5 Ways to Bring More Creativity Into Daily Life

Nurture Your Creativity 

The daily grind can have us feeling drained and lackluster and watching those home gardening shows with nibble crafters whipping up something fresh and bright can seem unrealistic. While the urge to have creativity and innovation as a constant in our lives turns into a nagging negative voice.

Unique corporate gift idea - artisan porcelain peace bird pendantSo how to change this up? How to nurture creativity so it can be part of every day? What can you do over six months to change this up?

Thankfully it can be easier than we fear, it can be as simple as making a few conscious choices about what we have in our life and what we leave aside.

A few years ago I decided that rather than using plastic bags I would use fabric bags for shopping. I started off with the basic calico shopping bags that more often than not, had some boring advertising design on them for a big corporate player. This has evolved into a collection of fabric bags that tell a story about my life.

A current favourite is from the Tasmanian National Parks with a leave no trace message. It celebrates Tasmania and is a really useful size - love it!

The rest of my collection are either She Inspires fabric shopping bags or ones with someone else's designs and messages that resonate with me. They've gotten me into conversations with others in the check out lines and are now simply part of my normal shopping routine. Plus, I don't beat myself up about using plastic bags.

This collection is fitting in with my daily life and bringing me enjoyment, letting me express how I feel about things that light me up while letting me support others I want to see flourish.

Bringing creativity into life might mean painting or writing regularly but for those of us who feel that is just beyond our abilities, having beautiful paintings around us, hanging on our walls can be just as rewarding. Reading novels and stories that transport us to another place can be just as rejuvenating for the spirit - probably more so as any writer can tell you, writing for a living, whether creatively or professionally, can be daunting.

Look to your kitchen cabinets. Are there handcrafted pottery bowls that you love to eat out of, favourite mugs thrown on the potters wheel? You don't have to have a set of six of each. I have a favourite pair of hand thrown bowls that have been used every week for nearly 20 years. They sit alongside the everyday stoneware pasta plates that I've had since I left home but it is how they fit in my hands and the rustic look of the pottery bowls that I love.

For me supporting artisans who are putting themselves out there and making beautiful designs is food for my soul. I love having jewellery that is created by a local woman, finding that perfect little present for a friend who has everything and values the handmade. It's the same with clothes, finding locally made tops, dresses and coats that fit me perfectly and lets me have something different from the crowds on the trains gives me joy.

OK, this means that I don't really do much shopping at Westfields, that my finds are with small businesses (those who can't afford the Westfield rents), with the artisans who have found a way to make a living from what they love doing. I love shopping at markets, favourites are obvious, like The Rocks Markets in Sydney and Salamanca Market in Hobart.

Handcrafted ceramic jewellery at The Rocks Markets and online with Creatively Belle

It is by choosing to bring creative things into my life that I get to have them around me. When I see them I know that I've supported a creative person's ability to keep making - and I get to have little reminders around me of creativity, to inspire me, to refresh my spirit.

To be frank, I'm not going to get to do amazingly creative things every day, few do. But I do get to enjoy more creativity when I have it around me.

Over six months you can change the regular routines to include more creative elements that make daily life better. Whether that be monthly shopping trips to artisan markets, having lunch with the girls at the local art gallery, attending that evening class you've been thinking about or adding some handmade designs to your home, the little changes do add up and can make a lasting difference.

For many of us, our creativity comes out through gardening or cooking rather than making or painting. We all have creativity within us, it just comes out differently and it's all equal. We just need to keep celebrating it and having it in our daily lives.

5 Ways to Bring More Creativity Into Daily Life

1. Include something original and creative in your daily routines, maybe for your morning cuppa use beautiful mug made by a potter.

2. Find some original artwork that makes you smile and hang it where you'll see it first thing in the morning.

3. Spend time around creative people, get along to exhibitions, shows, markets, plays, whatever gives you joy and share it with a friend.

4. Make a routine of visiting and shopping at local artisan markets and farmer's markets. Either have some me time or head off with a like minded girl friend. Do not go with a partner that just wants to pull you away from things all the time - send them off to do something they enjoy instead!

5. Look to support and encourage a local artisan maker and share your passion for their creations through presents and social media love - what about giving artisan gifts to your clients, staff or as corporate gifts? Giving creativity to others is one of the best things and a fabulous circle to make in your life.



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