The Inspiring Story of Pink Angels
Donna Falconer of Pink Angels - Making a DifferenceDonna Falconer is a shining light brightening the lives of women in regional NSW who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

In May 2009 at the age of 44, Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer. A single mum of three, her diagnosis turned her life upside-down. Juggling the demands of treatment, with the challenge of working full-time, Donna struggled to make ends meet and take care of her own wellbeing. It was a harrowing time, but one that led to a light-bulb moment that has since transformed the lives of dozens of other women.

After entering remission in 2011, Donna founded the innovative charity Pink Angels to help women in the Dubbo region of western NSW who are diagnosed with breast cancer. During her own cancer battle, Donna felt there was a real need for hands-on support, particularly in regional NSW.

With cancer charities focused more on providing financial support and accommodation, Donna wanted to establish a charity that helped cancer patients with their everyday tasks - and so began Pink Angels.

An anonymous service, Pink Angels provides patients with vouchers or organises for duties such as housekeeping, lawn maintenance, meal preparation and childcare - simple things Donna found difficult to keep on top of during her own cancer battle.

As volunteer president of the group, Donna has helped raise more than $65,000 for Pink Angels. As well as providing practical support, the money also funds care packages that Donna works tirelessly to put together. Each containing a candle, bracelet, soap and guardian angel pin, Donna organises the packages to be anonymously delivered to breast cancer patients by their breast care nurse upon diagnosis.

While working full-time and being a Pink Angel to many, Donna, is also an advocate for early diagnosis, raising awareness of breast cancer by sharing her story at events and community groups throughout western NSW.

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Still in its infancy, Donna hopes Pink Angels has a bright future ahead and is working to introduce branches into other regions of the state. 

This year she was selected for the cover of the Dubbo White and Yellow Pages under the theme Keeping Our Communities Healthy, an honour she hopes will help the charity flourish.

Committed to helping breast cancer patients in any way possible, Donna recently became a registered Breast Cancer Network of Australia community liaison and is now a local ambassador of the organisation in western New South Wales.

And if that isn't enough, Donna can also be credited for boosting the number of women undergoing early testing for breast cancer in her region. When she was diagnosed, Donna was shocked to learn that at any one time, 60 women in her hometown of Dubbo could have breast cancer and not be aware of it.

Despite battling her own illness and struggling to juggle family life, Donna created a community engagement campaign urging women over the age of 40 to have a mammogram. Named 'Searching for 60', the 2009 campaign resulted in a spike in the number of women undergoing early testing for breast cancer.

In remission for more than three years now, Donna is fit and healthy. She is ecstatic to be leading Pink Angels and realising her dream of making life easier for women who are travelling a similar journey to her.

Be sure to join Pink Angels on Facebook.



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