Finding a Way to Believe in Yourself

Learning to believe in yourselfIn this article I am writing about small business owners, however if you are an employee, a mum, student or anyone with a dream, the same advice applies to you too.

Do you listen to what other people say about you? Do you let other people’s negative opinion impact your life? If so, what makes them right and you wrong? For many years, I always listened to other people’s opinions on how I should run my life, and it wasn’t until I started my own business, that I had to learn to turn off to what other people thought and tune in to what I wanted and what I thought.

Once I found my passion and what I wanted to do in my life I set out to achieve it.  I have persevered for years to build my businesses, and despite many negative people trying to pull me down, I never gave up. Why? Because my self-belief is set in concrete!

I have conditioned myself to turn off the noise of other people’s opinions of what I do, or who I am. I am driven by my own excitement and desire to achieving goals, by making a difference to other people’s lives and because I believe in my own capabilities.

Have I made mistakes? Oh yes, so many times that I have lost count. Did it make me give up? No way, never, I just adjusted my path.

Having left school at just turning 16 without School Certificate didn’t exactly set me up to be a high-powered Executive.  However what did set me up to run my own business and do what I love was my passion, drive, persistence and the fact that I truly believed I could.  I never worried about not having an education.

I just did what I had to do and I taught myself most of my skills including blogging, email campaigns, marketing, social media and networking. When I couldn’t afford to eat, or pay the rent I believed that it would turn out OK, and it always did! 

Self-belief is when you know that what you are doing is possible and worth the hard work, tenacity and often heart-ache to achieve your dreams.  I truly believe, with all my heart and passion that what I’m doing in business is worth it.  When I was told I am in a ‘too competitive’ market I have gone and found out what is ‘niche’ about my business and implemented it.

Make your content marketing work for your business

I discovered my true strength and power of self-belief when I was diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ disease called Crohn’s Disease.  This diagnosis came six months after the trauma of dealing with my brother’s suicide. 

I did a lot of research on Crohn’s Disease and came up with the conclusion that if I looked after my diet (Gluten Free), kept fit and most importantly, believed that this lifestyle would keep me healthy.  That was in 1999 and today, I’m still here and not on medication.

I have absolute faith in myself to keep healthy and to achieve my business goals. During the journey of building my business, I have applied the same belief system I used for my health issues. Thankfully I did because it has stopped me quitting on quite a few occasions when it all seemed to overwhelming.

Starting in a new business or a new adventure is not for everyone. It’s tough and lonely out there but if you 100% believe in yourself with absolute faith, you too, will be able to accomplish many great things.

My tips when it becomes too overwhelming:

  1. Think of the opposite of what you are worrying about (this just calms the nerves and gives you focus).
  2. Be innovative and creative, if something isn’t working you might need to tweak it.
  3. Have a vision board with your goals and desires – it always helps to be reminded why you are doing this!
  4. Ask for help, find a mentor when times get tough.
  5. Celebrate your wins!
  6. Take long walks and time out.
  7. Take time out of the business to plan.


Meet Deb Car

Meet Deb Car

Debbie Carr is the Managing Director of Voxy Lady Women’s Speaker Bureau and Vox Presenters Speaker Bureau.  She is a regular blogger on  a weekly guest on Radio 2UE on Sunday Nights and co-host of – Sydney Matters Show.  Voxy website: and Vox Presenters

Twitter: @voxyladyspeaker   LinkedIN:  Facebook:

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