10 Reasons for Getting a Haircut

Some girls are hair girls while most of us just aren't that good with our hair and we let it grow for too long between visits to our hairdressers. So I got to asking my friends and families what reasons they have for getting to the hairdressers - what reminds them for getting there and it caused quite a few laughs!

Here are 10 top reasons to remind you to get to make friends with the hairdresser scissors again and get yourself off to a profession hairdresser:

1. You can't remember when you had your last haircut - if this is the case just get organised and visit a good hairdresser to freshen up your locks.

2. You're using too many hairclips to keep your hair under control - a good cut will save you from the constant hunt for bobby pins!

3. When every day is a bad hair day - get yourself an inspired hair cut that suits your lifestyle and enjoy having a heap more good hair days.

Win online competitions with She Inspires!4. If you're constantly pulling your hair into a ponytail to get it back because it's become unruly then take control of it with a good cut.

5. When split ends are making your hair all fly-away and jagged you need to get rid of those damaged ends and get some moisture back into your hair.

6. The fringe in the eyes that are stopping you from seeing clearly is a definite sign to get to the hairdressers sooner rather than later.

7. You're feeling purely frustrated with your hair and just don't like it anymore - do yourself a favour and get a new hairstyle.

8. When the layers or straight edges grow out you need to get them back.

9. You're starting a new life either with a new job, healing from a broken heart, starting back at university or simply just turning a new page because it's the best thing for you - go and get a new hairstyle that reflects your new self and dreams.

10. If you have a mullet - just go now to the professional hairdresser and get a contemporary and stylish hairstyle.

Those in the hair business see the sad results of overgrown styles all too often and love the opportunity to make you look the best you can so give them the change more often and don't leave it months between visits.

If getting to a professional hairdresser during opening hours is a challenge for you think about your local mobile hairdresser and having them come to you and getting the family hair cuts done at the same time.

Tip: Set a reminder in your mobile phone calendar to book into the hairdressers for every 5 - 6 weeks so it doesn't get to being 6 months between cuts!

Get Yourself an Inspired Hairstyle and Feel Wonderful!
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