Meet Lucile Sciallano of Fabrique de Brunswick

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Meet Lucile Sciallano of Fabrique de Brunswick of etsyAs part of our series of interviews with etsy makers we fell in love with the work of Lucile Sciallano of Fabrique de Brunswick with her artisan surface decoration with slips and glazes on her beautiful pottery designs.  

Find out how she's taken the leap with her own gas fired kiln that needs constant nursing through 10-12 hour firings and making a new life in Melbourne.

Lucile Sciallano of Fabrique de Brunswick is the 2016 etsy Awards Winners for the Home & Living Prize.

How did you discover your love for clay and ceramics?

I studied Object design in France at a school which sat between fine art and design. My projects were all handmade, and I learned how to work in wood, metal and ceramics.

In my bachelor studies, I worked a lot with plaster. From there, moving to ceramics was a natural progression. I like ceramic's versatility; that it's a natural material; that there is a process to follow, and you can return to work on the object several times.

Was it love or adventure that brought you to Australia from Europe?

When I did my masters degree in the Netherlands, I met my partner Ben who is from Australia. After our studies I didn't really want to go back to France and I was a really excited to discover another country- As Ben planned to come back here - I came with him.

Are you part of a potters studio for firing your work or do you have a kiln in your home studio?

I have used the firing service at Northcote Pottery Supplies until last month. My studio is just across the road from Northcote Pottery Supplies which made it very easy and convenient.

Last month with Ben we bought a gas kiln and are using it to fire. It's pretty challenging but I am loving being able to schedule my firing and experiment with the firing.

Who inspires you in the ceramic and arts worlds?

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I am grabbing inspiration through a lot of artists, in various mediums. I would say main muses would be Alberto Giacometti (all his series of walking men, and his painting) and Ettore Sottsass' book Metaphors.

In the ceramic world I really love the work of Dawn Tang- I love the way she uses the colour in her Sunset series and I love her ware shapes. They are just perfect.

Surface decoration with underglaze is a key element of your work, what do you love about it?

I love working on the surface of the object. I use pigments in the slip and paint with it in the mold before to cast my pieces. It is interesting because I see the result only at the end when the object is finished.

I love working on the surface of an object- it is a very nice canevas.

What are your 5 tips for finding inspiration?

In my daily life I am not looking for specific inspiration but I feed my creativity with Instagram, pintrest, and some random google research, but also looking back at books I love.

I also use drawings to record my inspiration and find a balance with my computer research.

I can be really absorbed by a picture or a drawing and it will take me a lot of time before to know what to do with it!

Where to find Lucile

Find Lucile's work with Fabrique de Brunswick on etsy and connect with her on instagram and Facebook.


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