Experience Of A Lifetime Abroad
Challenge Yourself and Be Inspired!

Challenge Yourself and Be Inspired!

I had traveled over 12,000 kilometers and found myself in a completely new place where I knew absolutely no one and had no idea where anything was. I was entirely overwhelmed with no map, no directions and no idea of what do first. Although I was overflowing with excitement at finally reaching my destination I was also entirely unsure of what my next move would be. And although it didn't seem like it at first, this was the start to the trip of a lifetime.

International intern Taylor SuttonAs part of my requirements at school I had to complete an internship. After much time spent searching for an internship that I would benefit from I came across a program offering international internships. I had always wanted to study abroad but had been unable to because of my rigorous class schedule. After looking into it a little bit more I thought that this must be the answer to my drawn out quest. My parents would finally get off my case about finding an internship, I would get to travel and the program would do the searching for me.

I had always wanted to go to Australia ever since I can remember. I'm not exactly sure what my fascination was with this country, but it didn't take me long to decide that this is where I wanted to go for my internship. I applied for the program, completed some interviews, and after some contemplating signed on to complete my internship with She Inspires.

She Inspires sounded like the best option because of all the benefits of working for a small business. Working for She Inspires meant that I would actually be writing articles for the website and not just doing busy work. It was also great because Belinda was always there if I had any questions or concerns. Not only was I getting real work experience but I had the chance to develop a relationship with my supervisor and always have someone to talk to if I needed it.

My experience with my internship abroad has been an amazing experience. Never did I think that I would be in another country gallivanting around, going on amazing excursions and being an intern. I got the chance to really be immersed within a culture and see the rest of the world from a different point of view. It is nice to get away from everything that you know and that is comfortable, and experience something completely unknown. I have gotten the chance to see places I had only previously dreamed of seeing. I got to travel to the Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne, Whitsunday's, New Zealand and more.

This entire experience has been a great time to develop and grow as a person. Looking back on the past 3 months I can see all that I have accomplished and all that I am truly capable. I set out on a journey all by myself and came out still standing with my head held high. I met some amazing people that will be life long friends and have come out with a new perspective on the world and what it is like to live in a different country. I can now go back to the States to finish my last year of Uni with more confidence and be more prepared for what the real world has to offer me.

I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to travel and challenge yourself. Coming here as really inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and to see what the rest of the world has to offer. I plan on taking many more trips in the future but I know that this is one trip that I will remember for a lifetime.



Contributing Writer Taylor Sutton

Contributing Writer Taylor Sutton

Graphic Design and Journalism Intern Taylor Sutton

Taylor is studying for her Bachelor of Fine arts in Graphic Design and Communications. Taylor's main interests are waterpolo, snowboarding, reading, design, traveling and art. Taylor is visting Australia from the USA doing her internship with She Inspires. Visit TaylorSutton.com to see more of her work.

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