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Check up on your Favorite Celeb

Check up on your Favorite Celeb

30 Elizabeth Taylor Inspirational Quotes30 Elizabeth Taylor Inspirational QuotesTo celebrate the life and loves of Elizabeth Taylor we're bringing together a collection of her often funny, insightful and inspiring quotes that reveal the character that was Elizabeth Taylor.

It's no wonder she was such a loved Hollywood icon - a celebrity with real depth.

Jennifer Aniston – Fit and Foxy at 40Jennifer Aniston – Fit and Foxy at 40For someone living life under the Hollywood microscope Jennifer Aniston is making a damn fine job of it. Constant media attention on who she’s dating and what she’s wearing has done little to limit her rise to superstardom .

Now in her forties, Jennifer is in demand with everyone from TV to movies to advertising giants seeking her star power. A regular on magazine covers and best dressed lists around the world, Jennifer Aniston is certainly a sister ‘doin it for themselves’. SheInpires t

10 Inspiring Female Photographers to Celebrate10 Inspiring Female Photographers to CelebrateWith the popularity of the digital camera there are photographers everywhere finding inspiration from the world and people around them.

So to help you explore the art of photography, we thought we'd celebrate some of the great females that have trail blazed the photography realm can benefit you and your images.

Meet 5 Talented Latina Actresses to InspireMeet 5 Talented Latina Actresses to InspireMeet the 5 new up and coming Latina faces that are making splashes in Hollywood.

Their stunning beauty, talent and determination makes them undeniably talented and irrisistable on stage and off.

The Impressive Sandra BullockThe Impressive Sandra BullockA Hollywood favourite, Sandra Bullock has starred in a string of hits and is making 2010 as her most successful year ever with her Oscar win for 'The Blind Side'.

Recently split from her husband we take a look at the impressive Sandra Bullock as she kicks off the next chapter of her life with the adoption of a baby boy.

Silly Season Christmas Party TipsSilly Season Christmas Party TipsIn the midsts of the silly season making the most of the parties is the best way to enjoy what's all around. 

So be inspired with these great Christmas party tips and laugh, dance and party your way to Christmas!
Styling the Celebrity Big GunsStyling the Celebrity Big GunsWhether walking the red carpet at the Oscars or just picking up a few groceries from the local shop, celebrities always seem to be looking pretty flawless. But don't be fooled, these days there is a personal stylist behind every celebrity working their darndest to make everything look perfect.

Check out the creme-della-creme of celebrity stylists - their trademark looks, who they dress, their biggest transformations and greatest triumphs.

Finding the Top Celebrities Sites and News OnlineFinding the Top Celebrities Sites and News OnlineCome with us as we take a look at the best links to Hollywood gossip and cruise the official websites of some of the world's biggest stars.

We've got the top 5 Insider Celebrity Gossip websites as well as 7 megastars official websites for you.

Celebrity HeadlinersCelebrity HeadlinersEver wished some celebrities had just kept their opinions to themselves, think Mel Gibson. Why they choose to share their thoughts is anyones guess.

Alex Brown checks out some of the funny, shocking and profound things that Hollywood's crème of the crop have uttered over the years.

The Gossip EssentialsThe Gossip EssentialsIt can happen anywhere, anytime, anyhow – but when someone's got goss it's only right to share, and share it we do! Who amongst us can resist the urge to have a nark about what Brad Pitt sees in Angelina Jolie, consult on who really is the biggest diva on the set of Desperate Housewives, speculate on the the players in a suspected office romance or chat about the latest fashion faux pas. We're all guilty! For the essentials on what makes a good gossip session check this out.
Death of a JacksonDeath of a JacksonMichael Jackson's sudden death shocked us all - even those who didn't give a damn about the man who gave us amongst other things Thriller, Bad and the moonwalk. Love him or loathe him, there is no denying the enormous contribution that this musical legend made to the world of pop music and pop culture.

Come with Alex Brown as she reviews the looks, intrigues and triumphs that defined this legendary character - Michael Jackson.

The Top 7 Hollywood Scandals Through the YearsThe Top 7 Hollywood Scandals Through the YearsSo you think Madonna's search for another African child to adopt is juicy gossip - well it seems our current batch of celebrities have nothing on the ones that have come before them!

Find out the juicy celebrity gossip stories and you never know, it just might win you that key question at Trivia!

A Salute to Aussie StarsA Salute to Aussie StarsWith a recent return to great Australian story telling there's never been a better time to take a look at some of our best and most beloved crop of homegrown stars.

Alex Brown takes a look at some of our best loved stars.

Come here to learn all the newest celebrity scandals and celebrity gossip! Learn all the gossip about your favourite celebrities from Michael Jackson to Angelina Jolie. There is sure to be celebrity news and gossip about one of your beloved celebrities.

Know exactly what is happening in Hollywood, what movies will come out with your favourite celebrity, great Hollywood scandals, and what your favourite Aussie stars and celebrities are up to. Don't be left out of the loop!

Get all the juicy gossip!


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