Our Big List of Topics for Writing Blogs So You Can Self Publish

We figured it was one thing to outline how great a blog is for women writers to self publish their work, help get their foot in the door and to earn money from blogging but a list of ideas to get you going would be even more useful.

Get in the Writing Flow with 60 Blog Topic Ideas

Creative Lightbulb moment!Here's a list of over 60 blog topic ideas to get the creative juices following:

  1. creative writing
  2. environment issues
  3. writing careers
  4. journalism industry
  5. political issues
  6. business writing
  7. technical writing
  8. writing and editing
  9. online writing
  10. writing poetry
  11. film and movie industry
  12. copy writing
  13. books for writers
  14. writing process
  15. creative arts industry
  16. fiction writing
  17. publishing industry
  18. famous writers
  19. tourism industry
  20. jobs and writing
  21. on demand publishing
  22. travel writing
  23. advertising industry
  24. writing autobiography and biography stories
  25. writing resources
  26. writers bloc
  27. professional business writing industry
  28. ghosts writers
  29. cook book publishing
  30. music industry
  31. publishing software
  32. teaching and education
  33. poetry and publishing
  34. writing competitions
  35. online publishing
  36. publishing houses
  37. science industry
  38. feminist writers and writing
  39. christian writers and writing
  40. medical writers and writing
  41. comedy writers and writing
  42. literature
  43. publishing jobs
  44. careers in professional writing
  45. advertising and marketing industry
  46. writing books
  47. writing tips
  48. ebook writing
  49. nature publishing
  50. writing exercises and writers workshop
  51. writing competitions
  52. arts and craft industry
  53. book publishing software
  54. screen writing
  55. publishing guide to the industry
  56. writing blogs
  57. online book publishing
  58. children's writing
  59. television writing
  60. romance writers
  61. self publishing company
  62. short story writing
  63. publishing agents
  64. writer's festivals
  65. sci-fi writing

Prize packs competitions from She InspiresChoosing a Topic and Exploring Further

You can take a broad area such as journalism industry and cover the various aspects of it like:

  1. journalism jobs
  2. broadcast journalism
  3. print journalism
  4. online journalism
  5. journalism scholarships and degrees
  6. investigative journalism
  7. freelance journalism
  8. photo journalism
  9. women in journalism
  10. what makes good journalism
  11. what makes bad journalism
  12. journalism ethics and social responsibility
  13. citizen journalism
  14. journalism university
  15. explore what is journalism
  16. radio journalism
  17. top 10 journalism school
  18. magazine journalism
  19. teaching journalism
  20. online journalism awards
  21. international journalism awards
  22. tabloid journalism
  23. literary journalism
  24. music journalism
  25. arts journalism
  26. journalism teaching
  27. community journalism
  28. journalism outsourcing
  29. international journalism
  30. journalism resources
  31. case studies on journalism
  32. political journalism
  33. newspaper journalism
  34. journalism quotes
  35. schools of journalism
  36. fashion journalism
  37. news media journalism
  38. student journalism
  39. war journalism
  40. journalism copy editing
  41. writing journalism
  42. journalism history
  43. business journalism
  44. health journalism
  45. journalism skills

If you were to have a blog about journalism this list of 45 ideas gives you enough ideas for 1 - 2 years worth of stories as you can get anywhere from 2 - 10 (or more) stories from each of these topics. It's as easy as looking through the different areas of a field, writing a list and giving yourself direction.

By making your own list of articles you're setting up a system for your online business - a system for writing constantly for your blog. This helps get things done and you into the habit of writing regularly and self publishing your material.

Stay motivated and focused by keeping your goals clear in your mind. You can achieve whatever you set out to do.



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Want more info about self publishing your work? Check out:

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