Article Internet Marketing with Advertorials

All internet marketing strategies need to include article marketing as a key marketing component.

Internet articles are great for:

  • showcasing your products and services
  • providing direct links deep into your website - up to 2 links per article
  • promoting your business through a great viral marketing tool as people share the news about the interesting and useful articles in forums, blogs, groups and social network sites
  • building your email newsletter customers with signups so you can further develop your relationship with potential customers
Booking Your Articles with

Booking Your Articles with

To book your article simply use our online ordering cart for the Advertorial Articles.

Once your payment and materials are through we'll prepare the article for publishing. Articles are edited by SheInspires for spelling, syntax and grammar.

All we need from there:

  1. your graphic for the article
  2. 1 - 2 URL links that you want visitors to follow into your website
  3. the article - do please show where the paragraphs are with (p). You can copy and paste your articles into the field.
  4. 3 - 6 keyword phrases you want included in the article
  5. bio - a parapgrah about the author and link to the website.
  6. publishing date - when you would like the article published to fit in with your internet marketing plan calendar

Articles are promoted in our email newsletter.

Get the Message Out with Articles

Get the Message Out with Articles

Banner AdvertisementsBook 3 articles and save! You can schedule the articles for staggered publishing dates so you get more coverage in more email newsletters to our subscribers.
7 Reasons Why Articles  Work for Online Businesses

7 Reasons Why Articles Work for Online Businesses

Here are 7 great reasons why articles are great for building your internet business:

  1. sharing information about your products and industry is interesting to potential customers so they read about it
  2. building the relationship between the business and potential customers
  3. brings interested internet traffic directly into your website business to shop
  4. building your customer list with direct visitors coming from the article
  5. gaining links from other sites that are vital for getting a good Google PR ranking
  6. able to use more keyword phrases are key for your business within the article to bring traffic to your message
  7. build and increase brand awareness that's important for building trust online 
12 Article Ideas to Get You Going

12 Article Ideas to Get You Going

Articles are a great internet marketing idea as they help build a relationship with potential customers and bring interested online traffic right into your site. But sometimes getting the ideas going to make the most of this internet marketing resource you need a helping hand. So we've come up with 12 article based ideas to get you started:

1. How to - an instructional article to give advice about your industry or product.

2. Top Tips - a fast article to write that can give tips, advice and help. The most popular ones searched online are 7, 10 or 12 top tips.

3. Problem with solution - present a common problem and offer a solution with the information you're sharing.

4. Product or service comparison - what's hot this season, what makes life easy, get the look, favourite top picks - this is great for an online business selling a range of products.

5. Interview article - we can provide you with a series of questions that you can answer - 60 Seconds with...

6. Vox Pop article - a series of quotes from the public in response to a question - what's (or who) your favourite, what's your advice about, what do you think about...

7. Series of articles - this lets you build up a profile for your expert author, usually with advice articles to share skills and experience.

8. Online Press release - this lets you get your business news out in your own voice. This is often more of a news like article.

9. Product Reviews - this suits all manner of approaches like book reviews, movie reviews, get-away holidays, makeup and cosmetic reviews - a great way to provide feature and benefit details within an article context.

10. Inspirational stories that lift the heart and spirit - great for people with businesses about change, growth and hope.

11. What's On - news about what's happening - particularly good for promoting regional areas, festivals, events and shows.

12. Free Report - this is a great way to attract interest for e-books and other online publications. Share information freely that is useful and valuable and provide more on request. It brings already interested traffic right into your shopping area.

Focus of the Articles

Remember, marketing articles are about building relationships, not blatant ads. So keep the articles focused on the needs of your reader, not on your selling needs. By focusing on the reader you're getting to create trust - such an important part of the online business relationship.

Use the Online Shopping Directory for pure, straight out advertisements.

Image Sizes for the Article Internet Marketing Tactic

Image Sizes for the Article Internet Marketing Tactic

Use images that are linked right into your website with your articles.

The images need to be set to 72 dpi so they are web ready and in the .gif or .jpg image file format.

See the example of the Creatively Belle image for their jewellery care article.

Sample of the actual size of a 250 x 250 display online advertisement
Sample of the actual size of a 250 x 250 display online ad
Sample size for an online ad that's 350 w x 350 h and is a .jpg or .gif
Sample of actual size for an online ad that's 350 w x 350 h
Sample size for an online ad that's 400 w x 300 h and is a .jpg or .gif
Sample of actual size for an online image for the article that's 400 w x 300 h
Internet marketing promotion advertising articles and images
See this example of an article and image promoting their products.
Advertising Packages

Advertising Packages

Want to get sorted with an advertising package to bring all the gems together?

We have 3 great offers for you to meet your needs.

Get Your Advertising Package Here

Get Your Advertising Package Here

Advertising Package OfferGet your internet marketing tactics in one simple bundle with our packages. Be promoted in our email newsletter to all our subscribers by running a Sale and a Competition and being listed in the Online Shopping Directory.
Internet advertising and marketing campaigns with articles marketing
Using articles as part of your internet marketing program


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