5 Ideas for Drinking More Water Each Day
Drink Yourself Silly, and Pretty!

Drink Yourself Silly, and Pretty!

The benefits of drinking water are clearThere are not many instances where alcohol helps a girl out when it comes to her complexion or looking fresh and delicious to bystanders. To make matters worse, if your a girl like me with an oily t-zone, you don't need anything else to promote a shiny forehead when your aiming to achieve a 'Pretty Woman' moment. We, society's coke-drinkers, coffee lovers and then those of us who are just lying to ourselves - the diet soft drink fans, have been told there's no better way to having the skin of a Victoria's Secret Angel than by drinking plenty of water.

Lets leave the 8 hours of helpful makeup artists, flattering lighting and retouching out of this - so we know the facts, water is good for our skin, yes. However, what is not a widely known fact is that there are many alternatives to water which help to hydrate the skin. Let it be known that there is no better fluid for you than that of the H20 variety, but for those of us who can get a little bored from drinking more water, and occasionally mixing it up with a twist of lime - here are our options:

1. Juices - not 'Fruit Drink', but real vegetable and fruit juices are full of beneficial vitamins for the skin and body. Whilst tasting sweet or tangy, they can have the power of cleansing out harmful toxins in your system. For instance, an old favourite is Cranberry Juice for its beneficial qualities for women during those extra special few days of the month. The water substance within these fruits or vegetables - their 'juice' in essence, provides a useful secondary source of natural hydration for the body.

2. Herbal Teas (Infusions) - The medicinal properties which can be gained from soaking particular leaves such as mint, verbena, and balm will not have a negative impact on your body's water assimilation levels. However - this rule does not extend to those lovely sweetened herbal teas, which usually come in much prettier packaging. Plus you'll find the Green tea and White tea varieties are packed full of antioxidants and are great for making your skin have that beautiful healthy glow. Add in honey to your tea is also another great way to boost your immune system while being delicious at the same time. Even regular black tea like English Breakfast tea is good for you, even with the extra caffeine (which is still much lower than an espresso coffee), so enjoy your tea.

Enter and win online competitions with She Inspires!3. Sports Drinks - because of their primary use - to be consumed during a physical activity, and the vast flavours available - are designed to replace salts and other minerals lost during exercise. Due to their large water content will quickly and effectively hydrate the body. Due to its sweeter aftertaste, the drink will not quench the thirst of the drinker as quickly as water will, thus they will most likely continue to drink it for a greater period of time than plain water.

4. Milk - good old fashion milk is full of healthy goodies such as vitamins and minerals, especially calcium so while a glass of milk a day is great for your bones and preventing osteoporosis and other ailments it is also an ideal way to keep your fluid intake up.

5. Cordials - these can be great to mix with water, especially to entice children to make sure they are drinking enough water each day but be sure to get the more naturally based varieties that have less sugars and sodium than the highly processed varieties. To get an idea of how easy it is to make your own cordial check out these cordial recipes - just change the main ingredient to whatever flavour you prefer and you'll be creating your own original recipes.

Diet Soft Drinks

The manufactures of diet soft drinks would love you to believe they are a healthy option but reality is different for these highly processed drinks. While they have less sugar than their full blown counter parts they are still a bad choice for your body and an expensive option for your wallet at the shop and with your healthy budget. The big corporate boys are great at employing talented marketing gurus to get their messages out to us but thankfully the wise and healthy options are easily available and much cheaper with a drink of water.

Drinking Routine

Creating a healthy routine for yourself so you get to drink enough good stuff through out the day can be as easy as writing down a list for yourself of what you enjoy drinking and how often and much you need to drink it. The combination is up to you but for something to get you going - a pot of tea is 2 cups, a bottle of sports drink after exercising (working part or all the way to or from work), a glass of milk at breakfast, a bottle of water by your desk, a glass of juice at lunch, a glass of water before or with dinner will have you coming up to your 8 glasses a day easily. The benefits of drinking water are indisputable but we hope we've you out with more ideas about how to get the fluid you need each day.

Water drinks like green tea are rich in antioxidants to make you healthy and full of energy
We all know drinking water is great for our personal beauty routines but there are more water based drinks we can benefit from!
Contributing Writer Liz Bowen

Contributing Writer Liz Bowen

Elizabeth is currently a journalism student at Newcastle University. With great loves for the mediums of film, music, fashion, and popular culture; she spends her time researching and reviewing artists who have succeeded in their mission to inspire and connect with audiences.
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