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Our Beautiful CateThere are thousands of internet sites dedicated to sharing news, gossip and pictures of our favourite celebrities, this includes an array of sites set up by fans and celebrities to keep you in touch with the goings on of the tinseltown elite. SheInspires have pulled together a list of the best sites for getting your daily dose of celebrity; and has got links and info on some of the best star sites out.

Top 5 Insider Celebrity Gossip Websites

The top five hotspots for getting all the insider gossip, bios and celebrity sightings are:

5. The site is an essential for anyone who wants a quick look at the gossip, photos and videos making current news in Hollywood.

4. E Online This website is full of information about the lives of your favourite celebrities with news, blogs, photos and features such as "The Fashion Police" and "Bash Buzz", which dish the goings on at Hollywood parties and whose wearing what. Love the scoops and sightings section asnd constant content updates!

3. The Superficial If you're looking for the dirt you won't have to dig too deep on this site. Complete with photos you won't be short of a giggle over the antics of the entertainment elite and their friends.

2. Actress Archives Includes a Top 30 list of your favourite Hollywood females as well as videos, movies, pictures, headlines and news, this website has it all.

1. The number one website on our list of favorites is ET Online. The official Entertainment Tonight website (and the world's most watched entertainment program) so it's no surprise that the top gong goes to this dedicated team of entertainment professionals. The site includes comprehensive information on all your favourite stars, together with news on movies, television, fashion, and music. It's all here including reports from the Glam Squad, a link to Shop ET, a comprehensive archive of previous stories and a list of celebrity birthdays.

Official Celebrity Websites

If you prefer to get a little more up close and personal with your favourite stars a visit to their official web site (if they have one) is highly recommended. Below is a brief content review of a selection of these sites.

Leonardo DiCaprio

For one who often stays out of the limelight this website offers a bit of an insight into the life and achievements of this refined star. If you're interested in Leo's various acting roles there is a detailed timeline documenting his rise to movie glory from humble television beginnings. The site also includes a movie trailer for his upcoming film, games, updates on what he's currently up to and a summary of the works and awards his one for his work in promoting environmental awareness.

Jennifer Lopez

Yes JLo is back and this website is testament to the fact. Hotter than ever the site is adorned with sexy pictures of this latina lady. It includes all the latest news on the star, music and video downloads, blogs and a very hectic tour timetable. Perhaps less well known are some of JLo's film endeavours which are listed and make for interesting reading. Of course, never missing an opportunitiy to flog her stuff you can purchase JLo fashion from the site, and in a more philantropic vein you can make donations to support JLos campaign for improved access to and quality of healthcare services.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Enter and win online competitions with She Inspires!The site is everything you'd expect of these sister fashionista movie billionaires. It includes thousands of photos, the latest in beauty and fashion trends, and expert advice from the resident yoga expert! The twins also contribute to a blog, though mainly marketing their latest ventures into fashion and publishing, it also includes notes on what they're up to and and where they're going.


She's got the voice, the look and the style - Beyonce is truly magnificent!! This is a beautifully put together site - the first click prompts a rendition of Beyonce's latest hit, Halo. Along with an array of other offerings including a low down on the Knowles' family fashion style house, the most interesting feature is the timeline of Beyonce's life which includes some classic photos of her younger years and Destinys Child days.

Andre Rieu

For the classic musician in all of us (or our parents) this site offers a taste of the maestro himself. Offering audio and visual footage of his tour highlights the sight, while a little lacking in details of the man himself, does invite fans to instead follow Andre on Twitter for all the latest news.

This site is everything we've come to expect from the talk show queen. With a massive selection of articles to read from rescuing relationships to food mood lifters, and an array of photos this site will keep you well entertained and up to date on the latest offerings from Oprah.

Cate Blanchett
Not to forget the Aussie line up, one of our most talented has a lovely website. Though not totally sure of its credentials as an official site of the star, it contains photos, facts and film attributes of the famous starlet and is a definite must see for Blanchett fans.

Justin Timberlake
An essential for JT fans, this site contains everything you ever needed to know about the man. It includes articles and photos of his latest foray into the fashion design world and a collection of spoofs from Saturday night Live - including the infamous "Single Ladies" video with Beyonce. Of course, there are also music downloads, interviews and exclusive behind the scenes gossip.

Contributing Writer Alex Brown

Contributing Writer Alex Brown

Alex is a holiday writer, with a love of languages and a background in economics. Interests in travel, linguistics, fashion news and celebrity trivia.

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