic approach to the planning process and want to ensure all areas of your financial slice of life are working effectively, we can enhance your financial well-being and have you sleeping soundly at night.

Connect with Naomi online at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and join her on Eagle Waves Radio.


She Inspires Expert Q & A Series Tip

 Liz Kaelin

Liz Kaelin of You ChewsAs a startup catering business owner, Liz Kaelin of You Chews is determined to test and measure which area of the business is the best place to focus her attention so she can get on with recommending delicious menus to her customers.

Working with the Lean Startup Methodology, Liz started testing. During the first year of operating every area of catering was explored. From weddings to networking events to office lunches and everything in between, You Chews catered for them all to learn about what was happening in the market, what customers wanted, the costs involved, what volumes could be handled and who were the repeat customers.

By carefully measuring the research results and analysing the numbers Liz and her business partner Sarah Maloof have been able to see that office catering is the right place for their business to be.

"Measuring results is important. Knowing where the time and money is going and who are our return customers lets us compare the different catering events."

"For us, equally important is linking the delicious food of local artisans with office lunch catering services." explains Liz.

"From customer feedback we know buffet meals at office events are great for bringing people together and creating a sense of community. After all, that is often why our clients feed their employees," says Liz.

About YouChews

You Chews is the easiest way to provide variety and quality to your office lunch catering at the best value. As Australia’s first catering curation service, You Chews finds local food vendors passionate about their craft and cuisine, and we connect those vendors and their amazing food to the lunch catering needs of your office. From pulled pork to paella, when you use You Chews, your lunch is in good hands- the food is always of the highest quality, is always delivered on time, and is excellent value for money. Book us in today for your next office lunch!

Connect with YouChews today online at instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the vibrant YouChews Blog.

She Inspires Expert Q & A Series Tip

Karen Chaston 

Karen Chaston of Brave Heart WomenResearching and preparation takes all manner of forms with often the organic path of discovery, exploration and connection being most common. For Karen Chaston it took three years from introduction to ah-ha moment with BraveHeartWomen, then it was full steam ahead.

After leaving the corporate world of accounting and finance Karen was ready for a new adventure, an exploration into a more fulfilling career and working with like minded women. 

Having been an online member of BraveHeartWomen for three years Karen leapt at the chance to attend a four-day event in Las Vegas and immediately realised this was what she had been hankering for - a business focused on women achieving their potential, living complete, rounded lives and supporting each other.

Karen's method of research; being interested, being part of the organisation with little commitment and then jumping feet first in when ready seems to be more of an local approach, "us women in Australia like to research an idea, find out at our own pace the values and what's involved," explains Karen.

For Karen it was the deep connection to the values and ethos she experienced at the Los Angeles event that stirred a passion to bring BraveHeartWomen to Australia, especially for the women in the corporate world.

"Women bring to the table different approaches to men that creates balance for a business, enabling it to grow more holistically and be more profitable. When women are working collaboratively, connected to their innate intuition, coming from a place of abundance and are feeling balanced they are powerful," explains Karen.

With a background in the corporate world Karen is finding that much of her preparation and research for bringing BraveHeartWomen to professional women is around looking closely at the needs, values and language of the dominate culture so to tailor fit a program.

Make your content marketing work for your business

"So many women are choosing to leave the corporate enterprises because they are burning out by trying to fit into a culture that is still male dominated, we can change that, make businesses more profitable, by empowering women to be their natural, individual best," says Karen.

About BraveHeartWomen

Karen Chaston is passionate about her two roles which are intertwined and complimentary, Resonator at BraveHeart Women and Alionment CEO.

The BraveHeart Women Global Community is bringing together women To Be Create Collaborate. As BraveHeart women we Collaborate - Joyously, Prosperously and Harmoniously.

Alionment is a boutique specialists training company in Australia whose key focus is training female employees, especially emerging leaders in order to develop strong leaders, inspired teams, which leads to greatly improved company results.

Alionment deliver training, coaching and facilitating to help you recognise and unlock the potential within (individually and the business) whilst encouraging team collaboration.

You're invited to join the BraveHeart Women global community (free).

Connect with Karen on LinkedIn, Facebook and BraveHeartWomen on Facebook.

She Inspires Expert Q & A Series Tip

Kathryn MacMillan 

Kathryn MacMillian of Nine to threeWith more than 11 years in the recruitment Kathryn MacMillan understands the power of working with strong procedures and systems. So it comes as no surprise that when responding to client requests for HR help she developed a product from a procedural point of view.

When clients were asking for help with their internal HR services Kathryn looked at what would be involved in providing the services; how to do it, what processes and procedures would be involved, how to develop the service and the product features around it and how to market it.

What resulted was a new service that is all about the client's HR needs and provides robust systems that protect small businesses and their owners and a partnership with a local legal firm.

"It's an outsource HR department service that small businesses need, they just don't have the internal capacity," explains Kathryn.

Research included looking at what was available for small business owners to help them manage their internal HR requirements and found that it was basically the industry associations who were providing the relevant documentation but not helping the busy business owners actually implement and run the ongoing activities required by law.

Kathryn also found that many small businesses owners were hesitant in taking on staff for fears of having to defend their businesses from legal action from unhappy ex-employees.

"What small businesses need to be protected are good systems, procedures and policies in place so they are in the best position to defend if staff come back for money," explains Kathryn.

Experience and research showed Kathryn that starting with a free HR needs analysis checklist, clients can see where they are and what's involved to be compliant and protected. Each checklist is tailored to the needs of individual industry requirements and the service is designed around the needs of small business owners.

"HR and employing staff doesn't need to be a headache when you have the right procedures and systems in place for your business." explains Kathryn. And an outsourced HR division can be just the ticket to manage all that business administration issues, letting passionate business owners get on with what they love.

About nine2three 

Nine2Three Employment Solutions is a highly professional Sydney Recruitment and Human Resource company.

Nine2Three operates four divisions:

  • SME Recruitment Solutions specialises in the placement of experienced candidates into the workforce, in finance, clerical, sales and marketing roles.
  • MacMillan Corporate focuses on the placement of executive level and senior management candidates.
  • Nine2Three's HR Management Solutions Division assists with all human resource issues from documents and checklists- right through to award interpretation and complex analysis of your workforce planning.
  • Candidate solutions offers care and support to candidates currently looking for work with workshops, resume re-writes and interview skill sessions and coaching.

Connect with Kathryn online at LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube - Because I'm Happy! and Twitter.

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