Dress For Success: 5 Workplace Style Tips

First impressions, last.

This old saying is especially true when it comes to dressing for success. Your success begins the instant someone looks at you and sees your appearance. And so, mastering the art of making a great first impression will definitely result in a positive impact for you, be it in your personal or your work life.

What does it take to make a great first impression? Dressing well will definitely do a lot. Dressing for success in the workplace will not only improve the way your co-workers see you, it will also add to your self-confidence, leading to positive results, like say, productivity-wise or how your boss will see you confident and capable when it comes to handling clients, thus earning you praise or even a promotion.

So, how do you dress for success? Career women know how challenging it is to put together an outfit each and every morning for work, so the question of dressing for success will understandably leave some stumped. No worries though, we've put together a few workplace style tips to help you achieve your great first impression each and every day at the office.

Tip #1: Work Wear Capsule Wardrobe

Fashion Tips for work - creating your own work capsule

Creating a work wear capsule wardrobe is a great idea if you want to dress for success. Organising a capsule wardrobe of basics and work wear staples guarantees that each and every outfit you put on is professional, stylish, sophisticated, and suited for the work environment as well as out of it, not to mention saving you a lot of time when it comes to dressing in the mornings.

Make sure your capsule is composed of essentials that can be mixed and matched perfectly. It's best to pick colours that are neutral and go well together, as you can always add an on trend piece or colourful accessory for a certain season.

Also, ensure your pieces have extra details for more style points. For example, a suit dress with pockets is not only stylish; it's great for storing your business cards. It saves you the trouble of digging through your handbag when you can just reach into your pocket, guaranteeing an efficient and hassle-free exchange of business cards when the situation calls for it.

Tip #2: Know Your Company and Client

Before you go creating a capsule wardrobe or splurge on a wardrobe-shopping spree, it's better if you study your company's dress policy first. Is it strictly business professional, conservative, or casual?

Work fashion tips - dress for the right work environment

Also, if your job requires you to face clients, knowing your clients' nature of work can help you in deciding what particular ensemble to wear to work. For example, you may have a meeting with a creative ad agency where everyone dresses casually, so you can wear a business casual ensemble that gives off a stylish yet professional vibe. Meeting with a banking client will mean a stricter, business professional outfit such as pant or pencil skirt with blazer.

Knowing details like that will set the tone on how you will go about in creating your work wardrobe and make sure you are dressed stylishly and appropriately at all times.

Tip #3: Invest in Quality, Versatile Pieces

Quality over quantity is key here. Dressing for success means the quality of your clothing choices will always be under scrutiny, so it is essential to invest in quality pieces over buying in quantity. 

It doesn't matter how many pairs of shoes you can wear to work if they are more likely to break on the first week. Invest in a good pair of leather pumps that's not only sturdy and comfortable, but also stylish. Buy quality pieces that are classic and elegant, ensuring longevity throughout seasons and trends.

Another essential here is to buy pieces that are versatile as well as stylish. Versatile pieces work well if you're going the capsule wardrobe way, ensuring that each piece will mix and match well with the others when put together in an outfit.

Tip #4: It's All in the Details

While looking great results from what outfit you put together or wear, being well groomed is what will clinch the deal. It doesn't matter if you're dressed in a power suit - if your nails are chipped or your hair is unruly, your appearance will not look like someone who is successful or capable of doing the job. 

So take great care with the little details, it's what will make or break your goal of dressing for success. Make sure your nails are clipped or manicured with polish, your shoes are clean, and your hair and makeup is styled appropriately for work.

Tip #5: Look and Feel Confident

Projecting an aura of success and confidence is essential in any workplace, and a major contributing factor is the way you style or dress yourself. When you are comfortable in the outfit you put together, you generate confidence in yourself. And being confident in yourself will reflect on your work.

Always remember that the manner in which you carry yourself speaks of the confidence and assertiveness you have to get any job successfully done, simply because you're feeling good about yourself.



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