Making Your Fashion Wardrobe Work For You with 10 Must Have Basics
LIttle black dress basic fashion style requirementWhat is in style? What makes a person stylish? Is someone born with style? These are questions that women have often pondered…however a stylistic functionally wardrobe is attainable for all women with a little planning and a dash of creativity.

To create your own stylish wardrobe, the pieces you choose must firstly work with your personality, lifestyle and suit your body shape. See your wardrobe as an evolving process where new pieces are added and taken out to update your look and ensure that your style does not become static.

The internet, including fashion bloggers and fashion websites, gives great advice and tips on new and upcoming fashion trends. They freely share knowledge and expertise about who is wearing what, how, and what's hot and what's not! In the comfort of your own home you are able to find looks you may invest your budgeted fashion dollars in. So we thought we'd share some fashion styling fundaments with you.

Your own personal fashion collection should be a balanced mix of basics and fashion items. This increases the number of outfits that can be put together, creating choice and taking the stress factor out of your "getting ready routine".

Starting with a basic "essentials wardrobe checklist" is a must! Basics are not necessarily fashionable, they are a blank canvas to show off your current fashion items against.

Invest the time to buy the best quality and fit possible, as these are the building blocks to your wardrobe and the lynch pin to many of your favourite outfits. The top 10 basic wardrobe essentials are:

1. Dark denim jeans

In my experience the most prized item on the checklist is a flattering pair of jeans, the go-to item for every modern woman. A good pair of jeans is the lynch pin that binds many of your tops, jackets, shoes, accessories, bags, scarves, and sunglasses together to make a myriad of outfits. Finding the perfect jean style can be time consuming, I suggest basic dark denim, mid rise, with a slight boot cut leg, which is universally the most flattering basic jean.

2. Basic tops & camisoles

Basic tops and camisoles in black, white and colour, can be layered, easily accessorised, and teamed back with fashion pieces to create both casual and work wear looks. Basic tops and camisoles are inexpensive way to maximise your wardrobe.

3. Black pant

A perfect black pant is the staple piece of any functional office wear wardrobe. For a flattering style suited to most figures look for a wide curve waistband with a mid rise and slightly boot or wide leg.

Enter and win online competitions with She Inspires!4. Jacket

A well tailored blazer is a perfect working girls staple which can also double as a weekend jacket teamed back with jeans to give that polished casual look.

5. Nude bra

A nude bra is the most versatile bra as it is able to be worn undetected under all colours including white as it doesn't leave a shadow that even white on white creates.

6. Light weight cardigan

A fine gauge cardigan is a soft alternative to jacket and is an essential layering piece. A basic cardigan should finish just above the biggest part of your hip or below it and look for a flattering V-neck line. Wearing a cardigan open creates two slimming vertical lines on either side of your body.

Tip: If you wear a lot of black look for a colour to add greater dimension to your wardrobe.

7. Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is flattering to all figures types. The most flattering length finished just below the knee exposing the curve above your calf muscle. For a fashion alternative try a slight A-line or a flirty trumpet hem which is also quite flattering on most figures including pear.

8. Nude heels

A nude colour pair of heels goes with just about any colour and helps to elongate your legs and what girl wouldn't want that?

9. Little black dress

Let's not forget the poster child of versatility the LBD (little black dress). It seamlessly glides from work wear status to cocktail with a quick change of accessories and shoes. It's a prized possession that works across all seasons.

10. Diamond stud earrings

A classic for all occasions and can complement and outfit, diamond stud earrings celebrate style and versatility.

Essentials Based on Lifestyle

Remember to create your essentials list based on your own lifestyle. Finally, peppering your basics with personalised flattering pieces such as accessories, fashion tops, dresses, shoes etc. will define your personal style. Mission accomplished, you have style!



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Guest Writer Louise Coccione

Guest Writer Louise Coccione

Louise Coccione is the head stylist at Style Friend and believes that every woman has the right to develop her own unique fashion style that celebrates her beautiful self.

Style Friend aims to teach clients how to sift through the fashion trends and fads and choose styles that Fit and Flatter, without getting stuck in a Fashion Rut or being a Fashion Slave. Making the right Fashion decisions ensure fashion dollars are delivering value, all the clothes in the wardrobe should be working as hard as you do. Find out more at


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