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Writing and Book Articles

Writing and Book Articles

She Inspires Reads Book ReviewShe Inspires Reads Book ReviewAny excuse is perfect for indulging in this inspiring collection of novels, biographies, kids books and cooking treasures.

Come join us in this celebration of writing and story telling!
50 Inspiring Writing Quotes50 Inspiring Writing QuotesKnock writer's block for six with these 50 inspiring quotes about writing by authors, writers and publishers.

What are your favourite quotes? Be sure to share your inspiration on Twitter and Facebook too!
Why Writers Need a FollowingWhy Writers Need a Following
It's a competitive market place for getting your manuscript accepted by a publisher so we thought some tips about how to make your profile more attractive to a publisher would be just what the writing muse wanted. 
We've got 10 great writers and their blogs for you to check out and learn from.
How to Get Your Manuscript PublishedHow to Get Your Manuscript Published
When you're asking yourself how do you get published you need to know what publishers are looking for in manuscripts and authors.
So to help you become that successful published author your heart is aching for we have great publishing industry insider tips on how to capture the publisher's attention. 
Summer Reads Book ReviewSummer Reads Book ReviewSummer holidays are coming and settling back with a good book is one of the delights of slow summer days.

We've got a great selection of books for you as either presents for yourself or for someone lucky!
For the Book LoverFor the Book LoverOne of the best ways to recharge is to settle down with a good book.

We've got a great collection of novels, kids books, biographies, self help and inspirational books for you to pick from.
How to Grow a Facebook FollowingHow to Grow a Facebook Following
Publishers love authors with a ready made audience so we thought some useful tips about how you can create your own Facebook and Twitter profiles would help make it a whole heap easier.
We've got 10 great tips to help you build that social media audience you need.
Making Time for BooksMaking Time for BooksAs the weeks whiz taking time to read a book can be a great way to escape the hurly-burly.

We have great biographies, food ideas, alluringnovels, books for the kids and something for that upcoming present.
Engaging and Inspirational Books You Should ReadEngaging and Inspirational Books You Should ReadThere is no pleasure greater than becoming absorbed in a great book. Whatever your interests; be it fiction, non-fiction, helpful home guides or just silly entertainment, we have a list of the following books that are sure to tickle your fancy.

From memoirs to the best new novels and even something for the kids, we're sure you'll find something to treasure here.
Diving into Good ReadsDiving into Good ReadsWe've got a great collection of good books for you to dive right on into.

We have great food inspiration, escapist novels, entertainment for all ages and books to get you thinking.
Practical and Entertaining Books to Inspire YouPractical and Entertaining Books to Inspire YouLooking for a great new book to a spend a cosy afternoon indoors with? Look no further than this list of the best new releases.

With a wide selection of fiction, non-fiction and even something for the kids, we're sure everyone will find somethig to suit them. While away an afternoon with these engaging and inspirational books.
Inspiring Books Worth ReadingInspiring Books Worth ReadingDiscovering inspiring books is a wonderful experience, whether they be novels, biographies, interviews, business, art or creative books.

So to help we have a list of inspiring books for you to dive into. Be sure to share your recommendations on Twitter and Facebook too!
Great Autumn Getaway BooksGreat Autumn Getaway Books
Want to recharge the batteries with some time out? Dive into our inspiring book ideas for that getaway - whether you're at home or off on an adventure.

We have a great selection of novels, chic lit, business books and paperbacks all perfect for a getaway!
Book Lovers Guide to InspirationBook Lovers Guide to InspirationNeed some inspiring ideas for the book lover in your life? Dive into this great collection of books from novels to delicious cook books to stories for the kids to interior design books to inspire!

If you love books you'll find a real gem amongst these.
Enrich Life with a Good BookEnrich Life with a Good Book
Think books enrich life? Want to know our latest picks for you? Then check out this tantalising book list.

We have a great selection of novels, chic lit, business books and paperbacks all about a richer life!
Focusing on Inspiring BooksFocusing on Inspiring BooksThe publishing industry is alive and well if this inspiring collection of books is anything to go by.

Find heart felt stories with Harlow and Sage, inspiration with charming characters from the animal kingdom, stirring stories are daring do and fabulous novels to escape with.
50 Inspiring Blogging Quotes50 Inspiring Blogging QuotesSomething for the bloggers, a celebration of the craft with over 50 inspiring quotes about blogs and blogging.

What are your favourite quotes? Be sure to share your inspiration on Twitter and Facebook too!
Business Books Worth ReadingBusiness Books Worth ReadingFinding the right business books worth reading when you have a full plate makes all the difference. When you have business books are part of your business education and research program finding out how others have experienced them can make a real difference.

So to help we have a list of business books worth adding to your reading list for you. Be sure to share your recommendations on Twitter and Facebook too!
Diving into Inspiring BooksDiving into Inspiring BooksAn inspring list of books you'll want to dive into and then share with the girls!

With everything from captivating novels to amazing stories of adventure to delicious foods and, as always, something to get the kids excited!
Celebrating Inspiring BooksCelebrating Inspiring BooksCome celebrant the creative talent all around us with this inspiring collection of books for you to escape with.

Whether you love craft, romantic novels, thought provoking discussions, yummy cook books, armchair travel or making sure the kids develop their own love for books through great stories, we have it for you.
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Promoting Your Book

Promoting Your Book

With publishers wanting authors to do more of their own promotion it can seem like a daunting challenge to find ideal ways to get the word out.

Being writers ourselves we thought we'd make it easier for authors to promote their books with our special online competitions and articles. Contact us today and check out our advertising packages for more details.

The SheInspires Book Club

The SheInspires Book Club

Exploring a Good Book

See the latest collection of interesting books for you to explore covering a whole range of topics from business to fashion to environment to novels.

We'd love to hear from you about your favourite books and what you've found interesting so share your thoughts.

With each good book selection we hope to inspire our online community into forming your very own book club - get your family, friends and business colleagues involved in reading. Make your selection from our ever expanding lists or from your own favourites. And remember, let us know what inspires you!

Book Club

Book Club

Small Business and the MediaSmall Business and the MediaThese days small buisnesses have the advantage of using social media as a key marketing tool to promote their business. Not only does this new wave of media reach more people but it is far more inexpensive than traditional media advertising and sometimes even FREE!

Get the most out of your Small Business and getting coverage in the media.

Picture BooksPicture BooksThese books are great to share with your kids! Inspire your children to read and enjoy these great picture books with them.
Australian AuthorsAustralian AuthorsInterested in reading books from Australian authors? This list of books includes some of my favorite Australian authors writing a variety of books from novels to anthology. There is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy!
For All the Cat LoversFor All the Cat LoversFor Cat Lovers everywhere to get in touch with their inner feline. Cats are a unique bunch and it takes a special person to understand all the hardships of eating, sleeping, and eating again. Learn how to figure out exactly what your cat is thinking and wants she wants so she can live in harmony with you!

These books will have you saying "Meow!" in no time!

The Dog Lovers Guide to BlissThe Dog Lovers Guide to BlissDog Lovers everywhere will enjoy these books that will make your dog bark for joy and wag their tails in glee!
Cooking for the Love of It!Cooking for the Love of It!For food lovers everywhere, enjoy our collection of sumptious cooking books with all you old favourite recipes just like mum made and fun new tastes to get you exploring the spice aisle.

Keep them to yourself or share it with a friend, these recipes are here to entice!

Books for the Business OwnerBooks for the Business OwnerGot a great idea for a business but don't know how to get it off the ground? Or are you struggling to grow your own business? Get insider tips from the experts with these enlightening business owner guide books covering subjects such as business profit, self employment, business tax, women business owners, business partnership and starting a small business.

Instructive and revealing, these guide books are a must have for any business owner.

In Love with TheatreIn Love with TheatreGo behind the scenes and figure out what really happens to make a theatrical production. Learn all about the different roles in the theatre and how beautiful designs are created.

If you love theatre, you'll love the inside story.

10 Great Gardening Ideas10 Great Gardening IdeasFor Gardeners the country over, this book club selection of Gardening Books will make your green thumbs twitch!

Great gift ideas, beautiful books and lots of joy!

Romance Stories to Escape Into!Romance Stories to Escape Into!This spirit of romance is running free with this week's book club selection of classic romance novels to curl up on the lounge and escape into the arms of Mr Darcy!
Jewellery MakingJewellery MakingIf you love jewellery and jewellery making then you'll love this week's book club selection!

They make great presents for the jewellery queen in your life so get inspired!

Inspirational GuidesInspirational GuidesThis is a list of guides that will inspire your everyday life and thoughts.

When you need a lift let yourself find inspiration here.

FashionFashionYou'll love this quirky collection of fashion books - everything from vintage to handbags to fashion career to best designs.

This book club selection is for the passionate, the curious and those with a flare for creativity!

Craft BusinessesCraft BusinessesDo you love your creative hobby and are wondering how to make money from it? Check out these great titles for vital lessons and advice about how best to make money from a success craft business.
Wedding PlanningWedding PlanningWeddings take a heap of organising so we thought we'd help out with a series on wedding planning to help get the season going - how to, what to avoid, best tips and looking after budgets.

Planning a wedding is probably going to be the biggest event you'll ever do so get some advice from the experts and make it a dream wedding!

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