Meet Noël Skrzypczak and Andy Newton of Bankymoon Plantstands

Greening the Urban Landscape

Meet Noël Skrzypczak and Andy Newton of the etsy store Bankymoon PlantstandsAs part of our series of interviews with etsy makers we caught up online with Noël Skrzypczak and Andy Newton of Bankymoon Plantstands, a couple taking the leap with their own creative business.

Bankymoon Plantstands is the 2016 etsy Awards Winners for the New Talent Prize.

How important is it to you to be part of a supportive creative community?

Being part of a supportive creative community like Etsy is great for people like us who are starting out in business because it provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and feedback from peers as well as opening up opportunities to promote our brand.

Art and colour are very important to you, how does colour influence your designs?

Part of our brand's philosophy is to celebrate the urban garden and to bring a sense of fun to the display of plants, and colour is an important part of this.

We love to research different cultural themes to help us decide on colour combinations as well as the actual designs of our products.

Making with your hands can be deeply satisfying, how is Andrew enjoying getting stuck into making all the time?

For Andy working with his hands is a bit like meditating. His day job in the film industry involves constant interaction with people, so when he gets into the workshop he can shut out the world and focus on practical problem solving which brings him a sense of calm and fulfilment.

What do you think is so important about creating an urban oasis?

It's pretty well-established that feeling connected to nature contributes to a person's happiness and health. Andy and I have lived in quite industrial parts of Melbourne, where there aren't many parks and the only greenery to be found in public spaces are weeds growing out of the cracks in the concrete.

It was really important to us that we could go home and be surrounded by plants. Neither of us are particularly skilled gardeners but there are lots of plants that are easy to grow and that delight by the very fact that they are living, beautiful and - my favourite - maybe even edible!

Find Creatively Belle jewellery at The Rocks Markets in Sydney and onlineWhat do you believe are the key elements for creating a space for inspiration and relaxation?

I'm sure the kind of space necessary for inspiration and relaxation is different for everyone, but for me the key elements are:

1. Cleanliness - I need to sit down to a clean table, with irrelevant clutter out of sight.

2. A large sheet of paper - this is for jotting down or sketching any ideas or thoughts. If it's not written down it's forgotten.

3. Quiet - music is great to listen to when working but when it comes to generating ideas or 'inspiration' music can be a distraction

4. Switching off - I follow up active thinking time with a walk or a menial task like doing the dishes to allow inspiration to bubble up out of the unconscious.

What are your 5 tips for creating a following on instagram?

1. follow people whose posts interest you.

2. make sure you 'like' posts that catch your eye

3. respond to other people's posts with thoughtful comments

4. post good quality images that express your own style

5. be active: check every day

Catch up with Noël Skrzypczak and Andy Newton online

Bankymoon Plantstands etsy store and on instagram



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