How to Avoid 7 Big Mistakes Businesses Make on Facebook
While we all know Facebook rewards pages for posting photos, links, videos and events it can be easy to forget how powerful online etiquette really is for the success or failure of a social media internet marketing tactic.

Facebook is a great way to enjoy your business by interacting with your customers and other business owners and operators but by making a few basic mistakes you can ruin a perfectly good opportunity.

So we thought to help make your Facebook business page a success we'd run through 7 big mistakes businesses on Facebook make and how to avoid them:

Forgetting About Comments and Likes

Make your content marketing work for your business

While it might appear that Facebook is all about the posts, links, photos and events it is also a great deal about leaving comments and likes on other people and business' posts.

Comments are a great way to participate and join in the social interaction on Facebook. Every business loves having responses to their posts because it shows an active online community and Facebook rewards pages with comments and likes.

It's important to respond to every post, shout out, tag, link, share and comment made on your page because it's mutually beneficial; it is key to participating and creating your own community online. Letting these opportunities go is simply foolish.

An easy habit to get into is to run through posts appearing in your news feed and leave a handful of comments and likes on other posts and replying to your Notifications at least once a day.

If you feel a bit daunted about coming up with something smart or clever to write in a comment you'll be in the same boat as the rest of us. Just have a look around on Facebook and see what sort of comments you like and take note. You don't need to copy them word for word but with some practice you can develop your own constructive and effective style that works for you.

Ignoring Being Tagged in a Shout Out

Shout outs are a great way to bring new visitors to your page and expanding your audience. It's a great opportunity to increase your fans, the number of Likes as there's a direct link from all the pages involved in the shout out directly to your page.

One of the easiest ways to be included in more shout outs is to post a positive reply comment to the shout out. As Facebook values posts with more comments and more likes than ones without and displays them on readers' feeds it benefits all involved to have reply comments.

So one of the easiest ways to be excluded from repeat or new shout outs is to ignore being tagged.

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Social media is all about community and sharing, this is especially true for Facebook. So if you're approach is all about selling your goodies through your posts then you're missing the point and amazing potential of Facebook.

Sure, you can mention what you're doing, link to your blog and website and get the word out there about your business but it's most effective when you've got the focus on building the relationship with your customers and visitors.

Participate and have a conversation with your followers and likers. Respect your own privacy and safety (and that of your family too) while sharing some of your personality and character online and let people get to know and like you for you.

Posting Ads on Other People's Pages

A really easy way to get known on Facebook as a spammer is to post uninvited blatant advertisements on other people's and business' pages. All they need do to removed the offending post is click the remove x and select Report as Abuse. Facebook might let one or two reports slide but if the numbers add up to a trend then you'll get banned.

It is much easier and effective to develop a positive relationship with the pages you want to appear on and be invited through shout outs, tagging and links to share your story.

Constant Posting

While posting the same message through out the day might work on Twitter it doesn't work on Facebook with the news feeds. If your likers find you posting too much too often they simply unlike you and that's that. All the work you've done to attract new likers is wasted.

Posting a few messages a day with hours in between works much better than bombardment.

Leaving constructive and positive comments on other pages is an alternative to publishing loads of posts while still getting your profile out there.

Being Nasty and Negative

No one likes nay-sayers, critics or nasty comments. It demeans only the person leaving the comment. Some of the biggest Facebook pages are all about being positive, about celebrating life and kindness because people want to have more of that in their lives.

Sadly, when trying to be funny humour can often come across as being nasty as well. So be careful how you phrase comments meant to be funny or humourous.

Bad Manners

The age old lessons from your mum about saying your please and thank you's apply more than ever in the brave new world of social media. Manners do make the world go round better and they create more opportunities that lead to more. Just as a smile is contagious so too is the simple act of saying thank you for the shout out, the blog post, the article, the tag, the sharing of the story, the link or photo. It's really simple and the people who are doing it well are getting more of all the good things.

When manners are forgotten it is remembered by others and fewer opportunities are offered or given - that means your page isn't promoted by others for you. So if you want more coverage do the simple things well like having the good manners to return a favour, to say thank you in comment and action.

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