Get Along to the 702 Knit-In with Your Knitting Yarn

Handcrafted Love

The Wrap with Love knitting project for handcrafted blankets to warm the world keeps on growing. This year over 100 Libraries in Sydney suburbs, outer metropolitan and country NSW areas have offered to receive the craft knitted blankets and squares.

Wrap with Love offer free knitting patterns for the squares to make their blankets

702 Knit In

The support of Wrap with Love from the ABC 702 radio station is certainly part of the success and this year, the 702 Knit-In is on Friday 3rd August 2012, 7 am to 11 am, at the ABC studios at Harris Street Ultimo Sydney. It is a festival of knitting, community spirit and offering love to others. It is for me, one of the best festivals in Sydney each year.

Knitting lessons are also given at the 702 Knit-in as the squares are beginner knitting to include all who want to be involved.

Wrap With Love Origins

The Wrap with Love project started in 1992 with the open hearted mission of helping as many people as possible around the world by giving them a blanket to ward off the cold. Beautiful handmade Wraps have been lovingly crafted by volunteers throughout Australia and in the past years have sent more than 252,300 Wraps to people in over 75 countries, including Australia.

This is a group who is making real change happen around the world and here at home. It empowers caring individuals to be involved, show their compassion, be social together and care for others. So get your own knitting circle together with the kids and friends and start knitting squares to make up your own blanket.

Knitting Clubs

Any knitting club worth it's knitting yarn will be making significant contributions to the Wrap with Love knitting projects. Click here for free knitting patterns for the squares need for the blankets.

Handmade porcelain bird necklaces and brooches by Creatively Belle

Getting Involved

So what if you can't get involved in the knitting itself and want to contribute? Well donations of knitting wool and yarn are most welcome so just pop along to your local craft shop and buy the colours you like and give to other knitters to make the easy knitting pattern squares. Just as with the knitted blankets and squares themselves, the knitting yarn and wool can be dropped off at the Sydney warehouse or to a local drop off depot.

Want to know more about drop off depots and the warehouse address? Click here.

Want to Get Involved Before the Next 702 Knit In?

The Wrap with Love ladies work all year round to create these comforting wraps so your knitted squares and offers for sewing rugs together are always welcomed, irrespective of the time of year.

The Rotary Club is also involved now, making a real difference with contributions coming in from all over the country.

You can find your local drop off centre or ways you can get involved at the Wrapped with Love Network website.

Giving the Blankets

The Wrap with Love distribution statistics are deeply impressive, especially when you think that each blanket goes to an individual in need and offers not only protection from the cold but also love from another. There's nearly 252,300 blankets that Australian children, women and men have knitted and sewn together.

Finding Out More

So you're not in Sydney and still want to be involved? No worries, just contact the inspiring women behind Wrap with Love and they'll give you the details you need.

Here's the website for Wrap with Love:



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