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Facebook Special Promotional Codes for Social Media Seminars

Facebook Special Promotional Codes for Social Media Seminars

Grab your tickets to these Sydney social media seminars for small business entrepreneurs today!

The way we do business is rapidly changing. New opportunities are there for the taking. Don't be left behind. Get informed and inspired!

This is your step by step guide to understanding the social media tools central to your ability to prosper in this changing environment.

  • Increase your business and personal profile, credibility and reputation.
  • Gain a greater understanding of how you can benefit from social media.
  • Unlock tools that will help you build your business and career.
  • Come face to face with experts at the top of their marketing and social media game.
  • Have your questions answered by authorities on social media.
  • These professionals will share their skills and techniques.
The next seminar is Wednesday 22nd February with Linda Hailey on eMarketing Unplugged for Social Media so you can turbo charge your marketing in 2012.
Don't miss out, tickets are limited, book your ticket now!

Get 20% Off Tickets!

You can use the promotional codes below to get 20% off the ticket prices, making $45 tickets just $36.

Book your ticket for the upcoming seminars:


Making eMarketing Work

Wednesday 22nd eMarketing Unplugged with Linda Hailey sharing her experience about successfully incorporating Social Media marketing plans in your annual marketing strategy. So we're starting with the big picture of where it fits with your marketing efforts.

Facebook promotional code for 20% off ticket $36 is eb02mkst

PR and Social Media for Beginners

Tuesday 28th with  Catriona Pollard CP Communications 

Think social media is hard? Too complicated and time consuming? It isn’t! Come and learn a step by step guide to social media and how you can use it to increase the profile, credibility and reputation for your business – and yourself.

A not to be missed event where you will leave understanding how you can use social media to build your business and career. 

Facebook promotional code for 20% off ticket $36 is eb02insm


How Can Small Business Owners Make Social Media Work?

Wednesday 21st a panel discussion with Angela Vithoulkas of Eagle Waves Radio, Nancy Georges of Magnolia Solutions and Mat Beeche of Shoe String Launch Magazine that is moderated by Mariette Rups-Donnelly of Powerhouse Presentation

The panel discussion is about how small business owners can make social media work for them with 30 minutes audience questions to the panelists. So you get to have your specific questions answered!

Facebook promotional code for 20% off ticket $36 is eb03smpp

Thursday 29th with Laurel Papworth.

Is your goal for 2012 to start using social media to promote your business? Do you have no idea where to start? Then this seminar is the ideal event for you. Learn what social media needs to make it work with tips and tricks from marketing expert Laurel Papworth.

Laurel will explain what are blogs and social media and how to make them work together to promote your business online. Laurel will also discuss how you can use the free tool that is Facebook and Twitter to increase the profile of your business so they bring real results.

Facebook promotional code for 20% off ticket $36 is eb03bssm


Wednesday 18th is all about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media for Beginners with Dave Chaffey - you know Dave from Kochie's Business Builders.

Thursday 26th is a big one - it's about learning how to make the most Google for your business with practical skills and clear explanations.


Wednesday 16th learn about Linked In and how it's important for your professional skills, networking and business.

Thursday 24th is the second in our panel discussions where we bring together passionate entrepreneurs as they discuss how they work with social media and answer your questions. Jen Bishop of Dynamic Business magazine is joining the panel and sharing her expertise with you.


Wednesday 20th helps with the practical aspects of getting your business online - what's involved and how to do it so your website is social media and Google friendly and brings you the results you're after.

Thursday 28th gain social media marketing insights and skills from an expert and put them into practice to see a difference in your business.


Wednesday 18th with Google proving to be so crucial for online success this seminar focuses on how to set up your website, blog, social media profiles to work best with Google. Practical and informative.

Thursday 26th be inspired by the entrepreneurs making money from their marketing in this small business social media panel presentation.


Wednesday 22nd explore how to make Facebook really work for your small business - this seminar is entirely focused on Facebook

Thursday 30th social media marketing works best when it is tied in with all your other online marketing efforts so this seminar brings it together for you with a great list of resources shared with all attendees.

September - Small Business Month

Wednesday 19th we all love learning from the practical experience of marketing experts and this social media seminar is ideal for looking at making it a cost effective marketing tactic for small business owners.

Thursday 27th the last social media discussion panel for the series is set to be a big one with a table full of small business entrepreneurs sharing their real life experiences and skills and answering your questions.


Wednesday 17th as Facebook continues to dominate the social media scene we learn from the experts how to make it a sparkling asset for your business with this dedicated seminar.

Thursday 25th we're finishing the seminar events year with a biggie - learning about how to make Google work for you, getting on the front page of Google without spending a cent and bringing all your social media and internet marketing strategies together for success.

Click here for more information about the presenters.

Seminar Presenters

Meet the presenters of the She Inspires Social Media Small Business Seminar SeriesWant presenters with practical, real life social media skills, from small business? Such as  Angela Vithoulkas of VIVO Cafe and Eagle Waves Radio, to marketing and agency experts.

We do too. There's nothing academic about this series, it's all no-nonsense, useful information and skill sharing from experience.

Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

Facebook Tips for Small BusinessFacebook Tips for Small BusinessMaking the most of the opportunities offered by social media is a challenging prospect for small business. So we thought learning from others who are making it happen sense of the social media world would help all of us!

Here we have a growing collection of interviews with savvy small business owners creating successful businesses on Facebook and useful social media how to articles.

20 Top Tips for Twitter20 Top Tips for TwitterMaria Aragon's YouTube video of herself singing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way received over a million hits after Lady Gaga herself posted the link on her Twitter. This powerful tool was able to shoot Maria to YouTube fame in just one day.

So think about what it could do with your business. We all won’t have an A List celebrity tweeting about our business, but Twitter can surely help network with your customers and clients aswell as your boss and colleagues.

7 Big Mistakes for Businesses On Facebook7 Big Mistakes for Businesses On FacebookMaking the most of social media for a small business can seem challenging and nearly impossible and if you get the basics wrong it can be a complete waste of time.

So to help small businesses not only make a success of their Facebook page but also enjoy this vibrant and welcoming online community we thought some handy tips on how to avoid 7 very basic etiquette mistakes would make life a whole lot easier!

5 Tips for Social Media Success5 Tips for Social Media SuccessWhen Angela Vithoulkas of VIVO Cafe in the heart of Sydney suddenly lost 2,000 customers in the GFC in just a few days she knew that if her business was going to survive then she had to find a cost effective way to attract at least another 2,000 new customers.

Find out how Angela grew her business and now has international customers book tables for when they're in town with 5 top tips for making social media work for your small business.

Social Media Tips for Small BusinessSocial Media Tips for Small BusinessWith the continuing growing influence and power of social media we thought it would be a great resource to bring together a series of top tips, stories and interviews about social media so you can grow your small business!

Here we have a growing collection of interviews with savvy small business owners creating successful businesses and useful social media how to articles.

More about the Small Business Social Media Seminar Series

More about the Small Business Social Media Seminar Series

Social Media Seminar PresentersSocial Media Seminar Presenters
The presenters for the social media seminar series all come with solid backgrounds in small business and marketing and range from agency experts to entrepreneurs.
It's a great opportunity to meet and learn from their passionate and talented individuals in an intimate and creative environment. 
Social Media Events for Small BusinessSocial Media Events for Small Business
Want to make sense of social media for your small business? Join us with our social media training events this year and grow your business and your skills.
Find out about the social media seminars, get some great tips and book online here.
Small Business Social Media Seminar CalendarSmall Business Social Media Seminar Calendar
The She Inspires Small Business social media seminar series runs from February to October 2013 with an exciting range of seminars to help small business owners make the most of the latest marketing skills.

Find out the calendar of social media seminars here.
Social Media Seminar SponsorsSocial Media Seminar Sponsors
The She Inspires Social Media Seminar Series is only possible with the generous support of a host of sponsors who are walking the talk of supporting small business and industry so we can flourish in our local communities.

Find out what's involved and who is valuing education, non profits, creativity, entrepreneurs and associations.


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