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Find She Inspires on FacebookMaking sense of the social media world can be so confusing for small businesses but yet it is within reach to use social media to increase profits. So we thought we'd help out with a series of practical how to stories and interviews with those making Facebook and Twitter work for business.

Sharing Facebook Tips for Business

One of the best things about running a series of social media seminars each month is getting to learn directly from business owners and marketing experts the ins and outs of marketing on Facebook and the other social media platforms. But not everyone can make Sydney events so to share the knowledge I've created a series of stories and podcasts.

Make your content marketing work for your business

The Facebook for Business series:

12 Tips for Facebook for Business

How to Grow a Facebook Following

How to Create Your Own Facebook Strategy for your Business

Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

How to Cut Through the Noise on Facebook

Learning from Women Making Facebook Work for Business

One of the aims for She Inspires is to tell the story of more women who are making their own business dreams come true. Unexpected and really valuable benefits from this endeavour is what we're learning from these inspiring women!

We wanted to find out what has been the business and personal journey for these women and what they have learnt along the way and their hopes for their businesses.

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Flourishing Facebook Businesses

Flourishing Facebook Businesses

How a Love for Fabrics Becomes a Flourishing BusinessHow a Love for Fabrics Becomes a Flourishing BusinessWe caught up with the talented and passionate Alana Kelly of Yumminess Textiles to find out what inspires her to create a flourishing business on Facebook.

So come learn and laugh with us as Alana tells her story and passion for the freedom she treasures having her own business.

When the Creative Muses Call LoudlyWhen the Creative Muses Call LoudlyWhen you have a love for sparklies, beads, jewels and treasures you just have to listen to your heart and take a flying leap.

That's what Tracey Makaev of Babushka’s House Handmade Jewellery did and we caught up with her to find out how's it going and what inspires her to make her own creative business.

How to Make a Small Business Grow on a Small BudgetHow to Make a Small Business Grow on a Small BudgetWhen a passion for marketing and creating her own small business Natalia Padgen went with the flow and made her own success.

Find out what makes this talented lady tick and how she is forging her own path.

How Adaptability and Hard Work Creates a Small BusinessHow Adaptability and Hard Work Creates a Small BusinessFind out how a love of craft, a desire to control work hours and create a balance in life inspired a passionate mum to bring a business to life.

We caught up with Alison Bolakis of Mums Who Make to learn what inspires her and the business success tips she's learnt on her journey.

Find Out How a WAHM Creates JoyFind Out How a WAHM Creates JoyBe inspired by an Army wife and mum of two who is winning the battle against post natal depression by building a mum's support network on Facebook.

We caught up with Linda Bradfield of Nifty Mums Network to find out what lights up this lady's life and discovered a real woman making real impact for the mums and kids around her. Read on and get the motivation you need to be the change you want in the world.

The Secrets of Success for Beauty BloggersThe Secrets of Success for Beauty BloggersFind out how a WAHM got started with her flourishing beauty business and discovered a love for blogging and social media with our new beauty guest writer Norlin Mustapha.

Norlin is the spirited and talented woman behind the vivacious beauty blog Baubles, Bubbles and Bags Style File and is sharing her expertise with She Inspires in a series of beauty how-to articles.

Shear Naked Success for Handbag GirlsShear Naked Success for Handbag GirlsWe found Borne Naked online and instantly knew we had to catch up with the spirited and talented lady behind it, the woman who's making a dream come true - getting to play with handbags and creating her own successful small business.

So come find out what inspires Amanda George, what's involved in leaving a job for your own business, how she surmounts challenges and what's next for Borne Naked.

Making Treasure from Gemstones the Smart WayMaking Treasure from Gemstones the Smart WaySzarka Carter is turning a childhood love for gemstones and treasures into a booming online business through hard work, a focus on strong business ethics and an enduring passion of creativity.

We caught up with the determined lady about what drives her to make Magpie Gemstones the flourishing business it is today.

MIISHKA: an Obession with Vintage FashionMIISHKA: an Obession with Vintage FashionIf you love on trend fashion that's a touch vintage, a touch contemporary and all about celebrating fashion and style then you'll love MIISHKA.

We were thrilled when we could catch up with the fashion talent behind the online MIISHKA store, Michelle Glitman and know you'll find inspiration with Michelle too.

Being Genuine on Facebook is Great for BusinessBeing Genuine on Facebook is Great for BusinessFind out how Erica Perry and Cas McCullough of Support a WAHP, the dynamic duo with complimentary skills, are planning to make an online business flourish no matter what life throws at them.

It's all about team work, business planning, marketing and being authentic on Facebook. Come learn some great practical business lessons with these impressive Queensland girls.

How 10 WAHMs Turn Negative Feedback into SalesHow 10 WAHMs Turn Negative Feedback into SalesWhen you're running a small business feedback from customers, suppliers and other business owners can be a great way to improve products and services and build a really successful business.

But getting to the point of taking feedback constructively can be a real growing opportunity so we asked 10 small business owners for their advice, tips and experiences and were impressed by their candor and support.

The Secrets of How to Take a Local Business NationallyThe Secrets of How to Take a Local Business NationallyWe've found a truly inspiring self made business woman, Alison Shaw of Ripple Massage, who is growing a small local service business into a flourishing national mobile business.

Find out who inspires this woman, the team she works with and how she is changing the face for the mobile beauty and massage industry all from her aerie in Mount Tamborine.

How to Create a Facebook WAHM Business with FlairHow to Create a Facebook WAHM Business with FlairMeet Haylie Durrington of Little Miss Fascinated and find out how connecting with the WAHM Facebook community has not only help grow her business but shared inspiration and support.

We caught up with Hayley and learnt how she's created balance and what her top 5 tips are for other women growing their own creative business.

Secrets for Success for a Mum & Daughter Online BusinessSecrets for Success for a Mum & Daughter Online BusinessBe inspired by Carol Parsley of Butterfly Kisses Designs as she shares her secrets for success when creating your own small business on Facebook. Working through challenging health issues with determination and family love and support Carol is surrounding herself with beautiful treasures.

This is part of our series on getting to know real life women who are bringing their dreams into reality through their own small business and sharing their 5 tips for others to make it happen.

How a Passion for Quality & Kids Clothing Design Becomes a BusinessHow a Passion for Quality & Kids Clothing Design Becomes a BusinessIf you love quality handmade kids clothing come have a look behind the adorable pictures and find out what's involved in designing, creating, loving and living the dream with Kylie Walsh of Little Monstas.

This is part one of our series this year on meeting inspiring, real life women who are living their dreams - come explore with us and be inspired!

Inspirational Style Secrets to InspireInspirational Style Secrets to InspireFind out what it's really like to do what you love, create your own successful business, constantly find inspiration and raise a family with your best friend as She Inspires talks with Lilian Oliver of Lily Chic Events!

This is part one of our series this year on meeting inspiring, real life women who are living their dreams - come explore with us and be inspired!

Making a Success of Your WAHM BusinessMaking a Success of Your WAHM BusinessWhen you're a rural WAHM business hours from a regional city it takes a dash of spunk and a load of determination to make your new business flourish but Lee-Anne Johnson of North QLD Mumpreneur Expo has what it takes!

Find out what inspires this woman and how the internet is letting her charge through self-made opportunities!

Social Media Advice and Ideas

Social Media Advice and Ideas

Here are stories we'll bring you about lessons we've learnt and are sharing about social media.

Social Media Seminars

Social Media Seminars

Social Media Events for Small BusinessSocial Media Events for Small Business
Want to make sense of social media for your small business? Join us with our social media training events this year and grow your business and your skills.
Find out about the social media seminars, get some great tips and book online here.
Small Business Social Media Seminar Email NewsletterSmall Business Social Media Seminar Email Newsletter
Want to keep up with all that's happening with the She Inspires Small Business social media seminar series?

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Social Media Seminar PresentersSocial Media Seminar Presenters
The presenters for the social media seminar series all come with solid backgrounds in small business and marketing and range from agency experts to entrepreneurs.
It's a great opportunity to meet and learn from their passionate and talented individuals in an intimate and creative environment. 
Small Business Social Media Seminar CalendarSmall Business Social Media Seminar Calendar
The She Inspires Small Business social media seminar series runs from February to October 2013 with an exciting range of seminars to help small business owners make the most of the latest marketing skills.

Find out the calendar of social media seminars here.
Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

Twitter Tips for Small BusinessTwitter Tips for Small BusinessSocial media websites like Twitter are great marketing channels for business. So to help you make Twitter work for your blog and business we're bringing together for you a series of how to stories with practical advice.

Create your own Twitter success and join us online!
Nuggets of GoldNuggets of GoldLooking for those nuggets of gold to create the success you want?

Dive into these stories and interviews and be inspired by the treasures you'll unearth here.
50 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts50 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts
Want to learn the quick way from the social media marketing experts who to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and ebooks to grow your business?
Learn how with these 50+ tweets from the She Inspires seminars with Jeff Bullas, Shona Mackin, Laurel Papworth, Christina Butcher and Catriona Pollard.

12 Facebook Tips for Business12 Facebook Tips for BusinessWant to know how to make Facebook work for your business? Felt like you've just been wasting time and getting nowhere?

We've got 12 practical tips for working with your Facebook business page so you can make the most of your time on Facebook and build great relationships with your followers.

Social Media Tips for Small BusinessSocial Media Tips for Small BusinessWith the continuing growing influence and power of social media we thought it would be a great resource to bring together a series of top tips, stories and interviews about social media so you can grow your small business!

Here we have a growing collection of interviews with savvy small business owners creating successful businesses and useful social media how to articles.

20 Top Tips for Twitter20 Top Tips for TwitterMaria Aragon's YouTube video of herself singing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way received over a million hits after Lady Gaga herself posted the link on her Twitter. This powerful tool was able to shoot Maria to YouTube fame in just one day.

So think about what it could do with your business. We all won’t have an A List celebrity tweeting about our business, but Twitter can surely help network with your customers and clients aswell as your boss and colleagues.

101 Social Media Tips for Small Business101 Social Media Tips for Small BusinessWe have 101 top tips for making the most of your social media activity and marketing so your small business can flourish online.

Find out the do's and don'ts of social media marketing and build a great relationship with your customers!

7 Big Mistakes for Businesses On Facebook7 Big Mistakes for Businesses On FacebookMaking the most of social media for a small business can seem challenging and nearly impossible and if you get the basics wrong it can be a complete waste of time.

So to help small businesses not only make a success of their Facebook page but also enjoy this vibrant and welcoming online community we thought some handy tips on how to avoid 7 very basic etiquette mistakes would make life a whole lot easier!

5 Tips for Social Media Success5 Tips for Social Media SuccessWhen Angela Vithoulkas of VIVO Cafe in the heart of Sydney suddenly lost 2,000 customers in the GFC in just a few days she knew that if her business was going to survive then she had to find a cost effective way to attract at least another 2,000 new customers.

Find out how Angela grew her business and now has international customers book tables for when they're in town with 5 top tips for making social media work for your small business.

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