Winter Beauty Tips
At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much to do in winter. The cold winds, constant rain, short days, and the lack of sun; these are definitely not the right formula for socialising and days out. But these wild weather conditions are the perfect excuses for you to spend hours staying indoors and bringing on the pampering and beauty treatments. Imagine taking a long hot bath with your favourite bath salts to rejuvenate your tired body, followed by a relaxing DIY facial that promises to deliver hydration and protection from the harsh weather while massaging fragranced body oil onto your dry skin, all in the comfort of your own home.

So here's 10 Great Tips to Indulge in Your Beauty Routine this season

1. Use a hydrating, multivitamin mask. Winter is the best time to freshen up your skin after the summer months out in the sun. A dose of moisture and vitamins will act as the perfect remedy for skin ravaged by harsh climatic conditions.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Cold winds, dry weather, heating- these inevitably dehydrate your skin so be sure to use a heavy duty moisturiser to combat the dryness.

Prize packs competitions from She Inspires3. Exfoliate. Dry flaky skin is a common problem in winter. Use a gentle scrub 3 times weekly to get rid of dead skin cells and encourage cell regeneration.

4. Use sun screen. Even though UV index tends to be lower in winter and you probably won’t get as much sun as in summer, sun protection is still a must. Remember, sun damage is irreversible and there is always a risk of skin cancer, even in cold months.

5. Drink water; lots of it. There is no point in spending lots on beauty products if you are dehydrated on the inside. Water is essential to healthy, youthful skin and it’s free! So drink up.

6. Get plenty of beauty sleep. Most of the body’s cell renewal process takes place while you’re sleeping away. So, tuck yourself under the blanket, curl up and get 6-8 hours sleep everyday. Really it’s that simple.

7. Eat nourishing, fresh food. The phrase “You are what you eat” is certainly true. What can be nicer than tucking into warm oats with honey for breakfast, nourishing vegetable soups for lunch, a hearty casserole or a homemade chicken and vegetable pie for dinner? It’s easy to pack on the pounds in winter so eat fresh and healthy. Beware of unhealthy snacks; opt instead for healthy options such as dried or fresh fruits, nuts, or miso soup.

8. Look after your hands. Think about it: apart from your face and neck, your hands are only other exposed part of your body throughout winter (unless you wear gloves all day). So take special care, use a hand cream daily. Once a week, give your hands a special treat: apply a generous layer of moisturiser on and wear gloves to bed. You’ll wake up to softer, smoother hands.

9. Moderate alcohol consumption. The temptation will always be to stay indoors and warm up with some brandy or wine. Alcohol dehydrates your insides, which undoes all the hard work you (and your expensive moisturisers) have done so far. The key is moderation.

10. Exercise. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you get an excuse to be a couch potato. Exercise is great for the skin as it improves circulation and brings a healthy blood flow to your skin, giving you a nice healthy flush. Plus it keeps the weight off. Try swimming in a nice heated pool or if you can’t be bothered to get out, just put your favourite CD on and dance away.

Relaxing in a hot bath to kick start your winter beauty program
Indulging in a hot, scented bath is a great place to start with Winter Beauty Tips
Contributing Writer Trish Koh

Contributing Writer Trish Koh

Trish is a writer, translator and a blogger with a BA in Media and Cultural studies. Interests in fashion, beauty, arts, crafts, travel, relationships, lifestyle and women's issues.  Trish's blog is Under Lock and Key.

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