Remembering Michael Jackson
Even now as I watch my recording of Michael Jackson's funeral weeks after the event I am shocked at how affected I still am from the death of the pop icon. I guess it is understandable. I was, and remain, a huge fan of Michael Jackson. Sure, my devotion to the pop star did wane a bit during the 'molestation' years but I think even the most loyal amongst us were a little rocked by that. Most surprising to me is the mass outpouring of grief that the death has ignited, don't get me wrong I have enjoyed all the media coverage and getting to see all that classic Jackson footage, but I was truly under the impression that the legend of Michael Jackson had long dissipated - it was a pleasant surprise to find myself mistaken.

He was quite literally a man of many faces, evolving through the years each look (along with his growing paleness) defining a different era in Jackson's life. Off the Wall and Thriller, the first of Michael's solo albums were in, what Ii like to call the 'hot years' when Michael was essentially a more styled and as yet physically unaltered version of the Jackson 5 frontman we'd first been introduced to as an adorable 5 year old. Bad, released in the late 80s, was when the public got their first glimpse of a whiter Jackson with a new nose - a procedure deemed necessary to repair a breathing issue, although Jackson's self consciousness about the nose he thought was too big for his face was well-known.

Enter and win online competitions with She Inspires!Dangerous and History followed in the 90s when Michael sported a paler more feminine and well manicured look. Many said the look was borne from his devotion to Diana Ross who he was rumoured to have modeled himself on. After this time Michael Jackson's appearance would change dramatically seriously deteriorating until his death, at which time it has been claimed he was emaciated, scarred and bald.

There was method behind Jackson apparent madness, thrust into the spotlight at age 5 and subject to abuse at the hand of his father, left him devoid of a childhood which he would spend the rest of his life craving after. Constant media attention (much of it scrutiny) was fueled by his many eccentricities including the transformation of his residence Neverland into a fun park, rumours of his sleeping in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and his close affinity to his pet chimp Bubbles. In more recent years, his bizarre behaviour including marriages to Lisa- Marie Presley and then Debbie Rowe with whom he was 'gifted' with two children, and then charges of sexual abuse of young boys prompted his media tagging as 'Wacko Jacko'.

He beat the abuse charges but Michael Jackson was forever changed. Embattled financially, and with his reputation in tatters Jackson was forced to endure persistent media attacks on his character and private life culminating in the star's virtual withdrawal from the public gaze.

His massive humanitarian efforts have gone virtually unnoticed. Jackson held the Guinness World Record for most charities supported by a pop star, particularly championing for the welfare and rights of children the world over. His penning of the 'We are the World' anthem encouraged a generation to combat world poverty.

Shattered though his reputation may have been at the time of his death, no-one can deny the contribution that Jackson made to the world of pop music. He still holds the record for most albums ever sold by a recording artist and is renowned for his capacity to push the musical boundaries. Jackson is also credited with the advent of the music video clip and his extraordinary dancing ability all of which have combined to inspire a whole new generation of pop artists. He truly was and will always remain an incomparable pop legend.

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The Different Looks of Michael Jackson
Contributing Writer Alex Brown

Contributing Writer Alex Brown

Alex is a holiday writer, with a love of languages and a background in economics. Interests in travel, linguistics, fashion news and celebrity trivia.

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