Compact Comfort: Packing Your Bags for a Wintery Cold Climate
5 tips for Compact Comfort: Packing Your Bags for a Wintery Cold ClimatePlanning a trip to a frosty climate? It is important to pack the right clothing to keep you warm.

A functional wardrobe will allow you to enjoy your trip without becoming uncomfortable in the cold.

If you are planning athletic outdoor activities such as skiing or snowboarding, be sure to have the proper athletic wear that is suited for the sport. 

While you are sightseeing and enjoying the great outdoors, it is essential to have a few important items to protect you from the elements.

5 Must Have Pieces for Your Winter Holiday

Although packing bulky winter items can take up a lot of space in your luggage, ensuring that you have the right things will eliminate unnecessary weight. Here are our top 5 winter warmers to pack:

Snug Hats

If you are not used to dressing for the cold, the most important thing to know is how to effectively keep your body warm. Most of your body's heat escapes through your head so at least one warm hat is a must.

Your ears also very sensitive to the cold. Hats are a fun fashion accessory and they don't take up a lot of space, so consider bringing along a few that work well with your hairstyle and suit your personal preference. Loose fitting bobble hats have been a major trend this year. They are casual and look great with your hair down underneath.

Warm Hands

Keeping your hands warm is also important. Choose a pair of gloves that don't limit your movement. Some people prefer mittens because they are usually warmer, but it is more difficult to use your hands with the limited mobility.

Select a pair that you can tuck away in your pocket or handbag when you aren't wearing them. You never know when you might find yourself needing that little bit of extra protection from the elements.

Fabulous Scarves

Scarves have become the ultimate fashion accessory, but let's not forget that their original purpose was all about function and warmth. A cold climate is no place for light and silky scarves, so make sure that you have a few that are suitable for chilly weather.

Choose a heavier fabric like wool or fleece. Infinity scarves have become a popular trend this year. They can be worn several different ways depending on your outfit, and there is no need to worry about the scarf falling off.

Perfect Parkas

A warm parka is the most important winter essential that you need when traveling to a cold climate. They are casual and versatile and will allow you to add extra layers underneath for added warmth.

A loose fitting parka will keep you warm during your travels without restricting your movement. Large pockets come in handy for keeping all of your essential items on hand, and a fur lined hood will prepare you to face the cold in a windy or snowy climate. Choose a parka with a drawstring waist that you can adjust to bring your jacket closer to your body.

Proper Boots

Proper footwear is necessary to not only keep you warm, but prevent you from slipping on icy surfaces. Choose a pair of functional fur lined boots to complete your winter look. These will look great with tights or skinny jeans.

It's a good idea to purchase boots one size larger than you normally wear so that you can double up on your socks. Stick with a flat sole if you are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. If you plan on going out on the town in the evening, bring along a pair of leather knee high boots.

If you don't like wearing boots, there are plenty of other women's shoes to choose from. Go for a wedge or block heel if you require some extra lift. Stiletto heels may look great, but they won't serve you well on snowy or icy surfaces.

Chilax Fashion

Dressing for a cold climate doesn't mean that you can't be fashionable. There are so many great options available that will keep you warm and complement your personal style.

Packing for winter weather may take up more space than if you were traveling to a sunny destination, but you will be thankful that you came prepared. Allow your personal style to shine through when choosing your ideal winter wear.

Make sure that all clothing fits you comfortably. Keep in mind that socks, gloves and hats may get wet, so having extras on hand will allow you to slip into dry clothing each time to go out. Make the most of your winter vacation by packing the essentials and being ready for the great outdoors.



This story has been brought you by a sponsored post

This story has been brought you by a sponsored post

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