25 Top Tips for Going Green with Upcycling Vintage Clothes
Getting Right Into Eco Fashion with Upcylcing and Vintage

Getting Right Into Eco Fashion with Upcylcing and Vintage

Do you love vintage clothing? Or are you trying to upcycle to save the environment? We love that both of these go together perfectly for upcycled fashion!

Vintage shopping goes hand in hand with upcycling and is a great way to simultaneously go green and save your wallet. These articles and blogs will give you all the information you need to know on how you can upcycle and create a great new look for you wardrobe. Reuse clothing, find great vintage clothing, or make your own one of a kind clothes!

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Check our 25 top tips for upcycling and vintage fashion from fashion blogsFashion Designers And The Secrets Of Vintage Fashion Design

Currie Lee: Luxury Fashion, Upcycling and China

Learn about Currie Lee and her ethics-based brand that incorporates fashion with social and environmental concern. Her products are upcycled from natural materials and manufactured by women who earn a living income. Lee demonstrates that going green and being ethical doesn't have to be boring with her unique products!

Click here to visit Notes On Design to learn more

Tags: Currie Lee, fashion designer, ethics-based brand, DimSum  

Upcycling Goes Mainstream: Britain's Biggest Retailer Tesco Teams Up with From Somewhere for New Fashion Collection

Find out about From Somewhere, a new label in the UK that is teaming up with Tesco to make a collection of upcycled dresses. This new collection will be made from Tesco's waste textiles. Take a look at these great new designs here!

Click here to visit Tree Hugger

Tags: London fashion week, From Somewhere, Estethica, Tesco

Roadkill Goes From the Highway to the Runway

Is it true, Roadkill on the Runway? Yes it is, although it may seem morbid fashion designer, James Faulkner, has made it happen. Check out how he turned sad and gory roadkill into fabulous and fashionable hats. See them here first before they hit the runway!

Visit Tree Hugger for more articles

Tags: Fashion show, british clothing designer, James Faulkner, fashion & beauty

Stars Choose Vintage For SATC2 Premiere

Even the stars are turning to vintage! Sex And The City is known for the fashion that is shown on the show and the movies. Look at what the Sex In The City stars showed up in at the premiere. Check out their great vintage looks and be inspired to add vintage to your wardrobe!

Go to Juno Says Hello for more blogs

Tags: Sex And The City, Sex And The City fashion, Sex And The City premiere, Sex And The City vintage fashion

Upcycled Accessories: We Love Our Bags, Jewellery, and Shoes

Upcycling; The New Trend In Fashion And Home Décor Is Strong In Montreal

Looking for a new purse? Why not look into upcycled purses? These bags are made from discarded lolly wrappers and pop-can pull tabs. Not only will you stand out in a crowd but these purses are hand made, signed by the maker and one of a kind!

Visit Urban Green Girl for more articles

Tags: upcycled jewellery, second-hand jewellery, ecoist, second-hand bags, upcycled purses

SalvationSacks -Vintage Handbags Crafted From Recycled Materials

Recycled hand bags are all the rage and are one of a kind. You won't have to worry about any of your girlfriends showing up with the same purse! Salvation Sacks makes their handbags from recycled materials in seven simple steps. Find out where you can get your one of a kind hand bags!

Click here for The Green Fashion Blog

Tags: green fashion, handbags, SalvationSacks, sustainable fashion

Do Overs | Recycled Chic, Paris-Style

Turn your old leather pants into a chic new handbag! Paris designers are turning old leather duds into cool new bags. After getting the idea while visiting Africa, they have brought the idea of recycling clothing back to Paris. Read this article to find out more!

Click here to go to The New York Times Style magazine

Tags: UrbanBags, Women's fashion, Earth Week, handbags

Po-Zu Launches Online Shop For Ethical And Ecological Footwear

With Posh Swaps "swapping is the new shopping". Find out about where you can do your next swap and find great clothes! Also Po-Zu has launched their ethical and ecological footwear retail website. Buy shoes with an environmental consciousness in mind.

Find out more at Posh Swaps

Tags: eco fashion, ecological footwear, stylish footwear, sustainable

Creating Your Own Upcycled Fashion

A Primer On Upcycled Fashion And Redesigned Clothing

Redesign your clothes to fit a different purpose. This blog is great for any one interested in upcycled fashion or redesigning their clothes. And go green while doing it!

Click here to visit Fair Companies Blogs

Tags: repurposed clothing, refashioned clothing, remade, recycled clothing

My Upcycled Fashion Show....

See these amazing upcycled dresses that were made at home. Get inspiration for great ways that you can express yourself creatively and recycle your clothes!

Click here for more Perfectly Upcycled blogs

Tags: fashion show, thrift store, upcycled fashion show, vintage fashion pictures, upcycling fashion pictures

Vintage Fashion Friday – Upcycle Edition

Do you love to sew? Get great ideas for upcycling your clothes from great Etsy artists who are doing upcycling themselves!
See examples of dresses, jewellery, shoes and more and get your ideas flowing.

Visit The House Of Hearts for more articles

Tags: recylced fabrics, Etsy artists, baby clothing, wedding invitations

Freecycle And Secondhand Vintage Tips

Second Hand Clothes Are Right on Trend

Buy second hand clothes and help save the environment! Although you may not realize it buying new clothes all the time is actually damaging for the environment. Find great second hand clothing stores that you can go to and save money while saving the environment at the same time!

Click here to visit Second Hand Clothes

Tags: second hand clothing, posh swap, trends, stylish clothes

Trash Talk Thursday: Freecycle

Join the Freecycle Network and join the 7,208,00 members worldwide! Give and receive stuff for free and keep stuff out of the landfills. See what you can find here!

Visit Etsy Trashion to find out more

Tags: Etsy, freecycle, trashion, reuse

Top 10 Vintage Clothing Websites

Interested in vintage shopping? Not only is this a great way to upcycle but you can also find great items! Find the top 10 vintage clothing store web sites here and start doing some shopping!

Visit Lulus Vintage for more

Tags: vintage clothing, vintage clothing stores, online vintage store, favourite vintage fashion

Let's Make Sure It Fits!

If you have bought vintage clothing before you may have realized that sizes have changed over the year. Don't buy vintage clothing without figuring out if it fits first! Figure out how vintage sizing works here and get amazing vintage clothes that fit.

Click here for more Vintage Bulletin blogs

Tags: Vintage sizing, vintage clothes size, sizing vintage clothes, vintage buyers

What to Look for When Buying Vintage Shoes

Buying vintage shoes is a great way to upcycle and get shoes that you can't find in stores. If you love buying vintage shoes check out these great tips of what to look for! End up with great shoes for a fraction of the price.

Visit Wicked Whimsy for more blogs

Tags: vintage shoes, unique shoe, good quality shoes, used shoes

Bathing Suit Season: A Retro Guide

Purchasing a swim suit for the summer can drive some of us crazy so why not get some tips from the past? The retro guide shows how people use to wear bathing suits. Enjoy looking at these great pictures and maybe find a fashion tip to bring back!

Click here to visit My Mom, The Style Icon blog

Tags: modestwear, swim suit season, strapless swim suits, one piece swim suit

Vintage Shopping Secrets For Beginners

Interested in vintage shopping after reading all of these upcycling articles? Get all the best secrets so you can start vintage shopping. Find out where to find a good tailor, best places to shop, and why you should vintage shop. Start vintage shopping today!

Click here to go to Gregory Marlow

Tags: vintage secrets, shopping vintage, vintage beginners, thrift shops

Recylcing Saves The Environment And Your Budget

Lady Gaga Turns Recycled Soda Cans, Phones into Haute Hair Accessories

Win genuine gemstone jewellery in gold with She Inspires!

Even Lady Gaga has picked up some upcycling fashion tips. In her recent music video "Telephone" Lady Gaga is seen using soda cans has hair accessories. Maybe this will be the latest fashion trend? See pictures here!

Visit Ecouture for more articles

Tags: Lady Gaga, recycled soda cans, trashion, Beyonce

How to Reuse Silica Gel - 8 Ways

Everyone gets those annoying silica gel packets in their new shoes, but what do you do with them. Despite the directions that say Throw Away find out creative ways you can reuse silica gel packets. Give your rubbish another use!

For more articles go to My Zero Waste

Tags: reuse, landfills, silica gel, less waste

The Vintage Housewife...Fun Fact Friday #10

Just because you get a stain on something doesn't mean it has to be trash! Find the best ways to get those pesky stains out of your favorite blouse or dress and keep your clothes longer!

Visit The Vintage Housewife for more blogs

Tags: vintage dress, give away, wine stain, tough stains

These Frugal Times

Learn more about where vintage clothing came from. Although we all love the vintage style find out where it came from and how this style came to be.

Click here for more of Carmen & Ginger's blog

Tags: vintage photos, thrift shops, vintage toys, handmade jewellery

Eco Fashion

Sustainable Denim Round Up: 17 Brands We Love

Who knew that producing a pair of jeans could be so bad for the environment? Find out about these 17 brands that are eco friendly to the environment and look great!

Click here to go to Ecosalon

Tags: Denim, denim design lab, fair trade, sweat-shop free

Moms Recycle And Reuse Clothing For Eco Chic Kids

Read about Jody Seguine's new eco friendly line for girls, Dress-M-Up. Not only are these clothes cute and one of a kind but they are also affordable. Find out more about how you can recycle clothes for your kids!

Visit Green Eco Services blog

Tags: Eco Chic, Etsy, eco friendly fashion, kids clothing, childrens fashion

Green Weddings

Getting married? Why not make your wedding green and be an eco-bride? Most girls dream of their perfect wedding dress, but they don't realize how much damage a dress you are only going to wear for one day can cause the environment. Find out what fabrics and recycled items you can use to make your ideal wedding dress and be eco friendly!

Visit My Green Australia for more green articles

Tags: conservation tip, wedding, evironmental, green tips

Get Inspired To Help The Environment!

These great blogs and articles are great for inspiring your creative side to help the environment. Do your part to use eco-friendly brands, upcycle your old clothes or visit some vintage fashion stores. Enjoy great fashion while saving the planet one outfit at a time!



Contributing Writer Taylor Sutton

Contributing Writer Taylor Sutton

Graphic Design and Journalism Intern Taylor Sutton

Taylor is studying for her Bachelor of Fine arts in Graphic Design and Communications. Taylor's main interests are waterpolo, snowboarding, reading, design, traveling and art. Taylor is visting Australia from the USA doing her internship with She Inspires. Visit TaylorSutton.com to see more of her work.

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Inspiring Fashion and Eco Articles:

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