Online Resources for Starting and Growing Your Business
Finding Online Resources for Small Business

Finding Online Resources for Small Business

The internet is great for sharing information but when you're busy working on a project you can lose hours trying to find the right information to get you going. So we thought we'd share some useful sites we've found lately.

Starting A Business Information

Check out the Ryde Business Forum's Small Business Self-Help Service with its great collection of practical and useful articles. This is a website created to help the local businesses of Ryde (in Sydney's north west)  thrive and flourish so it has a great Australia business focus.

Business Forum 

Need a great small business forum to get help, share ideas, promote your growing business and benefit from being involved in a business community? Check out The Messy Desk forum. It is carefully moderated and it can get busy so new membership approvals can take a couple of days but it's well worth the doing.

Federal Government Grants 

Have you noticed how some people are really good at getting government grants while others don't even know what's available? Well we thought a list of available Federal Government Grants and Assistance programs would be a great start. So check out this alphabetical listing of federal grants and other assistance.

The Enterprise Connect program could be interesting for small and medium businesses.

This list is from the website so check out the other great resources captured here.

Business Journals for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This list of academic journals in the field of business innovation and entrepreneurship is extensive and you're sure to find the right journal for your business and industry.

Free eBook

Click here to order your free business ebook from She InspiresDon't miss out, order your free business eBook today and learn from the talented business experts involved in the She Inspires Small Business Ideas Exchange Centre.

Click here to order your's now.



Try these other articles concerning career and business...

Try these other articles concerning career and business...

The Challenge Is On for Leading Australian BusinessesThe Challenge Is On for Leading Australian BusinessesThe leading 200 Australian companies need some inspiration given the latest numbers to come out about female board representation. While Australian government agencies are clued in to the market advantages of having women on their boards it's still a case of the old boy network falling behind again.

While companies with a higher number of female board members keep making more money around the world it's confusing and disappointing to see Australian companies get it wrong. 

Make More Money for Your Company with Female Board MembersMake More Money for Your Company with Female Board MembersTo mark International Women's Day have a look with us how companies can increase their profits and performances by increasing the number of female board directors and senior executives.
7 Practical and Helpful Tips on Making Your Lucky Break into Your Industry7 Practical and Helpful Tips on Making Your Lucky Break into Your IndustryWith the change up in the economy breaking in is harder now than it has been for years. It's even more crucial to gain experience in your chosen field as Liz Bown finds out.

Getting work experience or an internship that gives you opportunity for hands on working knowledge opens doors both at university as well as out in the workforce.

Getting into Online Shopping in A Big WayGetting into Online Shopping in A Big WayIt's becoming increasingly important for retailers to have an effective online presence.

Research by Professor Julian Thomas, Director of the Institute for Social Research, has found more money is being spent online and only the smart retailers who are keeping up with e-commerce are growing just as fast.

What It Takes To Start Your Own WebsiteWhat It Takes To Start Your Own WebsiteIt can be duanting trying to figure out where to start with creating your own website so here Belinda Stinson outlines the tips and tricks so you can quickly launch your own new online business.
Naming Your Online BusinessNaming Your Online BusinessThe difference between having a good online business name and a dreadful online business name can be counted in the number of zero's showing in your monthly sales report.

So what do you need to know when coming up with a domain name that works? Find out with these practical and informative tips!

Why Content is So Vital to Your Online SuccessWhy Content is So Vital to Your Online SuccessMaking your business site easy to find makes the world of difference to how many valued visitors you hook.
Finding Online Shopping and E-commerce ReportsFinding Online Shopping and E-commerce ReportsFinding useful reports online can reveal hidden gems of not only statistics but ideas that lead to profitable ventures.

We were inspired by the IBISWorld report into Online Shopping in Australia and an Austrian report into Online Communities so went hunting for more to share with other online entrepreneurs.

Use Leverage to Make More Money While Doing Less WorkUse Leverage to Make More Money While Doing Less WorkFind out how you could be using leverage to make your life easier.

These top blogs with business leverage ideas and all the latest leverage tips will help your business become a success. Learn easy tips that will help you improve traffic, earn more money and use your social media effectively. Change your business to benefit you by using leverage to your advantage!

The Secret of Having the Life You've Always WantedThe Secret of Having the Life You've Always WantedIf work has suddenly seemed unbearable and life isn't what you thought it was going to be you're probably in your 30's and looking for a way out.

This is a great time to explore what's important to you and how you want to be living your life. Who knows, you just might end up healthy, wealthy and wise as well as deeply happy. Come explore with us to see what's possible.

Want to learn more about Social Media?

Want to learn more about Social Media?

Small Business Social Media Seminar CalendarSmall Business Social Media Seminar Calendar
The She Inspires Small Business social media seminar series runs from February to October 2013 with an exciting range of seminars to help small business owners make the most of the latest marketing skills.

Find out the calendar of social media seminars here.
Social Media Seminar PresentersSocial Media Seminar Presenters
The presenters for the social media seminar series all come with solid backgrounds in small business and marketing and range from agency experts to entrepreneurs.
It's a great opportunity to meet and learn from their passionate and talented individuals in an intimate and creative environment. 
Social Media Events for Small BusinessSocial Media Events for Small Business
Want to make sense of social media for your small business? Join us with our social media training events this year and grow your business and your skills.
Find out about the social media seminars, get some great tips and book online here.
Social Media Seminar SponsorsSocial Media Seminar Sponsors
The She Inspires Social Media Seminar Series is only possible with the generous support of a host of sponsors who are walking the talk of supporting small business and industry so we can flourish in our local communities.

Find out what's involved and who is valuing education, non profits, creativity, entrepreneurs and associations.
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