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It's so easy to feel you're the only one going through challenges of creating a business, running a house and being part of a growing family so reaching out and sharing with others in the same boat can make all the difference.

We caught up with Haylie Durrington of Little Miss Fascinated as to learn how she reaches out to the flotilla of WAHM businesses and networks on Facebook and finds treasured connections.

Come meet this charming lady to feel connected and inspired.

Tell us a little about yourself, what’s the day to day life like for a small business owner of Little Miss Fascinated and who makes up the team?

A normal day in the Little Miss Fascinated household starts with a STRONG cup of coffee, getting two bubs up and organised; one for junior school and the other for a day at home with Mum! I run my business entirely online, though I do have many marketing and business meetings revolving around Little Miss Fascinated that takes up my days during the week also.

The LMF team consists of just myself, though that wouldn't be possible without the constant support of my wonderful husband Wade and extended supportive family. My husband helps me with the housework and children, while working full-time himself, to allow me the creative time needed to keep the business as successful as it is! 

What (or who) inspires you, that encourages you to reach out and make things happen?

My children and our family goals are what keeps me inspire on a daily basis. After 12 years as a Bar Manager, I could no longer work the hours hospitality required once I became a mother. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my children, especially while they were going through the baby years as it all flies too quickly! Starting a business that I could run from home provided the perfect solution!

How did you come up with the idea for Little Miss Fascinated – did it naturally evolve or was it more of a light bulb moment?

I was actually looking for the perfect Hair Piece to compliment my daughter's Flower Girl dress for my wedding. Wade and I had a black and white wedding with unique features throughout, so I also wanted all the hair pieces to be a little different.

After deciding on fascinators for the Bridal party, I refused to pay $60+ for a ladies style fascinator that also looked a little too 'old' for my just-turned-three year old, so I imported the materials required and had a go at it myself! I actually had a natural flair for Millinery and after researching for four months online, I realised that there wasn't an online company that specialised in marketing this specific product, to that specific age group! And so, Little Miss Fascinated was born.

What do you enjoy most about the business?

90% of my business is a custom order process, where clients send me through pictures or descriptions of their little one's outfits - be it a Flower Girl dress, Dance recital outfit or a Birthday ensemble - and I custom make their couture fascinator or hair piece to match!

The creativity that comes from doing unique designs on a daily basis keeps my work and my passion for the business fresh and self-inspiring. Also, the ability to work the first few hours in my pajamas if needed is always an asset!

What’s been the hardest part or experience you’ve had since starting the business?

Definitely finding that equal balance between work, house and family. At the start of the business I was spending nights up until 2 am designing and creating, then was up again at 6 am trying to get on top of the housework while planning the day ahead with the kids and all their activities; from karate lessons to play dates!

Come hubby's days off, I would spend them catching up on my sleep and foregoing quality time with him and the kids as a family. Once I found the balance between the 3, we were a much more settled family - you have times when you still struggle a little, but we now have a routine and it works!

Click here to enter the free online competitions with She InspiresWhat do you think has been the most successful promotional activities you’ve explored to getting the word out about Little Miss Fascinated?

FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK!!! When I first put my business on facebook they were a lot more lenient about giveaways, promotions and competitions so it was a little easier. I was fortunate enough to get a steady flow of clients and customers early on by having a unique business and product to offer in the market. Networking breakfasts and meeting with other WAHM's was ideal too, like through Family Capers, Connect2Mums and Promoting Women In Business (all found on Facebook).

You have a flourishing number of followers on Facebook – what do you think has been the best way of getting your name out there on Facebook?

I am always one to put the time and effort into returning shoutouts, thanking people for visiting and spreading the 'link love' on facebook - us working parents have got to stick together and help each other out!

I also think being fortunate enough to have a unique niche in the Hair Accessories market; and providing good quality work and affordable prices is an asset also.

How do you try to make sure there’s a balance between work and the rest of life?

I try to remember why I chose to work from home in the first place - to spend more time with my family! I think we can get swept up in the business and social networking world all too easily and forget why we started doing it all in the first place!

Plus, I believe it is SUPER important to have a work roster just like you would in a regular job - have your 'days off' like you would in any other job, and on those days off DON'T TALK WORK! You wouldn't have your 'normal' weekend off from, say working in a hospitality, only to spend all day Saturday and Sunday sitting in a bar!!

I think people try to have a day off from the online business world and end up finding themselves "just checking my emails" or "just quickly jumping on Facebook" before they know it which defeats the purpose totally.

What are the hopes and plans for Little Miss Fascinated this year?

My plan is to find some more wholesalers that would like to stock such an interesting and unique product, to get the Little Miss Fascinated name overseas a little more - and ultimately, to see one of my custom pieces on a celebrity baby before the year is out!!

What would be your top 5 tips you’d give to someone starting out?

My top 5 tips for starting our in business are:

1. Find a 'niche' in the market you are going for - so many businesses can be found by the dozens on facebook now, so DO SOMETHING THAT STANDS OUT!!

2. Have patience. You aren't going to have thousands of 'likers' or hundreds of dollars rolling in the first few months, but if your clients see the passion in your work, it will all pay off!

3. Create a work/family routine & roster that works for you AND the rest of your family. It may take a bit to find your footing amongst both, but put the effort in to find it - it's invaluable.

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Whether it is from a small business professional or even another WAHM that you are comfortable to talk to - everyone in small business has a story or an experience you can take something from.

5. ENJOY what you're doing, keep things fresh and push your own boundaries. But most of all, make sure your days are full of Smiles and Happiness!



All About Little Miss Fascinated

All About Little Miss Fascinated

Creator, designer, business owner, wife, mum Haylie Durrington of Little Miss Fascinated is a picture of busy contentment as she finds balance and community online for her flourishing business.

Find Little Miss Fascinated on Facebook to not only discover beautiful designs for the kids but also a social media community that looks after each other!

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