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Are We Killing Turtles with House Hold Cleaners?Are We Killing Turtles with House Hold Cleaners?Are you killing turtles by cleaning the house? What are the chemicals being flushed down the drain and loo when you want a sparkling clean environment for your family?

Nature lover Amanda Lieber shares with us her 7 tips for cleaning the house with turtle friendly (and really effective) cleaning agents.
Top 10 Tips for Beautiful BeachesTop 10 Tips for Beautiful BeachesWe love our beaches, but are we loving them to death with thoughtlessness? 

Bondi Beach local Amanda Lieber shares with us her 10 tips for keeping our beaches beautiful and inspiring.
7 Top Tips for a Girls Night In for Positive Change!7 Top Tips for a Girls Night In for Positive Change!I love a gathering of the girls, the talking, the laughing, the sharing and the caring that's involved so what better excuse for getting the girls together this week than having a Girl's Night In to raise money for research into women's cancer?

The Cancer Council lit upon a fantastic idea with the Girl's Night In events so we thought we'd give a helping hand in the fight against cancer with 7 great ideas for a Girls Night In! Read on and be inspired to book your party!

Finding a Balance in Life - Lessons from the Supermarket!Finding a Balance in Life - Lessons from the Supermarket!Struggling to fit everything in to daily life?

Share a light bulb moment with Belinda as she gets a real life lesson on how to fit everything that matters into life.

Jack Manning Bancroft on Closing the Education GapJack Manning Bancroft on Closing the Education GapDiscontent with the disadvantages that Indigenous Australians continue to face at every stage of the life cycle, Jack Manning Bancroft together with some dedicated volunteers are making a huge difference to the health and well-being of hundreds of Australia’s Indigenous young people through Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME).

Take a look at how AIME came to be, and how the aspirations of one man is improving the educational outcomes of Indigenous Australians and helping to c

Spread Awareness About Your Food With The Slow Food MovementSpread Awareness About Your Food With The Slow Food MovementWith life being so busy and hectic at times sometimes we forget to think about what we are feeding out bodies.

Become more aware of the food you eat with the Slow Food Movement. Slow down your life and your food and enjoy the rewards!

Save Time And Prepare Great Meals With Your Slow Cooker!Save Time And Prepare Great Meals With Your Slow Cooker!Cooking is the last thing any one wants to do after a long day of work. So why not get your crock pot to do the cooking for you? Slow cookers are a great way to cook a meal with little effort and have it waiting for you by the time you get home.

Not only is this a much more healthy option than fast food, but it is cheap as well. Transform low cost cuts of meat and veggies into a savory meal that your family won't be able to get enough of!

Scarves are Fashion for All SeasonsScarves are Fashion for All SeasonsDon’t let the dull colours and cold weather of winter get you down. For something unique to jazz up your winter wardrobe you can’t go past a handmade scarf.

Great in any season, handmade scarves, whether you choose to buy or make them yourself are available in a variety of colours, fabrics and trims so there’s a scarf to suit every special occasion. SheInspires takes a look at the reasons we love handmade scarves.

5 Top Tips About Worm Farms5 Top Tips About Worm FarmsStarting a worm farm is simple and fun for everyone. Follow these easy instructions to learn how to build a worm farm from your home. Worm farms are great for the environment and provide you with nutrient rich fertilisers for your gardens.

Worm farming is the best way to organically fertilize plants and an easy way to get rid of household wastes. Start your worm farm today.

Making Gardens Bloom with Bucketful of LadybugsMaking Gardens Bloom with Bucketful of LadybugsAs creepy crawlies are lured back by the growing heat there is one little bug we won't be spraying this summer. Known best for its bright red coat and black spots, the Ladybug is a popular feature of poems and fairytales. Lesser known is the Ladybugs appetite for plant-eating insects making it an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful insecticides for pest control.

Now available by the bucketful ladybugs make a great gift idea for the gardener in the family.

Let Your Creative Spirit Come Alive at the ARTfest Festival of the ArtsLet Your Creative Spirit Come Alive at the ARTfest Festival of the ArtsIf you're creative spirits are itching away at you, driving you to distraction we've found the perfect balm - a 10 day arts festival on the stunning south coast of NSW!

ARTfest 09 is a celebrate of painting, writing, photography, designing, sculpture, poetry and music for everyone to get involved in. You can go in the running for the abundant range of art prizes, attend performances, craft shows, concerts featuring Eric Clapton and a whole heap more.

Wrap With Love Warms Hearts Around the WorldWrap With Love Warms Hearts Around the WorldKnitting blogs and groups are all a buzz with work being done for the 702 Knit in for Wrap with Love and you can be involved too - whether you're a beginner knitter or the most experienced knitter in the country!

So be inspired and get knitting to wrap the world in love!

10 Tops Tips for Taking the Pain out of Moving House10 Tops Tips for Taking the Pain out of Moving HouseMoving house is one of the most stressful things in life so here are 10 great tips to help make it all that much easier.

So keep the move simple by being organised with a few key things and you'll get a good night's sleep in your new home and breakfast in the morning!

Rescuing and Rehabilitating Victorian Bushfire Furry FriendsRescuing and Rehabilitating Victorian Bushfire Furry FriendsThe bushfires in Victoria burned for weeks, causing devastation as they went.

Millions of animals perished in the fires but thousands survived with burns and lost their homes. Now caring and generous hearted volunteers are helping heap and rehabilitate our native animals and beloved pets.

This will go on for months and they need our financial support with donations over the coming months to rebuild, rehabilitate and releasing animals back into their bushland homes.

Getting Your Next Family PetGetting Your Next Family PetA family pet makes a great addition to a family and household.

Where you get your pet is equally important - pet shop, breeder or animal rescue centre. Here we look at the large variety of animal rescue centres where you can get virtually any type of animal, even down to selecting particular breeds!

Support the RSPCA Online

Support the RSPCA Online

Support injured animals by shopping with the RSPCA online and get some pet essentials, great kids stuff, stationery, books and dvd's, clothing and of course Ribbon of Life presents for animal lovers!

All About Home and Community Stories

All About Home and Community Stories

Interested in ways that you can help you community flourish? These articles give you tips on little things you can do to improve your environment today. So be inspired to help your community through rescuing animals, knitting for Wrap With Love, or supporting your local festivals and markets. Take part in your community and contribute to help turn it into a place you are happy to call home.

Whether you work at home, have a home based business, or are just glad to come home after a long day at the office these articles are for you! Maybe you are moving into a brand new house? These articles are perfect for anyone that is on the move.

Learn easy ways to take care of your garden and keep your house looking fabulous. Looking for a new pet to add to your home and make your family complete? Our guide to getting your next family pet can help you pick the perfect pet.



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