Benefits of an International Internship
Get Yourself Ahead with an International Internship

Get Yourself Ahead with an International Internship

An internship is a great way to get yourself out there and gain real life work experience. But why do an internship at home when you have the opportunity to intern abroad? This is the chance of a lifetime; you can gain work experience and travel to the location of your choice! Spend the summer working in Italy, France, Australia or Spain. Along with numerous other locations to choose from this is a chance you don't want to miss out on. When else will you have the chance to spend months in another country exploring and immersing yourself in a new cultural experience?

International internships are a great way to set yourself apart. They don't have a limit on the amount of time you want to put into an internship and can be customized to be exactly what you want. Make your internship as long or as short as you would like and get the most you can from it!

International Internships in AustraliaWorking internationally is also a good way to get new insight into a different cultural business practice. Experience how other cultures perform differently and bring new ideas back to your hometown with you. You will also have the opportunity to practice your language skills, if you choose a location that speaks a foreign language. These are all things that will help to make you more marketable when you return home and are in search of a real job.

This is also a great chance to expand your network globally. Meet people from all over and build your contacts, friends and mentors. You never know when they might be able to help you out in a pinch, or when they will be looking for a contact overseas.

Most importantly taking part in an international internship is the opportunity of a lifetime. It will be a memorable experience providing long lasting memories. These sites will help give you more information in moving towards your decision to take part in an internship opportunity that you won't regret.

International Internship Information Websites

Professional Pathways Australia Testimonials

Professional Pathways offers opportunities for students looking for internships in Australia as well as overseas. This is a great program that will set you up with an internship that will benefit you and your studies. Learn heaps from doing an internship and get real life experience that will help you find a job in the future!

Click here to go to Professional Pathways to learn more


Why Do An Internship?

If you have been contemplating doing an internship here is your answer! Find out exactly why you should do an internship. These great tips and reasons will give you just the kick you need to jump start your search for an internship. Get real work experience and grow as an individual along with much more. What else do you need to convince you that an internship is the way to go!

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Top 10 Reasons To Do An International Internship

Prize packs competitions from She InspiresWhy not travel overseas while getting real life work experience? Consider doing an internship abroad. You will get the amazing chance to travel as well as be working towards your life goals. See the world and experience the work field from a different culture.

Go to Going Global for more tips


International Internships

Better prepare yourself for an international internship. Find out what you need to know before diving in to make you decision on your location, job, program and much more. Get these great tips to be informed about what options are out there for you and make sure you are satisfied with you international experience

Click here to go Transitions Abroad


How Will An Overseas Internship Boost Your Career Prospects?

Learn why on overseas internship will benefit you. Make yourself stand out among others in the search for a job. Get international experience and help set yourself apart. Challenge yourself and immerse yourself in a new place and culture. Your personal growth and development will sky rocket! Read this article to find out more reasons an internship abroad will benefit you.

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Contributing Writer Taylor Sutton

Contributing Writer Taylor Sutton

Graphic Design and Journalism Intern Taylor Sutton

Taylor is studying for her Bachelor of Fine arts in Graphic Design and Communications. Taylor's main interests are waterpolo, snowboarding, reading, design, traveling and art. Taylor is visting Australia from the USA doing her internship with She Inspires. Visit to see more of her work.

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