How to Win Competitions Online and Instore
The Secrets of How to Win Online Competitions

The Secrets of How to Win Online Competitions

We love being able to bring you great online competitions here at She Inspires. We know from what you've told us you want your online women's magazine to have a choice of competitions online for you so we'll keep bringing them along, the more the merrier!

So to help you win more competitions - here and elsewhere online - we thought a few helpful tips articles would be just right to get you inspired to dive right on in with online competitions - whether you're a competition newbie or a practiced and successful comper.

12 Top Tips for Winning 25 Words of Less Competitions Online

12 Top Tips for Winning 25 Words of Less Competitions Online

If you love winning competitions you’ll love going in 25 words or less competitions and the easiest ones to find are online.

25 Word competitions have greater odds of being won because fewer people go in them so they are well worth the little extra effort of writing a few words.

1. Complete all the required entry details. It’s surprising how many people fail to do what’s required to qualify for the competition yet write good 25 Words or Less entries.

2. Remember that an individual reads the entries and makes the decisions so pay attention to what you’re doing.

3. Using the name of the product and host of the competition can put you ahead of the crowd.

4. Sob stories are depressing, lots are sent in and rarely are they selected – positive entries are much more likely to be chosen, especially if they are being published.

5. Use spell check and even grammar check to be sure you’re keeping the reading judge in mind – if it is a choice between two equally good ideas the one with the good spelling and punctuation will stand out.

6. Write in sentences with punctuation rather than lazy text speak.

7. Stick to 25 words or less, don’t go over.

8. Capture good ideas by keeping a pen and notepad close by – many 25 Words of Less entries can come at the oddest of times.

9. Keep a list of your 25 Words or Less compositions for inspirations and even modifying for future competitions online – especially winning ones.

10. Good manners make the world go round so if you have the chance to say Thank You for Having the Competition in a comment field, entry field, envelop etc, say it. There isn’t much use in sucking up but there is value in showing you’re polite.

11. You don’t have to come up with the perfect entry to win a 25 Word or Less competition - just put some care into it and you’re in the running because they have a smaller number of entries and many people are sloppy with their entries.

12. Greatly increase your chances of winning - do the things that put you ahead of the bulk of the entries so it comes down to only a handful of entries to choose from.

Just one extra tip, if you’re sending in an entry via post make sure you’re handwriting is neat and easily read. It is amazing how many people send in entries in writing that just can’t be read. If the judges can read your handwriting then you are way ahead of the entries that can’t be read. It is very simple!

25 WoL competitions are heaps of fun for all involved, so dive right in and enjoy the results!

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7 Useful Tips for Keeping Track of Your Online Competitions

7 Useful Tips for Keeping Track of Your Online Competitions

Once you start looking for competitions you’ll be amazed at how many there are out there. So keeping track of them needs to be kept simple and easy.

So we’ve come up with 7 tips to get your started with knowing where you are with your competitions so you can go in more and win more prizes:

1. Finding competitions online can be easily done with a simple web search or even an image search.

2. There are a heap of online competition forums that provide not only handy tips for winning competitions online and offline but also list of current competitions. Some of these forums are free, others have an annual membership fee. Start with the free ones first to see if you’ll keep using them and whether it’s worthwhile paying for the same service. Often the same competitions are promoted in both the free and the fee-based membership ones. Everyone has their favourite so go exploring.

3. You can also find good competitions online being discussed in a host of other forums and blogs ranging from online women’s magazines to small business forums to parenting forums to jewellery blogs – if you’re interested in something watch out for the blogs and forums that discuss it. With these forums you can even create a topic asking about online competitions and the results can be really interesting.

4. Keep track of your online competitions in a excel worksheet that lets you link directly to the website promoting regular competitions. Here you can also note when you’ve entered which comps and details about your entry.

5. Capture your 25 wol ideas and entries in a Word document so you can easily count your words for new entries (use the Tools/Word Count and Tools/Spelling and Grammar features).

6. If you a dedicated email account for your competition entries make sure you check it for results. Many competition winners are informed of their winnings via email and if you don’t reply to the email then you can miss out on your prize. Even if you’re very busy just make checking this email account a regular weekly habit so you can increase your chances of getting prizes.

7. Watch out for the email newsletters that tell you about new online competitions as they promote monthly competitions online, special events competitions and other new competitions that may not be published on the big competition sites – the competitions often have much better odds of winning.

Winning competitions is great fun and easy to do, especially when you have your own simple method for making sure you get in as many as possible.

Remember, it is usually much better to go in many competitions rather than just one competition way too many times.

All the best and let us know what works for you and your tips for winning competitions online and instore. 

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Online Competitions and Prize Packs

Online Competitions and Prize Packs

You've told us you want your online women's magazine to bring you regular competitions online and we've been listening. We love competitions here at She Inspires too so aim to launch monthly free online competitions for you to enter.

We'll have a range of online competitions, including the ever popular prize packs, for you.

Compers are welcomed so share the news with your online compers forum and stay informed about our latest competitions with our online email newsletter.

While our woman's magazine email newsletter will bring your inspiring stories about real women, life, family, business and career, we'll also have news of new online competitions and competition winners so stay tuned for the exciting details.

Join us on facebook and our SheInspires Yahoo Group too for special bonus competitions - they'll be great odds with their limited size and monthly competition draws.

Have fun and make sure you give yourself the best chance by getting your competition entries in the latest She Inspires online competition today!



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