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This year I have the privelge to contribute to our premier small business magazine My Business on a topic I'm passionate about - helping small business succeed.

Having setup and run a series of pop-up centres in the charming heritage precinct of The Rocks I realised how important it is for small business owners to connect, share skills and information and form great relationships.

The social media seminar series I ran for three years through the pop ups taught me a great range of skills and insights that are so important for business owners to build on.

Content Marketing Help

I put the lessons learnt from running these social media seminars into a free ebook How Your Content Can Make You Money so you too can benefit.

So you too can make LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs work for your business while leveraging content through a smart content marketing plan.

You'll also find the articles in the Business and Career section really valuable too, including topics such as:
How to Leverage Content through Social Media
Twitter Tips for Small Business
Facebook Tips for Business

Quality Always Matters

Always keep in mind that being consistently involved in an online community is far more valuable for your business (and your own sanity) than trying to be everywhere at once.

While there is a seemingly overwhelming plethora of social media platforms it is best practice to start with one social media communications channel, test it out to find out if it is the right fit for you, your customers and business. If it is, then build your skills, experience and presence on it before testing out another. It is a more successful strategy than dabbling in many.



More Small Business Skills

More Small Business Skills

Social Media Seminar PodcastsSocial Media Seminar PodcastsWant to catch up on the She Inspires seminars? We're making it easy for you with the podcasts.

Get your podcasts here!
Expert Q & A SeriesExpert Q & A SeriesWant to learn the secrets of success of the experts? We do too so join us with our Expert Q & A Series and find out from the experts their insider tips and tricks.
Consulting Tips for SuccessConsulting Tips for SuccessWhen you're building a profitable consulting business you need a range of skills, not just what you're honed your skills on during your professional life but a diverse range required to run a successful business.

To help we have a great collection of practical business skills from content marketing to social media promotion to business planning for you.
Facebook Tips for Small BusinessFacebook Tips for Small BusinessMaking the most of the opportunities offered by social media is a challenging prospect for small business. So we thought learning from others who are making it happen sense of the social media world would help all of us!

Here we have a growing collection of interviews with savvy small business owners creating successful businesses on Facebook and useful social media how to articles.

Twitter Tips for Small BusinessTwitter Tips for Small BusinessSocial media websites like Twitter are great marketing channels for business. So to help you make Twitter work for your blog and business we're bringing together for you a series of how to stories with practical advice.

Create your own Twitter success and join us online!
The Secrets of a Lean Start-upThe Secrets of a Lean Start-upStarting a business can be a massive strain on your finances as well as your mind.

If you're worried about skyrocketing costs during the early stages of your business you should consider the Lean Start-Up methodology and minimise your costs while still driving your business to success.
Where to List Your Business Event OnlineWhere to List Your Business Event Online
Getting the word out about your business event is crucial for effectively promoting it.

To help get you started promoting your event at the She Inspires Business Centre here is a list of online event websites and ideas.

Event Planning Made Easy at the She Inspires Business CentreEvent Planning Made Easy at the She Inspires Business Centre
Looking for an events planning guide to make organising your business event at the She Inspires Business Centre? We've got great event management resources for you.

Getting organised with an Event Planning Template and Event Planning Checklist makes it all a whole heap easier. Use the She Inspires  Business Centre event planning templates and checklists to streamline your business event.



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