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Practical tips for consultants to grow their profitable businesses

Building a successful consulting firm is not easy, it takes determination and consistency. While many consultants hope that enough business will be generated via word of mouth marekting from ideal clients to other ideal clients reality is there are slow and busy times to the year and balancing out income can be tricky.

That's when consistent marketing that fits with your values and business style can make all the difference, attracting more of those treasured ideal clients and building lasting relationships.

The key to this type of marketing is being able to demonstrate your expertise and the value you can bring to your clients, whether you're a business consultant, life coach, IT consultant, trainer, relationship coach or a consultant bringing together a unique range of skills to enhance the lives and businesses of others.

With the range of digital marketing opportunities available to business owners today it is vital to have a consistent message, brand and approach online so your existing and potential clients know who you are and what your expertise is.

I've found the best approach is to focus on a consistent content marketing approach across the entire spectrum so to help you make your digital marketing efforts bring in profitable results so I thought I'd share some of my lessons learnt with you with these tips.

56 Content Marketing Tips for Consultants

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Here are my content marketing tips to get you started:

Tip 1: Treat your business like a client and look after it. 

Tip 2: Plan your actions with clear instructions for yourself.

Tip 3: Clearly define for yourself who your ideal clients are so you can focus on creating services and content specifically to appeal to them.

Make your content marketing work for your business
Tip 4: Maximising your billable time is crucial so systemise your own marketing efforts with smart tools and practices.

Tip 5: Outsource the administrative activities around marketing and running your business to virtual assistants that are the right fit for you.

Tip 6: Have a mixture of live and scheduled social media content so you have the best of both world - regular activity and two discussions.

Tip 7: Give yourself time to plan your content marketing strategy.

Tip 8: Don't bother reinventing the wheel with your strategy; use a system, a framework that supports your planning efforts and gives you a tailored strategy with an action plan.

Tip 9: Find out what your ideal client wants to know and craft your content strategy around them.

Tip 10: Make use of planning diaries so you out can achieve your content marketing goals.

Tip 11: Content calendars let you plan out your blog stories so you always know what to work on and when to publish.

Tip 12: Social media calendars are powerful tools that let you plan out what you will post, when and where for your different audiences.

Tip 13: Measuring your results will let you know what is working, what is a waste of time and what to focus on.

Tip 14: Use checklists so you cover all the bases. Ticking things off a check list is not only satisfying but also means you are making sure everything is getting done.

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Social Media Seminars for Business

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