20 Fashion Online Forums for Fashionistas and Style Gurus
Love online fashion forumsIf you love to spend hours pouring over the latest edition fashion magazines and talking about what's hot and what's so mainstream now you'll love this collection of online fashion forums and fashion blogs we have for you.

Quench your interest in fashion by checking out this fabulous collection of fashion forums waiting for you to dive right on into. Tell us about your favourite fashion forums on Facebook.


We all know Australian Vogue as a thick fashion magazine providing couture fashion displays, fashion photography and in depth articles.

Australian Vogue online provides its readers with the chance to interact with other readers and discuss shoes, accessories, clothes, show coverage models and designers.

Click here to fall in love with the Vogue Fashion Forum!

Tags: Australian Vogue, fashion shoes, fashion trends, fashion designers, vougue online forum


Style.com, a Condé Nast website, offers online readers with the latest news about world wide fashion, models, trends, fashion shows and more.

The Style.com forum consists largely of broad topics and style questions. For those interested in being involved in a fashion forward forum, Style.com a forum you should definitely check out.

Click here for the Style Online Fashion Forum

Tags: Condé Nast fashion, Style fashion news, Fashion Shows, Fashion Models, fashion trends


The Scene, a cheeky site providing you with bits about fashion, gossip (or trash as they refer to it), culture, lifestyle, and festivals, is giving you a chance to discuss your "festival fashion."

The fashion section of The Scene's website is a good opportunity to find out more about trends and celebrity fashion along with a cool fashion gallery.

The fashion forum provides you with opportunities to either read and discuss about festival fashion, celebrity fashion, couture and street fashion.

Click here for The Scene fashion forum.

Tags: Australian Festivals, fashion trash, Festival Fashion, Fashion Articles

Australian Costumers Guild

The Australian Consumer guide is a site that encourages all its members to freely share their knowledge about costume fashion, construction and upkeep.

Whether you wish to learn about Lolita styles or costume props, this forum is a resource that can allow you to connect with others and learn what you can about the future of costume fashion.

Click here for the Australian Costumers Guild's forum.

Tags: fashion costumes, Australian Costume Guide, fashion costume construction, Costume Fashion


Love a bit of comparison online shopping? Well you'll love MyShopping.com.au. But it's more than just a comparison shopping site, it's also busy with an online fashion forum so you can find the best fashion prices online.

Click here for the My Shopping online forum.

Tags: Australian shopping, Cheap Buys, Share Cheap Deals, Shop Smart, comparison shopping, online comparison shopping


Urban Fashion offers a forum about general fashion issues that vary from world wide fashion weeks to charity events.

Members are the only people allowed to post or reply to Urban Fashion posts and the FAQs page is conveniently located on the front of the front forum page.

Click here for the Urban Fashion online fashion forum.

Tags: General Fashion Blog, New World Fashion, UFN Fashion Forum, fashion event calendar

Handmade porcelain bird necklaces and brooches by Creatively Belle TheFashionSpot.com

The Fashion Spot, or TFS, is a go to spot to read and learn about runway news, style and trends, celebrity fashion, beauty and community fashion news.

The fashion forum section of TFS is interesting that it goes further in depth about the fashion industry from discussions about campaign ads and how fashion effects the various parts of the world.

Click here for the Fashion Spot online forum.

Tags: World Fashion, Celebrity Fashion, Fashion Industry, Personal Style


Ultra Style is a good resource for those of you interested in learning about a variety of different fashion trends, from street to runway chic.

Within the fashion forum section of Ultra Style you will be able to select form the different fashion sub topics and further see what topics are the most popular and relative to your interests.

Click here for the Ultra Style fashion forum.

Tags: Street Fashion, Fashion Forward, Menswear, Celebrity Gossip fashion


We all know Facebook as the easiest way to keep connected with friends and family through comments, messages and photos, but Fashion Forum Australia has made it a place to display emerging designers.

This facebook page is a good for you Australian designers to post your information on as well as check out other Aussie fashion designers.

Click here to check out the Fashion Forum Australia page.

Tags: Facebook, Fashion Forum, Australian fashion designers, Emerging fashion designers, Emerging Australian Designers


The usually calm and collected Canadians are quick witted and snarky in this forum about who is better, British or Canadian fashion and lots more.

While you may rather read than comment on who has the better fashion sense, it is worth a gander and laugh as these two neighbours duke it out for the title of best northern fashion style.

Click here for the British Expats online fashion forum.

Tags: British fashion, Canadan fashion, Fashion Duel, Fashion trends


Your favourite bimonthly magazine, Frankie, is known for being full of great art, fashion, photography and intelligent articles also offers you forums.

The main fashion forums up on Frankie are related to finding to best fashion blogs that are not only trend setting but helpful for those of you wishing to get into the fashion industry.

Post your own favorite fashion blog for visit the ones posted and let them know which have been beneficial or effective in your fashion education.

Click for the Frankie online forum

Tags: Frankie magazine, Australian Magazine, Fashion Blogs, Fashion


Interested in learning more about eco-clothing, where to buy it and if your brands are actually environmentally friendly?

Tree Hugger, one of the top sites for every thing environmental, forum about all things having to do with eco-clothing provides you with sites and places where you can purchase eco-clothing.

While some times the blog can appear to be more of a series of ads than a discussion of eco-clothing, it is still a good source to learn more about this fashion trend.

Click here for the Tree Hugger online forum.

Tags: Environmental fashion, Eco-Clothing, Tree Hugger, Environmentally Friendly fashion, green fashion


LifeStyle YOU channel is a new channel created by the creators of The Lifestyle Channel and Lifestyle FOOD.

The channel's website provides a forum section in which members are allowed to post new topics and reply to posts. The Fashion forum section is a hodge podge collection of topics ranging from show sizes, to cheap clothing spots to show reviews.

Click here for the Life Style You forum.

Tags: Lifestyle YOU channel, TV, Fashion Forum, Lifestyle Channel, Lifestyle FOOD


Fashion Obsessed comes out of Birmingham, UK who manufacturer, sell and wholesale jewellery and other accessories world wide.

In the Fashion Obsessed forum you'll find discussion topics about trends, careers and reviews of current fashion.

Fashion Obsessed Online Fashion Forum

Tags: fashion accessories, fashion jewellery, costume jewellery, fashion career forum, fashion business forum


UK ChatterBox is a collection of many different articles in many different topics. For those of you that are fashion oriented, the ChatterBox fashion forum is a resource for practical fashion advice and discussion. With topics like "How to get into skinny jeans" and "Current trendy hairstyles" you are sure to find a topic that is relative to you and your personal style.

Click here for the UK ChatterBox online forum.

Tags: UK fashion, Large forum site, fashion news, fashion trends


Just because this is a women's magazine, doesn't mean we want to ignore our male readers or those treasured men in our lives so a little explore of GQ Magazine is a must.

GQ Magazine, one of the top men's magazines about style, politics, women and much more and offers men the chance to discuss the fashions that are pertinent to them.

Read and discuss what trends are working their way form runway to street and what your fashion portrays all about men.

Click here for the GQ Fashion Online Forum

Tags: Men's Fashion, American GQ, mens Fashion and Style, Look Sharp, Live Smart

Lolita Fashion

Lolita fashion is making its way onto Australian land, and for those of you hoping to learn more about the various Lolita styles and trends LolitaFashion.org is for you.

The forum section of Lolita Fashion is a helpful resource for those of you hoping to make your own Lolita outfits and what you can do to make your entire look specific to the Lolita fashion.

Click here for the Lolita Fashion forum.

Tags: Lolita, Asian Trends, Sweet Lolita, Kodona, Gothic Lolita, Aristocrat Lolita, lolita fashion

Female First

Female First is a website aiming to provide women with news and discussion about what matters most to them.

Female First is a women friendly forum that comes from the angle that just because it looks nice does not mean its comfy. This forum lets you know what fashions are fashionable and comfortable that will help you in your work and personal life.

Click here for the Female First online fashion forum.

Tags: UK fashion designers, UK Fashion, Celebrity fashion, Fashion News

The Royal Forums

Love all the royal families? Their elegance and grace does not end with their manners, but also transfers onto their apparel that is sure always in season and trendy.

The Royal Forums lets you discuss to you hearts content the exquisite attire worn by the Royal Families across the world.

Click here for the Royal Forums online.

Tags: Royal Families, Princess Diana, Royal Fashion, british fashion

Beauty Forums

If you are looking for an overall beauty and health care site, then the Beauty Forums is the site for you.

At this site you can easily access what is the best skin care treatment for your skin type, the trendiest exercise routine and whose shoe line is the biggest this season.

Click here for the Beauty Forums online.

Tags: Beauty Advice, Nutritional advice, Fashion and Style, Shop online, fashion and beauty

International Online Fashion Forums

These fashion forums are sure to provide you with a wide variety of options that will make it easy for you to discuss Australian fashion and international fashion.

So don't be limited to only Australian fashion guides, branch out and learn what the rest of the world views as fashionable and create a style that fits you and your personality!



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