20 Creative Blogs for Makers
20Top Inspiring Creative Blog and their bloggersMany of us like to be involved in arts and crafts or enjoy a nice day out at an artisan market to pick up some cute handmade gifts for ourselves and others. 
We all know the thrill that comes from finding that one perfect hand painted vase or creating something yourself and seeing the smile on someone's face as they unwrap the gift that was the fruit of your labour.

So to help share that joy we’ve picked some of the best creative blogs on sewing, woodwork, clay, painting and even gems and homemade jewellery to entice you to challenge yourself and try out some of the fun do-it-yourself ideas from the following bloggers! Who knows, you may even be inspired to create a blog of your own and spread the creativity!

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20 Top Inspiring Creative Blogs

Here are our top creativity blogs and bloggers for you to have fun with:

The Handmade Gift Guide by Anne Hayman

This blog provides some inspiration for creative projects as well as reviews of various craft shows and shout-outs to fellow artisans. It features everything from home decor to aromatherapy and even to emrboidering projects for every skill level.
The Handmade Gift Guide also contains some lovely examples of Anne’s love for crocheting and sewing with the latest trends for fellow craft lovers and features a digital magazine for easy access to the latest ideas and projects

Tags: diy craft projects, handmade gifts, eco-friendly, craft projects, craft blog, indie designs, craft blog, sewing projects

Positively Splendid by Amy Bell

This cute craft blog contains a number of do-it-yourself picture tutorials for creative projects, delicious recipes, inspiration and seasonal ideas to spruce up a house as well as a number of clever handmade gift ideas on a budget.

Amy's blog also features some fun upcycling ideas and many projects are ideal for children so get out your old clothing and turn that item that's been hidden away in the closet into something new and chic!

Tags: handmade craft, craft tutorial, handmade gifts, recipes, holiday ideas, craft blog, crafts for the home

The Renaissance Woodworker by Shannon Rogers

A detailed step-by-step woodworking blog that focuses on tool care, technique and assorted home projects. Featuring the Hand Tool School on the proper use and maintenance of commonly used woodworking instruments and helpful articles on creating, maintaining and finishing a project.

This blog also includes a number of audio and video podcasts, Wood Talk - a weekly online radio show by woodworkers for woodworkers and is a great resource for beginners to the craft.

.Tags: woodwork skills, woodwork tools,  wood craft, diy wood projects, online tutorials, woodwork projects, woodworker blog

Handmade porcelain bird necklaces and brooches by Creatively Belle

Where People Create by Ann Gorman

This blog gives a sneak-peek into a number of art and craft studios with artisan interviews, work samples and helpful advice and techniques from the artists themselves. It is an in-depth look at the creation and organisation process of various creative artists including painters, mixed media sculptors, textiles and paper crafters.

This is an engaging read for anyone that is interested in the creative process of arts and crafts.

Tags: arts and artisans, craft designs, artist interview, craft techniques, art studio, artist blog

Lisa Yang’s Jewelry

Ever wanted to make your own jewellery? This blog details some handy do-it-yourself tutorials on simple and elegant designs and inspirations. 

It includes helpful tips on technique, materials and easy gift ideas.

Tags: diy jewellery projects, jewellery design blog, handcraft jewellery, jewelry gift ideas, handmade jewelry

The Curious Soapmaker by Eva Budinska

This blog is a helpful compendium of information on natural soaps, cosmetics, soap-making and dozens of fun recipes to try at home. 

The blog also contains fascinating material on the science of natural skincare and beauty so you always know why an ingredient is used and what it does.

Tags: soapmaking ingredients, soap recipes, cosmetics making, body care, soap making tutorials

The Purl Bee by Purl Soho

A great blog for lovers of fabric, this contains a number of helpful tutorials on embroidering, sewing and crocheting. 

Accompanied by beautiful photos and detailed instructions, this blog and its creations are a wonder to behold.

Tags: knitting blog, sewing tips and designs,  sewing gift list, handmade blankets, home crafts ideas

Not Martha by Megan Reardon

Fun and crafty blog full of great ideas for gifts, food and paper craft. Written in a fun and approachable style, this resource for easy how-to projects will keep you busy and entertained.

Tags: homemade designs, paper craft ideas, food gifts, handmade gift ideas

Maya Made by Maya Donenfeld

This blog is full of tutorials for simple, doable craft projects, tips and techniques on fabric and paper craft and a wide selection of easy to make edible goodies. 

A mother and a published author, Maya is also a big fan of flowers and photography, examples of which can be seen here!

Tags: blogging craft, handmade paper craft, fabric blog, diy home projects, handmade design ideas

Nest by Meg Allan Cole

A lovely lifestyle blog boasting a number of do-it-yourself tutorials and projects, inspiration, fashion ideas, recipes, home decoration and more! 

The blog includes helpful video tutorials on all the craft projects.

Tags: lifestyle videos, video tutorials, diy videos, craft inspiration, home décor ideas, creative recipes

Making It Lovely by Nicole Balch

This is a blog detailing the transformation of Nicole’s house through her knowledge of do-it-yourself home décor. 

It includes tips on styling the ideal home, artistic inspiration, fashion as well as posts on being a wife and mother.

Tags: home décor designs, victorian designs, dream home tips, lifestyle designs, craft inspiration, fashion and home

Geninne’s Art Blog by Geninne Zlatkis

This blog details various artistic pieces by Geninne with a focus on clay and pastel painting accompanied by discussion on tools and tips on the craft. 

It includes various high-quality photos of her work, shop updates and inspiration in the form of colour, nature and other artists.

Tags: working in clay, art and painting, pastel painting, colour theory, art travel holidays, nature inspiring art

Flossie Teacakes by Florence

A blog about stitching, sewing, patterns and everything fun to do with fabric and paper craft. 

It includes handy do-it-yourself tutorials, extensive gallery of quilts and patterns to get you started on your own project.

Tags: quilt sewing, stitching instructions, sewing patterns ideas, making your own quilts, diy fabric projects, handmade quilt designs

Very Berry Handmade by Ali

Have an interest in sewing and crocheting? Not sure how to get started? This blog is sure to solve that problem. 

Boasting a huge selection of step-by-step tutorials on cute cloth projects and buying guides to make sure you get the best quality for your money, this blog is a great choice for the aspiring sewing enthusiast.

Tags: home craft, fabric designs,local and handmade,sewing tutorial, patchwork instructions, pattern instructions and skills, sewing details

Hope and Chances Creativity by Christine Emberson

A fun scrapbooking blog with handy do-it-yourself instructions, a gallery of various paper craft projects, Youtube video tutorials and simple gift ideas. 
The owner, Christine also runs scrapbooking classes in her spare time through Spellbinders design.

Tags: paper craft ideas, scrapbooking skills, handmade gifts tutorials, scrapbooking ideas

A Love Affair with Clay by Marian Williams

A look into Australian potter Marian’s love for pottery, kilns, glazes and anything to do with clay. 

This blog contains helpful videos, techniques on colour, equipment management and interviews with other potters.

Tags: handmade pottery, clay information, working with glazes, australian potter,  pottery tutorials

Why Not Pottery by Meredith Heywood

Share in the love for clay and pottery in this fun blog by Meredith Heywood. Containing a number of beautiful photos of her creations and entries on life as a wife and mother. 

Why Not Pottery is a good resource to check out for lovers of ceramics and design.

Tags: pottery designs, australian clay, family projects, working in ceramics, Seagrove

Pastel Workshop by Casey Klahn

Washington-based pastel artist Casey Klahn shows off some of his beautiful work on this blog. Accompanied by tips and techniques for aspiring artists as well as workshop details and some art inspiration, this blog is a great read for those interested in the medium.

Tags: pastel paintings, creating drawings, painting landscape, artist video, art workshops, artist tips

Painting My World by Karen Margulis

This blog contains lovely pastel artwork along with tips, tutorials, workshops and a glimpse into the step-by-step process of creating these paintings. 
Approachable and easy to read, this blog is definitely recommended to budding artists interested in pastel as a medium.

Tags: pastel painting tips, painting skills, landscape painting tips, still life painting skills, beach painting tips, artist tutorial

Jacqueline’s Gems by Jacqueline Jordan

Handmade jewellery giveaways, fashion inspirations, gem discussion and more – Jacqueline’s Gems is a great read for fellow jewellery, fashion and beauty lovers.

Tags: beauty tips, handmade jewellery tips, fashion designs and tips, jewellery giveaways, handcrafted jewellery designs


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