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Enriching Life

Having a happy home and community life makes a real difference to the quality of our lives.

Here you can find a series of articles about home life and enriching community life and news.

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Making Sure Plumbing Work is GuaranteedMaking Sure Plumbing Work is GuaranteedLooking after a household budget doesn't always mean taking the cheapest option, especially when parts and materials are involved, guarantees are needed and the quality of the work is important.

So before you find yourself in a crisis and having to make pressured decisions we thought some practical information about guarantees for plumbing work would help out.
20 Ideas for Kids School Holidays Activities20 Ideas for Kids School Holidays ActivitiesWant to keep the kids entertained with creative play these school holidays? Need some help with simple and affordable ideas?

Here's 20 great kids games and ideas for days of fun and laughter these holidays.
Get Rid of a Limited Diet Once and For AllGet Rid of a Limited Diet Once and For AllThe average household rotates through around 5 standard recipes and it can get pretty dull. Keeping a varied diet is not only better for your health but can save you money and build better relationships at home.

So here are our top 7 tips for introducing (and keeping) variety into your diet.
Top 20 Inspiring Creative BlogsTop 20 Inspiring Creative BlogsInterested in arts and crafts but not sure where to find inspiration? Looking for some fun do-it-yourself projects or ideas for meaningful handmade gifts?

Look no further than these 20 lovely craft blogs that will surely turn an ordinary day into something extraordinary.
7 Tips for Saving on Winter Power Bills7 Tips for Saving on Winter Power BillsDo you find you're spending way too much on your electricity bills when winter hits but not sure how to keep the costs down?

Check out our top 7 tips for reducing your power bill and still keep comfortable in the cold weather.
Getting Started with First Home Buyer GrantsGetting Started with First Home Buyer GrantsGetting started in the expensive Australian property market can feel like an uphill battle, especially for those making a life in the big cities but the good news is, there are some first home buyer grants available - some more generous than others.

So find out if where you want to be living has something tantisalising on offer with this national review of home buyer grants.
Fast and Simple Ways to Update the Look of Your BedroomFast and Simple Ways to Update the Look of Your BedroomWhen you're making the most of small spaces storage and design need to come together.

Find out how to use colour, function, storage and style work for your bedroom with these handy tips.
Looking After Rural Health Solutions the Smart WayLooking After Rural Health Solutions the Smart WayWhile having enough doctors and nurses working in our rural communities continues to be a battle there are long term solutions to challenges.

Find out how a holistic and strategic approach to rural health care can bring about long term benefits for communities.
Australia: where, the grass is greenerAustralia: where, the grass is greenerWhile last year might have been the hottest on record in Australia most of us still love the outdoor life while trying to balance getting all the domestic maintenance tasks done.

So we take a look at a low maintenance, long lasting solution to give you more time enjoying the great out doors.
7 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas7 Handmade Christmas Gift IdeasWant to give something special this Christmas? Handmade treasures make unique Christmas gift ideas.

Share in our top 7 Christmas present ideas and be inspired!
A Mother's LoveA Mother's LoveGail Selfe recognises she is like all mothers - loving her children, worrying about their futures and wanting them to achieve their dreams.

The difference is one of her darlings has Asperger’s, an Autism Spectrum Disorder that has taken him through depression and come out the other side as a published author. This is her story.
One Mother's Journey Through HeartbreakOne Mother's Journey Through HeartbreakMaura Luxford"s life was transformed when she lost her precious daughter to melanoma. But rather than be an absent mother to her two remaining daughters she found a path through her grief and depression that is now helping save others.

This is the first in a new series of inspiring stories of women being the change they believe needs to happen.
Finding Your Own Creative PathFinding Your Own Creative PathHayden Selfe is a young man who has found a path through depression, bullying and difference with the help of deep family love and a natural creative talent.

Find out how Asperger’s, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, has shaped the life of this plain speaking young man and how with love and support the best of his creative self is blossoming.
Rise AboveRise AboveLiving a life with meaning and authenticity is the personal inner choice we each have to make. 

Join author Stephen Chong as he explores how the sexual experiences some youth undergo can present stark realities.
How to Show Your SupportHow to Show Your SupportWith this land of ours going from bushfires to flooding rains we all feel the impact and want to help. Here are 7 top tips for how you can lend a helping hand.

Find out how you can be involved and be part of making a positive difference!

Top 10 Tips for Beautiful BeachesTop 10 Tips for Beautiful BeachesWe love our beaches, but are we loving them to death with thoughtlessness? 

Bondi Beach local Amanda Lieber shares with us her 10 tips for keeping our beaches beautiful and inspiring.
Are We Killing Turtles with House Hold Cleaners?Are We Killing Turtles with House Hold Cleaners?Are you killing turtles by cleaning the house? What are the chemicals being flushed down the drain and loo when you want a sparkling clean environment for your family?

Nature lover Amanda Lieber shares with us her 7 tips for cleaning the house with turtle friendly (and really effective) cleaning agents.
As Good as it Gets: Motherhood by AdoptionAs Good as it Gets: Motherhood by AdoptionThinking of adopting a child? Want to find out a real life story of love and joy?

Then read on with Dr Ayshe Talay-Ongan as she tells her story of motherhood and adoption.
Great Gardening Tips For Garden LoversGreat Gardening Tips For Garden LoversFind out everything you need to know about all different types of gardening. These blogs will teach you about garden design, potted gardens, herb gardens, bonsai gardens and more. Make your garden flourish with all these great tips and be inspired online!
Getting Your Next Family PetGetting Your Next Family PetA family pet makes a great addition to a family and household.

Where you get your pet is equally important - pet shop, breeder or animal rescue centre. Here we look at the large variety of animal rescue centres where you can get virtually any type of animal, even down to selecting particular breeds!

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Help out your community! Read these articles about rescuing animals, knitting for Wrap With Love and find out about upcoming festivals and markets. Do your part in the community and inspire others to do there’s too!

If you are moving these articles have great ways to help you ease the moving process. Make moving easier for yourself with these great tips and then get a furry friend to make your new home complete!

Has your garden been looking a little shabby lately? Find out what you can do to improve your garden! Add to the beauty of your community by letting your garden flourish!



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